UK Diesel Sales Increase!


Volkswagen Golf TDI
Diesel sales rise 10.7 per cent in August in the UK
as petrol reaches the $2.37 (Australian) per litre mark!

14th September, 2005

Before complaining about petrol prices, spare a thought for the British. The price of petrol reached one pound per litre in some parts of England last weekend. One British pound equates to approximately $2.37 (Australian), as at last weekend's conversion rate.

The price of fuel is beginning to change the car market in the UK. In August 2005, the UK diesel car market increased by 10.7 per cent, holding a 36.3 per cent share of the market. This marked increase may be attributed to rising fuel prices. However, overall new car volumes were down in August by 2.3 per cent. This drop is not as severe as the 6.6 per cent decrease seen in July. New car volumes stood at 83,066 units in August and SMMT (Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders Limited) forecasts that September will see 420,000 new cars registered. Year-to-August registrations dropped almost six per cent, to 1,554,828 units. Rising fuel prices may potentially offset any boost in consumer confidence, however the diesel market strength is clear. SMMT chief executive, Christopher Macgowan commented ‘In a weaker August new car market, diesel continued to star. As fuel prices soar, buyers are really switching on to its benefits and last month marked almost five consecutive years of diesel growth. Cheaper motoring and greater model choices are just two of its selling points; better fuel consumption is also helping to lower average carbon dioxide emissions from the tailpipe.’

2005 Peugeot 407 HDi
2005 Peugeot 407 HDi

Other diesel news:

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16th June, 2005
Automobiles Peugeot has announced its intentions to win at the famous Le Mans 24 Hours race, in a diesel powered vehicle featuring Peugeot HDi technology. The vehicle, to be developed in 2006 will also be equipped with a diesel particulate filter system ..... more

Audi Introduces the World's Most Powerful Diesel Car
23rd May, 2005
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New Diesels For Peugeot 307
18th May, 2005
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Vauxhall Astra Diesel
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Will we see a diesel engine in the Holden Astra? ..... more

Peugeot 407 HDi Hits the Streets
12th April, 2005
The Peugeot 407 has certainly made an impact since its launch, with striking looks and an impressive 5-star safety rating. Complimented by benchmark equipment levels that rival much more expensive models, the 407 represents fantastic value for money. And its popularity is set to expand with the introduction of the new 407 HDi ..... more

Volkswagen Golf Diesel Line-up
6th March, 2005
Volkswagen launched the all-new Golf range with a choice of two turbo diesel engines, allowing Volkswagen to offer the most affordable diesel passenger vehicle in the Australian market to date ..... more

2004 Audi A3 TDI road test

Audi A3 TDI

A diesel delight!
And it has a classy presence!

22nd December, 2004
Larger image

2004 Land Rover Freelander SE

Land Rover Freelander SE

It's top of the class!

16th July, 2004
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2004 Land Rover Freelander S road test

Land Rover Freelander S

This is real 4WD'ing!

7th May, 2004
Larger image

Upcoming diesel road tests:

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