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Volkswagen Transporter And Multivan Now Available With 4MOTION (copyright image)

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14th September, 2010

The Volkswagen Transporter and Multivan can now be ordered with 4MOTION all-wheel drive. The latest generation of the multi-disc clutch with its optimised friction properties sets new standards in terms of traction, safety, comfort and efficiency. The 4MOTION option is now available in conjunction with the most powerful TDI engine (132 kW) and can also be combined with the 7-speed DSG gearbox for the first time.

The all-wheel drive system known as "4MOTION" not only offers decisive traction benefits, but also permits higher cornering speeds, thereby enhancing both safety and driving enjoyment – no matter what the road conditions.

The latest generation of the frictionally-optimised multi-plate clutch sets standards in terms of traction, safety, comfort and economy. In contrast to the mechanically controlled Haldex2 module which was previously fitted, the new 4MOTION comes equipped with an electronic control system. Within the multi-plate clutch, the oil pressure which is responsible for distributing torque to the rear wheels is no longer built up due to the difference in speed between the front and rear axles, but is generated by an electronic pump, which supplies a pressure of 30 bar to an oil pressure reservoir. At the same time, the oil pressure reservoir enables the electronic pump to be temporarily shut-off, thereby reducing fuel consumption. Via an electronically controlled valve, this reservoir is in turn able to pass the retained pressure on to the clutch plates – precisely and continuously varying the power transmitted to the rear wheels with the pressure level. In extreme cases, up to 100 per cent of the torque can actually be distributed to the rear axle. The Haldex clutch is driven via the propeller shaft.

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The clutch itself implements the control electronics' commands extremely quickly. This not only improves traction over difficult terrain and on slippery surfaces, but also generally enhances active safety. If the wheel sensors register slip at the front axle, for example, drive torque is forwarded to the rear axle even before understeering is able to occur. The control electronics take a total of almost 40 different signals into consideration, including the steering angle, yaw rates, accelerator pedal position and engine speed. The loss of traction at individual wheels is prevented by the electronic differential lock EDL by means of active brake intervention. However, Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles also offers an optional, mechanical rear axle differential lock for the 4MOTION system; this additionally ensures maximum traction during off-road use. Now, when the rear interwheel differential lock is engaged, the further developed ESP system is no longer shut-down.

Volkswagen's four-wheel drive Transporter and people mover has been a firm part of the Volkswagen Commercial Vehicle product range for 25 years. Initially limited to one engine and type of gearbox, it is now possible to combine the four-wheel drive version with an increasing number of equipment features.

Pricing* for the 4MOTION models looks as follows:

Transporter SWB 2.0TDI 132 kW 6-speed manual 4MOTION $45,490*
Transporter SWB 2.0TDI 132 kW 7-speed DSG 4MOTION $48,490*
Transporter Crew Van SWB 2.0TDI 132 kW 7-speed DSG 4MOTION $51,990*
Transporter LWB 2.0TDI 132 kW 6-speed manual 4MOTION $47,490*
Transporter LWB 2.0TDI 132 kW 7-speed DSG 4MOTION $50,490*
Transporter Dual Cab 2.0TDI 132 kW 6-speed manual 4MOTION $48,490*
Multivan Comfortline 2.0TDI 132 kW 7-speed DSG 4MOTION $60,990*
Multivan Highline 2.0TDI 132 kW 7-speed DSG 4MOTION $77,990*

NOTE: * The prices indicated in this news story are the Manufacturer's List Prices (MLP) which exclude dealer delivery fees and the various statutory charges.


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