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New, larger VW Jetta still coming later this year (copyright image) (copyright image)

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The new Volkswagen Jetta, an entirely new vehicle, remains on track for a late 2011 release in Australia. The new model impresses as an independent vehicle and makes great strides forward in both concept and styling. The new model is 4.74 metres long, 1.47 metres tall and 1.78 metres wide. This makes the new model 19 centimetres longer than the previous model. The interplay of its exterior dimensions generates a powerful ratio of proportions. In parallel, the new Volkswagen “Design DNA” sharpens its style. This has resulted in clear precise lines and 'muscular' surfaces, which give the sedan an elegant and dynamic style.

Just like its exterior styling, the high-quality impression made by the interior bridges the gap to the next highest class, significantly increasing the Jetta’s lead over its rivals. Inside, the new Jetta offers an unparalleled perfection in details and – as a common conceptual thread – self-explanatory controls.

Designers and engineers have also crafted the interior right down to the last detail; now, the five-seater’s quality and perfection in details clearly go beyond class boundaries. The increased wheelbase of the five-seat Jetta has enabled a rear seating lay out that is more comfortable. Compared to the previous model, legroom has increased.

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German engineering and craftsmanship reflect the highest level of quality and efficient technology and the new VW Jetta is a prime example of this. The new Jetta will be offered with the choice of TSI direct injection petrol and TDI turbo diesel power plants, all which are matched with either manual or Direct Shift Gearbox (DSG) transmissions.

The Jetta is offered with a comprehensive network of safety components. Electronic Stabilisation Programme (ESP), Electronic Brake-pressure Distribution (EBD), Anti-Slip Regulation (ASR) and Electronic Differential Lock (EDL), six airbags, front safety optimised head restraints to reduce whiplash, height-adjustable head restraints for all three rear passengers comes as standard in the Jetta. Also standard, and for the first time in a Jetta, is the special Crash Impact Sound Sensor (CISS) system. This system detects crash intensity and ensures that the airbags deploy to their proper positions faster than ever.

Full specifications and pricing of the new Volkswagen Jetta will be announced at launch.


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