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Winnebago Birdsville motor home

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22nd February, 2012

Maintaining the tradition of innovative engineering and unique styling, Winnebago Motorhomes has announced the introduction of the Fiat Ducato-based 2012 Birdsville motor home range. The Birdsville name has been synonymous with motor homes for some years and the Winnebago Birdsville is at home on city highways or country roads, even on the world famous Birdsville Track.

Built on the Fiat Ducato chassis with its new EuroV 130 kW 3.0 litre engine, the 2012 Birdsville range offers six attractive living plans accommodating two to eight people in comfortable sleeping positions using permanent and temporary bedding as required.

There is the Birdsville highline (C class) offering a streamlined fibreglass front peak encompassing an additional double bed over the cabin or perhaps the low-line (B class) styling without the additional bed over the cabin is more appealing to some. Then there is the choice of a centrally located ensuite and an island bed down the back, else single beds if they are the preference. Alternatively there is the choice of a bathroom at the rear of the motor home with an island bed centrally located.

Each motor home is equipped with four seatbelts, all retractable lap/sash style for greater safety and all passengers face forward whilst travelling, a far more comfortable position while on the move.

The additional passengers are seated at the dinette close to the driver and passenger to better communicate and their heads are also protected by high back seat cushions. Two child restraint anchorage points are provided to securely support babies or young children in approved car seats or capsules.

From the outside, Birdsville has a streamlined and modern appearance that offers practicality as well, assisting in providing excellent fuel economy to the careful driver.

The new 2012 Birdsville offers a huge amount of external storage on both sides of the motor home for the BBQ, comfortable camp chairs and all those necessities to enhance the stress free motor home lifestyle. Inside, large cupboards and drawers hold all of your personal items securely and safely so no matter where you travel you have everything you need with you, even the kitchen sink.

The kitchen is extremely well equipped with a gas cook-top, deep sink with fresh hot and cold water on tap and drawers and cupboards for your appliances, even the pots and pans. The refrigerator is state of the art offering multiple energy sources - the home battery whilst travelling, 240 volt when plugged in at a caravan park or if free camping is your choice, the refrigerator works from your LPG gas bottle, and the refrigerator is smart enough to select the appropriate energy source itself.

The interior décor is light and bright with huge double glazed windows complimenting the light timber furniture and contrasting trims. Open and spacious is the immediate impression with a wide flat walk-through from the cab to the rear of the motor home. A mix of energy saving LED lights and bright reading lights all operating off the motor home battery provide a friendly night-time ambience as does the flickering light emanating from the LED flat screen television with built in DVD player.

The electric start gas/240 volt hot water system provides steaming hot water for those cleansing showers and the 2012 Birdsville carries larger fresh water tanks on board including a separate water supply for the flushing toilet. The ensuite is a "dry" bathroom in that the toilet is not saturated whilst you shower and the separate vanity is conveniently located outside of the bathroom, usable even when the bathroom is occupied.

Robust and reliable, Winnebago's construction techniques produce a motor home that goes on and on, confidently backed by the best factory warranty available, a 2 year 1 million kilometre warranty and 5 year structural guarantee. Look underneath and note the unique fully metal under body sheathing for protection against road debris.

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For further piece of mind, Winnebago offers a free two year RV HELP emergency roadside assist programme and can boast the largest service support network in Australia with accredited service agent's right around the country.

The new Fiat Ducato X251 chassis is the base vehicle for the 2012 Winnebago Birdsville. Fiat have introduced Euro 5 standard emission technology reducing emissions by 6% and 9% better fuel consumption yet still offers improved performance by increasing the horse power to 130 kW with 400 Nm of torque. The Fiat Ducato chassis offers power steering, cruise control, electric windows and mirrors and a trip computer.

The new Birdsville will be on show for the first time at the South Australian Caravan and Camping and Outdoor Adventure Show which commenced 22nd February and concludes 26th February 2012.

The new Winnebago Birdsville is priced* from $119,990*.

NOTE: * Manufacturer's List Price (MLP) excludes dealer delivery fees and the numerous statutory charges (commonly known as on-road costs). Additionally, please note that all prices, fees and charges are subject to change without notice, as are the specifications.


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