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Volkswagen Up coming to Australia

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30th January, 2012

The tiny Volkswagen Up has been confirmed for an Australian release later in the year. Specifications and pricing for local variant/s have not yet been announced.

Our original story on the Volkswagen Up 2-door model is linked here.

In other Up news, Volkswagen has announced a four-door hatchback model for Europe and Euro-NCAP has announced crash test results for the two-door variant.

Volkswagen Up four-door

Volkswagen will present the four-door version of the Up in mid-2012 across Europe, commencing with the German release in May. (copyright image)
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Volkswagen anticipates that over half of Up buyers will choose the four-door version. This version has identical engines (44 kW/60 PS and 55 kW/75 PS), equipment versions and dimensions as the two-door cars.

With four doors, the look of the car’s side profile has changed. While the lower window line of the two-door rises towards the rear near the C-pillars, it forms a straight line on the four-door car. The crisp and short body overhangs are also distinctive on the four-door. The front and rear sections are identical in both body versions. This also means that buyers of the four-door version will get to enjoy a boot lid whose outer skin consists of a continuous glass surface; this gives the boot lid the high-tech look of a smartphone. Located behind the boot lid is a boot with a 251 litre cargo capacity, which can be increased to 951 litres by folding down the rear backrest.

The rear doors open wide and offer comfortable entry. The four-seat, four-door car offers the same interior space as the two-door. Head room in the rear is 947 mm, while it is 993 mm in front. Legroom in the rear is a 789 mm. The seat height in the rear has a pleasant effect: the height of the so-called H-point – the relevant vertex of the angle formed by the seat surface and the backrest – is 378 mm in the rear, which is higher than in front (306 mm). This higher seat position lets rear passengers see better over the shoulders of the driver and front passenger. Just as important: there is space under the front seats for the feet of the rear passengers.

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Volkswagen is offering the same optional features in both the two-door and four-door Up in European versions. They include systems such as City Emergency Braking. The Up is the first car in its class that can be automatically braked by such a function in a tight situation, in this case over a speed range from 5 to 30 km/h. Also available upon request is maps+more – a portable navigation and infotainment system with touchscreen. It contains a navigation system, a hands-free telephone unit, an informational display of various vehicle parameters and a media player. In addition, apps can be used to customise maps+more to personal requirements. With these features, the Volkswagen Up – as a two-door and four-door car – is intended to be competitive in its segment of the market.

Five stars from EuroNCAP

Volkswagen’s smallest car has been awarded five stars by Euro NCAP. In addition, the optional City Emergency Braking function of the Up won the 2011 Advanced Award. This award, started in 2010, also comes from the independent European consumer protection organisation Euro NCAP. This system is automatically activated at speeds between 5 and 30 km/ h, and it uses a laser sensor (integrated in the upper area of the windscreen) to scan a space up to 10 metres in front of the Up to determine the risk of an impending collision. The emergency braking function can reduce accident severity via automatic brake intervention and potentially avoid a collision.


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