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Volkswagen Amarok range increases (copyright image)

Volkswagen Amarok Highline Dual Cab
(now finally available with automatic transmission) (copyright image)

Volkswagen Amarok Single Cab utility (copyright image)

Volkswagen Amarok Single Cab Trayback (copyright image)

Volkswagen Amarok Highline Dual Cab utility

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12th July, 2012

Volkswagen has increased the number of Amarok variants available in Australia with the introduction of automatic transmission on dual cab utility models, powered by the new TDI420 engine. Meanwhile, also making its Australian debut is a single cab Amarok with manual transmission only, expanding Volkswagen’s existing dual cab Amarok utility range.

Amarok Dual-Cab Automatic

Although the VW Amarok has been on the Australian market for well over a year, an automatic transmission has not been available with the Argentinian-manufactured ute. Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles eventually solved this situation and now the automatic version is becoming available locally, but only on the Dual Cab with 4MOTION.

The Amarok is the first ute in Australia with an 8-speed automatic transmission. The additional gearing provides a greater spread of transmission ratios than a conventional five or six-speed automatic gearbox, affording very positive effects: the TDI engine is more effective in every rpm range, while being more fuel efficient and agile.

The 8th gear is configured for overdrive, reducing engine speed and saving fuel, while the low first gear is designed for off-road use and towing. This versatile set-up means the auto-equipped Amarok with permanent 4-wheel drive is just as capable in all terrain use as the manual version, without the need for additional reduction gearing.

The benefits of the automatic system, however, go further than just the gearing. The new transmission provides a high degree of ride comfort while off-roading and offers a fuel consumption figure of 8.3 litres/100 km.

The low rpm speeds generated also have a positive effect on engine noise, keeping volumes within the cabin comfortable at all times. In order to isolate the drive train as effectively as possible from engine vibrations, enhanced torque converters with optimised vibration dampers are also used.

The automatic transmission is combined with permanent 4-wheel drive and a new engine specification: the 132 kW 2.0-litre twinturbo TDI420. This has a maximum torque output of 420 Newton metres, producing exceptional performance and a relaxed ride. When towing a trailer, the ute can handle up to 3,000 kg of trailer load with 300 kg of downball weight.

Amarok Single Cab

Completing the Amarok range is the new single cab version with large cargo bed. The Amarok Single Cab enjoys the same vehicle length and wheelbase as the Dual Cab version, yet provides a cargo bed that is 2,205 millimetres in length (an increase of 650 millimetres) and also maintains ample cabin space for the driver, passenger and storage space behind the seats.

The cargo bed comfortably takes two pallets loaded sideways, one behind the other, and still leaves a further 60 centimetres of the length clear. With an unchanged loading gap of 1.22 metres between the wheel-arches, the cargo bed provides a total load area of 3.57m2, while six load-lashing rings, fitted as standard, enable even large and bulky items to be transported safely.

Utilities with a single cab are regarded as the classic ‘workhorse’ for tough jobs in the manual trades, construction and agriculture. What counts above all else in these areas of work is the size of the load space. However, Volkswagen engineers have also focused on providing ample space for the vehicle’s occupants, as well as room enough to easily store items behind the two front seats without compromising the seating position.

The vehicle’s interior dimensions make it the most spacious in its class. The vehicle’s finely tuned ergonomics are typical of Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles and the Amarok.

Easy entry, a generous seating lay out and lots of head room characterise the workspace behind the wheel.

Under the bonnet Volkswagen employs the same high-torque 2.0-litre engines found in the existing dual cab manual range: the TSI300, TDI340 and TDI400. Customers can choose rear-wheel drive or the selectable 4MOTION 4-wheel drive with low range (TDI400 only) – in each case coupled to a six-speed manual transmission.

The Amarok single cab’s fuel consumption is very low: the rear-wheel drive TDI340 version needing just 7.3 litres per 100 kilometres (combined cycle), CO2 emissions of 189 g/km. Meanwhile the two-level regulated bi-turbo charging system of the TDI400 provides an average consumption of 7.8 litres of diesel per 100 kilometres (combined cycle).

In addition to the standard electronic differential lock, a mechanical differential lock on the rear axle comes standard on 4MOTION models and is available as an option on 2WD versions. The heavy-duty suspension enables the vehicle to carry a payload ranging between 1,174 kg and 1,394 kg depending on model. The single cab ute can tow 3,000 kg of braked trailer.

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Standard equipment including ABS and ESP, as well as front airbags for both driver and passenger on all models. The single cab Amarok is also equipped as standard with side and thorax airbags, mirroring its dual cab counterpart. Also included, of course, are height-adjustable head restraints and three-point safety belts at all seating positions. In front, the belts have belt tensioners and on the driver’s side a visual and acoustic belt warning system.

Numerous other features guarantee a high level of active safety on all Amaroks. For example, the Electronic Stability Programme (ESP) with Brake Assist is standard equipment. Another feature contributing to safety is “Off-Road Mode” – activated by the press of a button – which is enabled up to a vehicle speed of 130 km/h.

In this mode, the ESP system, electronic differential locks (EDL), anti-slip regulation (ASR) and anti-lock braking system (ABS) are all tuned for challenging off-road conditions.

The ABS system can reduce braking distance both off-road and on gravel road surfaces, often significantly depending on the road composition. When “Off-Road Mode” is activated while the ute is driven at less than 30 km/h, Hill Descent Assist is also activated; it holds driving speed constant on steep descents by means of targeted brake actuations. When Hill Descent Assist is activated the driver can individually adapt the vehicle’s speed to a driving situation by accelerating or braking, including in the neutral gear position.

Amarok comes fitted with Heavy Duty suspension as standard, affording a GVM of 3,040 kg for maximum carrying capacity.

Meanwhile, those who do not use their Amarok for carrying heavy loads can opt for Comfort springs at no extra charge.

While this option provides a more comfortable ride, the GVM is reduced by just 220 kg to 2,820 kg.

Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles has also taken the introduction of these new models as an opportunity to update the Amarok’s equipment, with highlights including stainless steel sports bar and side steps now as standard on the Highline model, Bluetooth mobile phone connectivity, cruise control and a multi-function leather steering wheel as standard across the entire 4MOTION range.

A style pack is also available for the Single Cab that includes body coloured front bumper, 16-inch alloy wheels and fog lights.

Extending the flexibility of the range and affording greater opportunity for personalisation, both the base and Trendline Amaroks can now be ordered as a Cab Chassis set-up. This will be welcome news for rural and fleet customers who demand a ute that can be configured to their specific needs and requirements.

Amarok The base model with rugged charm

It all starts with the entry level Amarok model, known simply as Amarok. This version will primarily appeal to commercial customers who essentially want their vehicle to be a reliable tool – i.e. tradespersons. A profile with challenging requirements that is satisfied by the exceptionally rugged base model. The windows and the heated outside mirrors – which house the audio system antennas as a standard feature – are electrically powered, and central locking by RF remote control is also on board. To prevent the bumps with foreign objects that are often unavoidable over the course of a hard workday from having visual consequences, the bumpers, door hands and outside mirrors are unpainted and have tough textured black surfaces. Also functional are the 16-inch steel wheels and standard load area lighting. The utility-oriented approach continues in the styling of the interior. It is reflected in its materials, for example, which are durable, and in its newly designed rugged floors covered in a tough plastic material that can stand up to the demands of tough everyday use. On the other hand, height-adjustable front seats and the well thought-out lay out of controls guarantee an ergonomically ideal workspace, and the air conditioning with its electronic temperature control compliments the Amarok’s standard equipment. Additionally, the variable folding rear bench simplifies flexible use of the Dual Cab for additional cargo space. All Amarok models equipped with 4MOTION now also come with Bluetooth mobile phone connectivity, cruise control and a leather covered multi-function steering wheel as standard.

Amarok Trendline – ideal for both recreation and work

The Trendline equipment line of the Volkswagen Amarok appeals to customers who use their ute both professionally and personally and those who value convenience, comfort and appearance. These needs are already visually met by the front spoiler, door handles and outside mirrors that are painted in body colour as well as a contrasting black rear bumper. Beautifully sculpted 16-inch alloy wheels (“Taruma”) and front fog lights – also standard features – further emphasise the bold appearance of this all-round vehicle. The Trendline Amarok serves up some luxurious touches, starting with the RCD310 CD-radio system with four speakers mounted in the front of the cabin. Beneath the front seats, additional hidden storage bins provide space for other accessories. The cruise control system enhances driving comfort, especially on long journeys, while the multifunction display (MFD) on the instrument panel supplies helpful supplemental information such as the distance to the next refuelling stop. As with the entry ‘Amarok’ 4MOTION, Trendline models also now come with Bluetooth mobile phone connectivity and a leather multi-function steering wheel as standard equipment.

Amarok Highline – lifestyle ute with luxurious details

The Amarok Highline combines design elements that are as extroverted as they are confident and elegant, with especially high-end interior and exterior details. The exclusive top equipment line fulfils the wishes of customers who are looking for a load-capable lifestyle ute with all of the practical advantages of a Volkswagen. At first glance, this variant already sets itself apart from the other two versions on its exterior, e.g. by its distinctive wheel arch flares, stainless steel sports bar and side steps, and coordinated 17-inch aluminium wheels. Chrome accents for the front bumper and the outside mirrors and dark tinted privacy glass in the rear highlight its elegant style, as does the chrome plated, parking sensor equipped rear bumper. Building upon the Trendline interior, the luxuriously equipped interior of the Highline shines with attractive details. For example, chrome decorates the trim of the leather gearshift lever in the centre console, ring surrounds of the air vents and lower leather steering wheel spoke.

The RCD510 CD-radio with its large display and MP3 capability offers a refined acoustic experience through its six speakers in the Dual Cab. And the standard dual-zone automatic air-conditioning system provides for a comfortably balanced climate aboard.

Amarok Ultimate – when only the best of the best is good enough

Above the Amarok Highline, the Amarok Ultimate caters for the true individualist relying on simply the highest standards. The Amarok Ultimate has significant visual and comfort features above and beyond the Highline equipment line. Some of the features are standard leather seats, 19-inch ‘Alstaro’ alloy wheels, prominent side steps and stainless steel sports bars. Premium ‘Ultimate’ badging on the vehicle’s exterior and interior give this model away as the top of the range. The Amarok Ultimate is available in selectable four-wheel drive and permanent all-wheel drive 4MOTION.


The Volkswagen Genuine Accessories Range for the Amarok offers style, practicality and functionality. The stainless steel sports bar and the matching side steps transform the Amarok giving it a dynamic stance and appearance.

The hard or soft tonneau covers give the rear tub added protection from the elements as well as covering the load. Protecting the tub load surface is achieved with the moulded tubliner or boot mats which are formed to the contour of the tub.

The easily installed tow bar makes connecting trailers a breeze offering a removable tongue design for convenience.

Special solutions for special duties

Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles offers special functional equipment packages for special duties. They include the comfort suspension package. The locking rear differential improves off-road travel on trails where traction differs for wheels on different sides of the ute. It is an option offered on the rear-wheel drive Amarok, but standard on all other models.


With eight colour variations, including six metallic and pearl effect paints, Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles is offering achoice of exterior colours. The selection begins with the non-metallic “Candy White” and “Ontario Green”. The Amarok has an even classier look its optional colours in “Sand Beige Metallic”, “Reflex Silver Metallic”, “Natural Grey Metallic”, “Starlight Blue Metallic” and “Mendoza Brown Metallic” as well as “Deep Black Pearl Effect”.

Volkswagen Amarok Single Cab Pricing*

Amarok TSI300 2WD Single Cab Chassis 6 Spd Man $24,490*
Amarok TSI300 2WD Single Cab Ute 6 Spd Man $25,990*
Amarok TDI340 2WD Single Cab Chassis 6 Spd Man $27,490*
Amarok TDI340 2WD Single Cab Ute 6 Spd Man $28,990*
Amarok TDI400 4WD Single Cab Chassis 6 Spd Man $35,490*
Amarok TDI400 4WD Single Cab Ute 6 Spd Man $36,990*

Volkswagen Amarok Dual Cab Pricing*

Amarok TDI340 2WD Dual Cab Chassis 6 Spd Man $30,490*
Amarok TDI340 2WD Dual Cab Ute 6 Spd Man $31,990*
Amarok TSI300 2WD Dual Cab Chassis 6 Spd Man $31,090*
Amarok TSI300 2WD Dual Cab Ute 6 Spd Man $32,590*
Amarok TDI400 2WD Dual Cab Chassis 6 Spd Man $32,490*
Amarok TDI400 2WD Dual Cab Ute 6 Spd Man $33,990*
Amarok TDI400 4MOTION Dual Cab Chassis 6 Spd Man $41,490*
Amarok TDI400 4MOTION Dual Cab Ute 6 Spd Man $42,990*
Amarok TDI420 4MOTION Dual Cab Chassis 8 Spd Auto $44,490*
Amarok TDI420 4MOTION Dual Cab Ute 8 Spd Auto $45,990*
Amarok TDI400 Trendline 4MOTION Dual Cab Chassis 6 Spd Man $44,490*
Amarok TDI400 Trendline 4MOTION Dual Cab Ute 6 Spd Man $45,990*
Amarok TDI420 Trendline 4MOTION Dual Cab Chassis 8 Spd Auto $47,490*
Amarok TDI420 Trendline 4MOTION Dual Cab Ute 8 Spd Auto $48,990*
Amarok TDI400 Highline 4MOTION Dual Cab Ute 6 Spd Man $50,990*
Amarok TDI420 Highline 4MOTION Dual Cab Ute 8 Spd Auto $53,990*
Amarok TDI400 Ultimate 4MOTION Dual Cab Ute 6 Spd Man $58,490*
Amarok TDI420 Ultimate 4MOTION Dual Cab Ute 8 Spd Auto $61,490*


Metallic Paint $490
Pearl Effect Paint $490
Rear Differential Lock (2WD only) $790
Heated Front Seats (Ultimate only) $590
Park Distance Control – Rear (Trendline only) $590
Cruise Control with Multifunction Display (2WD only) $590
16” Alloy wheels “Taruma” (Amarok) $990
17” Alloy wheels “Aldo” ( Trendline) $1,490
18” Alloy wheels “Durban” (Trendline) $2,490

NOTE: * Manufacturer's List Price (MLP) excludes dealer delivery fees and the numerous statutory charges (commonly known as on-road costs). Additionally, please note that all prices, fees and charges are subject to change without notice, as are the specifications.


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