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Volkswagen Caddy 4MOTION/DSG (copyright image)

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23rd November, 2010

The new Caddy and Caddy Maxi, with a combination of 4MOTION and dual clutch gearbox (DSG), are now available in Europe. This match of maximum traction with absolute shifting comfort without loss of power in the compact van and urban delivery van segment puts the versatile Caddy at the top of its class in terms of meeting and exceeding the challenges posed by difficult driving conditions and special transport requirements.

Driven by the most powerful TDI engine, this multi-functional Caddy can hardly be stopped its 4MOTION all-wheel drive and dual clutch gearbox, in combination with the most powerful diesel engine torque, ensure outstanding driving safety, traction and handling even in severe weather conditions and mountainous terrain. The 2.0 litre four-valve turbo diesel engine generates 103 kW (140 PS) and develops its maximum torque of 320 newton metres between 1,500 and 2,500 rpm. This Caddy accelerates from 0 to 100 km/h in just 10.5 seconds and boasts a maximum speed of 183 km/h.

The Caddy, which is renowned for combining this powerful, high-torque engine with the 6-speed DSG gearbox, has now been enhanced by permanent 4MOTION all-wheel drive. The fourth-generation, electronically controlled Haldex coupling ensures reliably sure traction for all four wheels regardless of whether you are transporting cargo weighing as much as 700 kilogrammes to remote locations or have to tow a trailer through wet fields or other difficult off-road areas, to name just a few examples.

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The Caddy 4MOTION with DSG is available whether with a short wheelbase or a long wheelbase as for the Caddy Maxi in a commercial panel van or Kombi (combined passenger/cargo van), as well as in the higher end Caddy versions of Trendline, Comfortline, and the premium Comfortline Edition. So, there is a sure-footed, dynamic and spacious version of the Caddy available for every transport need and for all weather conditions. All versions of the Caddy 4MOTION include ESP and "hill hold assist" as standard equipment.

The Caddy 2.0 TDI 4MOTION with DSG can be ordered immediately. After the Caddy 4MOTION with 81 kW (110 PS) and six-speed manual gearbox, there is now a second all-wheel version of the Caddy available.

Following the initial introduction of all-wheel drive in the Caddy two years ago, the Caddy 4MOTION has become established on the European market particularly in the alpine regions. For example, every fourth Caddy sold in Austria is a Caddy 4MOTION. The Caddy is the only compact van or urban delivery van which can be ordered with all-wheel drive from the factory.


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