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Value packed coupe for Kia

Terry Im 'driving' the Kia Cerato Koup coupe (copyright image)

Terry Im, Kia's chief in Australia, behind
the 'wheel' of the new Cerato Koup.

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by Stephen Walker

18th September, 2009

In announcing the arrival of a new coupe for Australia's value packed Kia brand, the South Korean brand has revived memories of popular coupes from our past.

Years ago, small coupes powered by 4 cylinder engines were popular on the Australian new car market. Often sourced from Japan, but not exclusively so, the typical small coupe of the past was based on a 2 or 4 door sedan version of an economical car. For example, quite popular coupes have been the Holden Gemini and Mitsubishi Lancer. Others have been the Datsun 120Y, Datsun 1200, Honda Civic, Mazda 1300, Mazda 808, an early 70s Subaru and the Toyota Corolla. The South Koreans have been in the market with the Hyundai S-Coupe. Even the Europeans have had a presence with the tiny, but sporty, Fiat 850 and the Renault 15 (a down market version of the 17) from long ago. More recently, the Europeans have had the Holden Astra occupying a place in the small coupe market. For many years the car makers have concentrated their efforts on small hatchbacks, thus eliminating coupes from their product line-ups. A curious aspect of the small coupe market is the fact that there hasn't ever been an abundance of small coupes on the market at any given time. They seemed to come and go with no manufacturer showing any extended loyalty to the market segment. Presently, the market is void of stylish, value-packed small coupes. But that is no longer the case with Kia coming in with their new model.

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Known as Cerato Koup, the odd spelling suggests the model name is the product of an avid SMSer. The basis for the new coupe is the highly regarded Kia Cerato sedan.

Distribution of the stylish coupe is now being undertaken throughout Australia.

Many features are a highlight of this new car. Foremost is the price. The manufacturer's list price (excluding dealer charges and state/territory statutory charges) is from $23,690 (manual transmission) and $25,690 (automatic). At this price point, the Kia Cerato Koup will satisfy the motoring requirements of many keen buyers who desire a stylish package to meet their lifestyle needs.

The Cerato sedan, on which the coupe is based, is a pleasant car although not exactly sporty. The many attributes of the Kia Cerato sedan include the quiet running and gentle 'nature' of the car. With the Cerato, Kia has demonstrated that they have matured into a car company with thoughtful processes that consider just what car buyers want. On top of such a list is style, quality and value, with driveability that reflects the 'character' of the car. These values are sought after by buyers and they are integral to the thinking of Kia's design teams as they develop the cars of our future.

A sports tuned suspension and a "quicker" steering response, together with a sportier exhaust note will nurture a fun-to-drive approach for drivers.

Mechanically, the new Kia Cerato Koup is quite conventional with a front mounted 2 litre four cylinder engine driving the front wheels. The 'Thema II' engine offers 115 kW of power at 6,200 rpm and 194 Nm of torque at 4,300 rpm. The Euro IV compliant engine features continuously variable valve timing.

Kia Cerato Koup coupe (copyright image)

A new value packed coupe for Australia.
Kia's new 2 litre Cerato Koup coupe is
now available from local Kia dealers.

An interesting feature of the body styling is the frameless doors. This very dashing 'look' is shared with very few cars these days. Other styling aspects include the now familiar Kia corporate grille, commonly referred to as the "Schreyer" grille. The steeply raked windscreen, the low roofline, the sporty 17" alloy wheels, dual tail pipe ends, black high-gloss paint highlights, 'blistered' wheel arches and vertical fog lights add appeal to the car's presentation.

The sporty approach continues inside the Cerato Koup with sporty bucket seats and various accents to highlight the unique feeling of this new coupe.

The trim level of the Kia Cerato Koup is based on the popular Kia Cerato SLi sedan, with appropriate changes where necessary to fit the image of the new car and its 2 door coupe styling.

The bonnet is the only body panel that is shared between the sedan and the new coupe.

The coupe is 50 mm shorter than the sedan and the coupe rides 10 mm lower to the ground, whilst the actual height is 60 mm shorter for the coupe.

Six airbags and electronic stability programme are standard in the featured packed Cerato Koup.

Stay tuned to Next Car for additional news on this important new model for Kia. Additionally, we'll have a "road test" in due course. By the way, an update for the Kia Cerato sedan is about to happen, too.


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