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Volkswagen Golf R

Volkswagen's new Golf R released

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25th May, 2014

Volkswagen Australia has completed its introduction of the new Golf 7 range with the fastest Golf ever. The latest generation Golf R has arrived with improved performance, innovative technology and a higher level of standard equipment than ever before.

206kW TSI engine

Like the current Golf GTI, the Golf R is powered by further advanced engine design of the four-cylinder EA888 series, which in this latest iteration, receives modifications to enhance power output, similar to a development programme of a motor sport engine.

Compared to the 162kW GTI engine, the following components of the 206 kW engine were modified or redesigned: the cylinder head (together with exhaust valves, valve seats and springs), pistons, high-pressure injection valves as well as the turbocharger. These modifications, coupled with a host of advanced driving technologies, lifts the Golf R to new levels of performance compared to the previous model.

4MOTION all-wheel drive

Now a legendary feature in the Golf R, the latest generation 4MOTION system is coupled with a six-speed gearbox that has a reinforced clutch and short-travel shifting. Further perfected by enhancements such as the Haldex 5 coupling, activated even before any wheel starts to slip, eliminating nearly all traction loss. When operating under a relatively low load or when coasting, forward propulsion comes primarily from the front axle, and the rear axle is decoupled. This basic drive lay-out saves fuel. However, the rear axle of the Golf R can be variably engaged in fractions of a second whenever necessary. This is done via a Haldex coupling, which is activated by an electro-hydraulic oil pump.

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The VW Golf R is equipped with XDL at the front and rear axles. This extended attribute, part of the electronic differential lock, brakes the wheels on the inside of a bend during fast driving through bends, optimising steering behaviour. In the latest version of this technology, known as XDL, this functionality is applied to a larger range of dynamic performance – making the vehicle more agile even when the car is not in accelerating. When the car is being driven fast, as soon as the electronics detect excessively light loads on wheels on the inside of a bend, the hydraulics of Electronic Stabilisation Programme (ESP) apply brake pressure to this wheel to restore optimal traction.

Driving Profile Selector with Race mode

The Driving Profile Selector is a new feature of the Golf R, a standard component of the adaptive chassis control fitted to the hot Golf. Five programmes are available: “Eco”, “Normal”, “Individual”, “Comfort” and the special “Race” mode especially tailored to the Golf R. In “Race mode”, damping is increased and engine response and shift points of the (optional) DSG are configured to be even more dynamic.

ESP Sport

In keeping with the Golf R’s performance image, the new Golf R is equipped with the “ESP Sport” function as standard. The system is activated by a two-stage switch on the centre console. When the driver presses this switch briefly, Electronic Stabilisation Programme (ESP) switches to the “ESP Sport” mode. In very fast driving with lots of bends – such as on a race track – the ESP system reacts with a delay, which enables even more agile handling properties. When the ESP button is pressed for longer than three seconds, the system is fully deactivated for professional driving on a race track – this deactivation is only available in the Golf R and not in any other models of the Golf series.

Golf R makes a statement

On top of its enhanced performance, as the flagship model in the Golf range, the Golf R is distinguished by multiple visual design cues. From the matt chrome mirrors to the motor sport-inspired 19-inch ‘Cadiz’ wheels, to the customised sports seats with ‘R’ badging and pedals in brushed aluminium, the Golf R sets new standards for the Golf range.

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The new Volkswagen Golf R Pricing*

Golf R 6 Speed Manual $51,990*
Golf R 6 Speed DSG $54,490*


Panoramic electric glass sunroof $1,850*
Vienna leather appointed upholstery $3,150*
Driver assistance package $1,000*


* Manufacturer's List Price (MLP) excludes dealer delivery fees and the numerous statutory charges (commonly known as on-road costs). Additionally, please note that all prices, fees and charges are subject to change without notice, as are the specifications.



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