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Volkswagen Caddy: wide range of choices available

Volkswagen Caddy: updated model here now

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28th December, 2015

Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles has launched the new Caddy in Australia. Caddy delivery van has been enhanced and refined. The same can be said for the Caddy people mover.

The new Caddy range is offered with a single engine: a 1.4 litre petrol engine offering 92kW and Volkswagen’s BlueMotion technology which includes start/stop technology as well as brake energy recuperation.

Numerous driver assistance and safety systems in the new Caddy support the driver and protect the vehicle occupants. Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles has incorporated a number of assistance systems as standard or optional.

For example, the new Caddy range comes fitted with combined side/head airbags for Caddy vans and 2nd row curtain airbags for Caddy people movers. Also optionally available is the ‘Front Assist’ surround monitoring system – which helps, for example, to shorten stopping distances – and City Emergency Braking, which provides assistance at low speeds of under 30km/h. If the driver fails to see an obstacle, the system automatically applies the brakes and ensures that the speed of any collision is reduced. Ideally, it completely prevents the vehicle from running into the obstacle. The Front Assist system is included in the optional Driver Assistance Package.

A highlight in terms of safety features for the new Caddy van and people movers is the Multi-Collision Braking system. After a collision, this system automatically initiates braking if the driver is no longer able to take action. This potentially lifesaving technology is standard on all new Caddy van and people mover models.

Fitted as standard, the cruise control system also has a speed limiter. It can optionally be set by the driver to prevent speeding up above the permitted limit, for instance, in urban areas. The same applies to the optional Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC), which can be activated at a speed of 0 to 160km/h (DSG) or 30 to 160km/h (manual transmission). This feature is also included in the optional Driver Assistance Package.

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Of particular note to Australian customers, Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles Australia is offering its innovative Fatigue Detection system as standard on all new Caddy van and people mover models. Fatigue Detection recognises any deviations from normal driving behaviour and recommends the driver takes a break.

In combination with the Composition Colour and Composition Media radios and with the Discover Media navigation system, a reversing camera comes as standard for the new Caddy people mover and can be ordered as an extra for the Caddy van.

An optional 360˚ optical parking system (OPS) also makes manoeuvring easier for Caddy Maxi Comfortline models with Park Assist fitted.

The OPS provides a graphic representation of the vehicle from above on the colour display of the radio or radio/navigation system. By means of yellow and red signals the driver can then easily see whether the Caddy Maxi has a sufficient gap from any obstacles at both front and rear. ParkPilot, meanwhile operates in a slightly simpler way.

Using audible beeps, it helps the driver manoeuvre into a parking space.

The new Caddy’s design impresses with sharpened folds and clearly defined surfaces with stylish clarity. The redesigned front and the distinctively presented rear give the new compact van an unmistakable character, without making the it any less recognisable.

While preserving all of its functional virtues, the high-quality urban delivery van and people mover have gained noticeably in presence and dynamism. In keeping with the exterior, the vehicle’s interior also features accentuated lines and shapes. A striking horizontal band with integrated air vents and a new generation of infotainment equipment underline the new Caddy’s modern look.

Each new Caddy variant is available at launch with either six-speed manual or seven-speed DSG transmission. Both the engine and gearbox are joined by a suspension system specially geared to differing loads. This includes the independent wheel suspension on the front axle and the rigid rear axle on leaf springs with load sensitive shock absorbers, which alter their displacement characteristic depending on the spring’s level of compression.


* Manufacturer's List Price (MLP) excludes dealer delivery fees and the numerous statutory charges (commonly known as on-road costs). Additionally, please note that all prices, fees and charges are subject to change without notice, as are the specifications.



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