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Volkswagen Golf R (copyright image)

Volkswagen Golf R

Volkswagen Golf R (copyright image)

Volkswagen Golf R

Volkswagen Scirocco R (copyright image)

Volkswagen Scirocco R

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26th April, 2010

In its new wholly-owned subsidiary, Volkswagen R GmbH, Volkswagen is bundling competence on how to implement sporty and exclusive models. For good reason: Demand for factory upgraded automobiles is continually growing. Wishes vary widely here: Some car drivers prefer a sportier exterior; others want an exclusive interior; and more than a few dream of an automobile whose powertrain and running gear offer professional racing sportiness. All of these dreams are realised by Volkswagen R GmbH and its current workforce of over 350 employees. With performance-enhanced and upgraded sports cars (R models), two independent equipment lines (R-Line and Exclusive) and customised solutions. The breadth of possibilities hardly knows any limits.

Volkswagen R GmbH also serves as an important conduit to Volkswagen Motorsport - this networking is evident in its involvement in the inaugural running of the Scirocco R-Cup this year. Volkswagen R GmbH is the main sponsor for this event, the most eco-friendly one-make cup series in the world (up to 80 per cent lower CO2 emissions thanks to Bio-CNG as fuel). The production version of the new Scirocco R serves as the platform for the cup race cars. This ensures technology transfer from production to motor sport – and in the other direction as well.

For the General Manager of Volkswagen R GmbH, Ulrich Riestenpatt gt. Richter, sports appeal and sustainability are two parameters that are certainly far from being mutually exclusive any longer: "The programme of Volkswagen R GmbH is based on automotive fascination, exclusivity and sports appeal. And at our company this is kept in harmony with the theme of sustainability. The Golf R and Scirocco R demonstrate this impressively. Despite maximum dynamic performance, we have been able to achieve very low fuel consumption and emissions values thanks to clever engine downsizing. On the Golf R, for example, fuel consumption has been reduced by over 20 per cent compared to the previous model. It is also wonderful to see this trend now being carried over to circuit motor sports with the new Scirocco R-Cup."

R Models

The two newest models by Volkswagen R GmbH are the Scirocco R (195 kW/front-wheel drive) and the Golf R (199 kW/all-wheel drive). Both of these R models are equipped with distinctly exclusive features (includes sport seats and bi-xenon headlights) and are visually unique and extremely responsive. Take the example of the Golf R: It sprints from 0 to 100 km/h in just 5.7 seconds. The Scirocco R, at 6.0 seconds, takes just a blink of the eye longer. The two 250 km/h sports car go even faster when shifting work is handled by the optional dual-clutch gearbox (DSG). This performance data contrasts with fuel economy values that were, until recently, considered impossible in such powerful cars. Since the Scirocco R does not have an immediate predecessor, its progress can be clearly measured against the Golf predecessor, the Golf R32: With a combined fuel consumption of 8.5 litres, the new model consumes 2.2 litres less, despite a performance gain. After 100 kilometres, the automatically shifted Golf R DSG is even satisfied with a bit less at the fuel pumps: 8.4 litres (195 g/km CO2; on the Scirocco R DSG the values are 8.0 litres and 187 g/km CO2). This shows just how sustainable sportiness can be today.

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For all those customers who like especially dynamic car body and interior styling in the spirit of performance-enhanced R models, yet prefer a petrol or diesel with less power, Volkswagen R GmbH has developed the "R-Line". There are already six models in the programme: the Golf R-Line, Scirocco R-Line, Tiguan R-Line, Passat and Passat Variant R-Line as well as the Passat CC R-Line.

Volkswagen Exclusive

When Exclusive is added to a model name, this designates especially exquisite full vehicles and equipment features. Its mission is in its name: The focus here is on the theme of exclusivity. The first Exclusive full vehicle model available for purchase is the Golf Estate Exclusive; with its two-tone leather interior and numerous other individualised features, it crosses over from an everyday all-purpose car to a lifestyle estate car. Another vehicle that can already be ordered with Exclusive high-end features (including a leather interior) is the new Touareg. In the near future, Exclusive versions of the Passat CC and the Eos will follow.


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