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London to Brighton Veteran Car Run for 2011 (copyright image)

The start of the 2010 London to Brighton
Veteran Car Run at London’s Hyde Park (copyright image)

The 2011 London to Brighton Veteran Car Run
will be conducted on Sunday 6th November 2011.

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Special celebrations will be in order on Sunday 6th November as The Royal Automobile Club’s 2011 London to Brighton Veteran Car Run marks the 75th anniversary start from Hyde Park, London, England. The historic world famous annual 60-mile Run will honour the development of motoring innovation in an iconic British setting, with the first Veteran car leaving the Royal Park at official sunrise, 07:02hrs.

The largest of the Royal Parks, Hyde Park is renowned for hosting the pinnacle of British events and the London to Brighton Veteran Car Run is certainly no exception.

Since the Royal Automobile Club moved the start of the annual Run that celebrates the 1896 Emancipation Run, to Hyde Park in 1936, it has become as integral to the event as the journey the 19th Century motor cars make.  Hyde Park has remained synonymous with early motoring since the start of the Run was first held there 75 years ago, and this year’s anniversary celebration commends the dedication and continued passion of those who continue to enjoy historic automobiles. (copyright image)
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Mercedes-Benz SL 600
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Aston Martin V8 Vantage
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Jaguar XKR
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The 2011 Run promises to surpass all previous events with over 500 cars entered with participants from China, the USA and Australia already confirmed. In addition to the celebrations at Hyde Park, 2011 will also mark the 125th anniversary of Mercedes-Benz and its first patented motor car, as Germany is honoured as the country of celebration.

Exclusive to pre-1905 motor vehicles, the London to Brighton Veteran Car Run is the world’s longest running motoring event and a truly unique experience for both spectators and participants alike on the 60-mile route. Previous Runs have seen many famous people amongst the participants, including the Royal Family, making it an anniversary event not to be missed.

This year has been a special Royal year for Britain, and the Run with its 75th Anniversary start from Hyde Park will surely seal this year as one of Britain’s finest. The London to Brighton Veteran Car Run is one of the biggest free-to-view events in the country, and few other annual celebrations command the prestige and excitement of this quintessentially British celebration of international automotive commitment and creativity.


The Royal Automobile Club’s 2011 London to Brighton Veteran Car Run takes place on Sunday 6th November and is a global celebration of the 1896 Emancipation Run. Free for spectators and memorable for participants, it is an inclusive event, which commemorates the origins of motoring, with the route as close as possible to the original.

The first car leaves Hyde Park at official sunrise (07:02hrs) for the 60-mile drive to Brighton, arriving at Madeira Drive for the finish. An estimated 500,000 spectators attended last year’s Sunday Run and Saturday International Concours in Regent Street, making it the UK’s largest free-to-view motoring event. The Run is for cars manufactured up to 31st December 1904 and fields a maximum of 550 entries selected from over 600 applications received from around the globe.

The Royal Automobile Club

Founded in 1897, the Royal Automobile Club has continuously supported and promoted the development of motoring in Great Britain including the introduction of the famous 1,000 Mile Trial in 1900, the Tourist Trophy, first run in 1905 and the first British Grand Prix in 1948.

Every year, on the first week-end of November, the Club promotes the UK’s largest, free-to-view celebration of motoring, past, present and future. The Future Car Challenge runs from Brighton to London and showcases the performance of low energy vehicles. In its inaugural year (2010) it attracted the support of major car manufacturers from around the world. This year the Challenge is on Saturday 5th November and London’s Regent Street will be closed for the finale, a celebration of 19th, 20th and 21st century motoring. The next morning Hyde Park sees the start of the London to Brighton Veteran Car Run, celebrating the Emancipation Run of 1896. Over 500 vehicles, all built before 1905 and from around the globe, participate in the world’s longest running motoring event.


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