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Chris Goodsell on the Boss Hoss

Boss Hoss - the V8 motor cycle

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by Chris Goodsell  (from Road Ramblings)

10th July, 2012

In my years doing the radio programme and writing for the newspapers I've driven and ridden some unusual vehicles - V8 super cars, go carts, Trabant in Berlin, even an armoured personnel carrier in New Zealand. But I have got to say my most recent ride was up there near the top - A V8 engined motor cycle!

Rob, mid-north coast NSW resident, is the proud owner of a very rare breed of two wheeled excitement - a Boss Hoss. This motor cycle boasts a 5.7 litre Chevy V8 engine producing 261 kW and 550 Nm torque. The bike drives through a two speed semi-automatic gearbox. The machine weighs a hefty 500 kg (Rob said itís like a big postie bike).

My ride on the bike lasted about 15 kms. I was quite amazed that this easy rider style of bike weighing half a tonne was quite manoeuvrable and responsive. This enormously powerful machine has to be treated with respect, but it is certainly not a beast to ride. In cruise mode the V8 engine burbles along quietly. When turning the bike you have to allow for the weight and ground clearance is a consideration as well. Rob imported the bike in 2000 after ordering it two years prior. There are some 5,000 Boss Hoss motor cycles throughout the world and around 20 in Australia.

A very big thank you to Rob for allowing me the experience of riding a Boss Hoss.


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