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5th September, 2011

Australia’s caravan and RV industry continues to break production records, with the first half of 2011 showing a 13 per cent increase on the record figures achieved in 2010.

Local RV and caravan manufacturers last year achieved their highest production for 30 years, and figures for the first half of 2011 show the surge in production continues unabated.

The Recreational Vehicle Manufacturers Association of Australia (RVMAA) recorded a 2010 total of 21,150 units, a staggering 31.75 per cent increase on the previous year and the highest output since 1980.

Production figures for June 2011 showed output of 2,023 for the month, up 17 per cent on June 2010, while the year-to-date total of 10,757 is up by 13 per cent on last year.

RVMAA president Richard Raven said the people at the wheel of the new boom in self-drive holidays were younger families who enjoyed the friendly and secure environment of caravan parks.

“In addition to the continuing strong market for ‘grey nomads’, families find that a moderately priced van makes for economical holidays any time and anywhere they want to go,” he said.

“Every size and type of RV has held or exceeded its record 2010 figures so far this year, with traditional fixed-roof caravans continuing to lead a booming market for everything from tent and camper trailers to luxury motor homes and fifth-wheelers.”

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“This continuing growth in caravanning reflects the quality, appointments and value of locally-made RVs, which allow people to travel wherever they wish with all of the luxuries of home.”

The strongest segment for 2011 to date is for 5 to 6 metre caravans, with 32 per cent of the market, followed by vans over 6 metres with 27 per cent and small vans from 4 to 5 metres at 22 per cent.

Traditional caravans continue to dominate with 47 per cent, ahead of pop-tops at 25 per cent and camper trailers at 21 per cent.

C Class motor homes – built on light truck chassis with a GVM of 4,500-5,400 kg – led the slide-ons, fifth-wheelers, campervans and motor homes segment, with 3.7 per cent of the total market.

Mr Raven said local RVs and caravans were designed and built to suit Australia’s unique conditions and meet all tastes and budgets.

“RV customers really span the whole life cycle, from young couples and families with little children right through to ‘grey nomads’ spending their golden years on the road,” he said.

“Whatever their family circumstances, the beauty of owning an RV is that they can go wherever they want, whenever they want, at whatever pace they want – and it won’t break the family budget.”


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