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1904 De Dion Buton driven Roland Duce

NEWS INDEX:   Historic Vehicles

Brighton Run: 342 finishers
4th November, 2015
The first few cars began to arrive on Maderia Drive shortly after 10am – the 1903 Berliet driven by John Bentley just pipping the 1904 Fiat of Jan Bruijn to the honour of being first past the finishing post ..... more

Brighton Run for 2015
1st November, 2015
As dawn breaks in England on Sunday (1st November) more than 400 intrepid drivers and their hardy passengers will deal with whatever the weather has in store to drive 60 miles from London to Brighton ..... more

Land Rover name found at Islay, Scotland
26th August, 2015
Spencer Wilks, then the Managing Director of the Rover Car Company, owned the Laggan Estate on the island. In 1947, while driving his heavily modified Rover 12 across the rugged landscape, the estate’s gamekeeper Ian Fraser remarked that it must be a “Land Rover” ..... more

Citroen Australia remembers the 5CV that lapped the nation in 1925
18th August, 2015
Citroen Australia has marked the 90th Anniversary of the first circumnavigation of the Australian continent by a Citroen and most likely by any vehicle. Ninety years ago Nevill Westwood left on a journey that at the time was considered amazing ..... more

2015 London to Brighton Veteran Car Run
16th August, 2015
Each of the 450 remarkable vehicles that enter the UK's annual London to Brighton Veteran Car Run has its own extraordinary tale to tell ..... more

Land Rover Heritage Driving Experience
5th July, 2015
Heritage and modern Land Rovers and off-road facility added to the Land Rover portfolio of driving experiences; New UK facilities, exhibits and specially-prepared heritage vehicles; A variety of customer packages available; drive by decade or by model; Packages priced from £40 to £2,000 ..... more

Renault 16: 50 years on
27th May, 2015
In 1966 Renault Australia purchased assembly facilities and commenced manufacturing in Heidelberg, Victoria. A number of models, including the 16, were made there until production ceased in 1981 ..... more

Citroen DS: 60 year celebration
22nd May, 2015
On Sunday 24th May more than 700 Citroen DS vehicles will parade along the Champs-Élysées ..... more

Thirty years of Hyundai Sonata
19th May, 2015
Sonata made its debut in 1985 in Korea, playing a pivotal role in the brand’s growth and reputation. With more than 7.3 million Sonata models sold since its introduction, Sonata has become a mid-sized sedan enjoyed by customers around the world ..... more

Coventry Motor Museum classic car record attempt
15th May, 2015
Jaguar Land Rover Heritage supports Coventry Transport Museum’s world record attempt marking the re-launch of the museum next month ..... more

Holden introduces 'Capped Price Servicing' for all models since 1948!
4th March, 2015
Holden’s Lifetime Capped Price Service (CPS) programme covers all Holden vehicles ever built from the 48-215 of 1948 to today’s VF Commodore and beyond; Biggest CPS programme in Australia, covering more than 2.5 million cars ..... more

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Citroen on French postage stamps
24th October, 2014
French postal operator, La Poste, launches a collector’s book of stamps honouring Citroën’s brand history; The stamps tell the story of Citroën through images of various models including the 2CV & DS ..... more

Ian Callum's new Mark 2
5th September, 2014
Ian Callum said: “I am pleased that a few more cars are going to be built.” The cars will cost between £350,000 and £375,000 (GBP) ..... more

Chamberlain's famous Torana acquired by ANM
19th August, 2014
National Museum of Australia has acquired the yellow 1977 Torana V8 hatchback which was central to the conviction and ultimate exoneration of Lindy and Michael Chamberlain, over the 1980 disappearance of their daughter, Azaria ..... more

Jaguar Lightweight E-type unveiled
17th August, 2014
Lightweight E-type is the first 'remake' to come from Jaguar Heritage, which operates within the Jaguar Land Rover Special Operations division; Just six customer Lightweight E-types will be built – each assigned one of the remaining chassis numbers originally allocated in 1963 to the intended 18-car 'Special GT E-type' project ..... more

Jaguar Land Rover’s Special Operations acquire huge British car collection
28th July, 2014
Vast collection of 543 cars amassed by British enthusiast James Hull acquired by Jaguar Land Rover; Collection includes an SS100, a rare alloy XK120, early E-types and a MK X once owned by Sir William Lyons ..... more

UK gathering of historic Peugeots
11th July, 2014
The cars belonged to members of l’Aventure Peugeot, the Brand’s heritage arm with a fabulous museum in Sochaux near Mulhouse, France ..... more

Stolen Corvette returned after 33 years
3rd July, 2014
Talley last saw his Corvette in 1981. But more than 30 years later, Talley received a call from AAA informing him that his car had turned up about 1,535 kilometres away ..... more

SOLD: 1937 Jaguar SS 100 for £208,700 (GBP)
1st July, 2014
A 1937 Jaguar 2½-Litre Roadster once owned by British funny man, Norman Wisdom, sold last Friday for £208,700 (GBP) (approximately $378,524 AUD) ..... more

SOLD: 1973 Volvo 1800ES for $92,400 (USD)
24th June, 2014
This 1800ES has spent its entire life in Keene, New Hampshire, and been used very little by its three owners, the first of them keeping the car for 27 years ..... more

New Jaguar E-Type Lighweight
14th May, 2014
Jaguar is to build six perfect reproductions of the original, race-bred lightweight E-type that was made in 1963 ..... more

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Aussies cross America
28th November, 2013
Rod and Michael began the 3,000 miles journey in their 1930 Ford Model A at Staten Island at 00:01am on Friday 22nd November with the aim of reaching Venice Fishing Pier in around 60 hours ..... more

Bay to Birdwood Classic 2013
17th September, 2013
Bay to Birdwood will take place in Adelaide on Sunday 29th September 2013. Although nowhere near the size of the Woodward Dream Cruise in Detroit, USA, the Bay to Birdwood is one of the largest continually staged motoring event of its kind held anywhere in the world ..... more

Volkswagen end Kombi production
19th August, 2013
Manufactured in Brazil since 2nd September 1957; Final edition special series featuring two-tone paint and exclusive design features; A limited production run of 600 units ..... more

Jaguar Land Rover at Coronation Festival
16th July, 2013
Jaguar Land Rover celebrated automotive innovation with a display of vehicles representing the best of British engineering over the last six decades at the Coronation Festival in London – 11th to 14th July ..... more

SOLD: Juan Manuel Fangio's old car
15th July, 2013
Record price paid for an unregistered used car - about $10 million (AUD) ..... more

Chevrolet Corvette first appeared 60 years ago
7th July, 2013
The first Corvette went into production in Flint, Michigan on 30th June, 1953. Since then, over 1.5 million Corvettes have hit the road ..... more

Citroen mark 45 years of the Mehari
17th May, 2013
To celebrate the occasion, an area at Citroën C_42 showcase, Citroen's brand experience showroom, on the Champs-Élysées in Paris has been dedicated to moments from Méhari’s history ..... more

Aston Martin Works site expanded with "Heritage Showroom"
26th April, 2013
The annual auction, the 14th to be held at Aston Martin Works, will take place mid-May. It has the distinction of being the first major event to make use of the Heritage Showroom ..... more

Lamborghini at Techno Classica in Germany
14th April, 2013
Lamborghini is participating in the annual Techno Classica fair at Essen (Germany) this week-end, where the company is showing two of its super cars ..... more

25 years of the Volkswagen California
8th April, 2013
Around 100,000 California vans have come off the assembly line over the past 25 years ..... more

Rolls-Royce exhibition at BMW Museum
20th March, 2013
The exhibition, entitled ‘Strive for Perfection’, celebrates the tenth year of the Rolls-Royce marque under BMW Group ownership and the 150th anniversary of the birth of Sir Henry Royce ..... more

LOOKING BACK - 1963 Chrysler Turbine
10th February, 2013
A total of 50 Ghia-bodied gas-turbine cars were manufactured in 1963 and 1964. Most of the vehicles were loaned to members of the general public for a three-month trial period ..... more

Aston Martin - the first 100 years
2nd January, 2013
The centrepiece of the celebrations will be a week-long festival of all things Aston Martin which is set to take place from 15th July to 21st July 2013 ..... more

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Ford Restoration Parts
27th November, 2012
Ford will supply Rare Spares with access to original Ford tooling to manufacture and sell officially licensed restoration parts in Australia, stretching from the company’s first Ford Falcon, the 1960 XK, through to the 1984 XF series ..... more

Nissan re-enacts Simpson Desert crossing
26th July, 2012
In 1962 the Sprigg family averaged just 5 km/h as they pioneered a track between and across the dunes, often getting ‘beached’ on giant saltbush outcrops and risking disaster as it began to smoulder under their 44 gallon (200 litre) drum of petrol ..... more

LE 50 ... a new MG B
9th July, 2012
In the UK, Frontline Developments has done something very special to celebrate the 50 year MG B milestone — it’s built a 2012 version of the MG B GT ..... more

£4.5 million Bentley 4.5-litre
30th June, 2012
Sir Henry ‘Tim’ Birkin’s dramatic 4½ Litre Supercharged ‘Blower’ single seat racing machine returned to record-breaking form by reaching a sale price of £4.5 million when auctioned at the Goodwood Festival of Speed yesterday ..... more

Tanks for everything
6th June, 2012
Host Jonathan provides a quick course on how to drive a tank! There is a 50 tonne Centurion, a 42 tonne T55 Russian tank, a 16 tonne FV432 APC plus numerous other ex-military vehicles on duty - and you can drive them all ..... more

Remembering Carroll Shelby
17th May, 2012
Carroll Shelby (military man, chicken farmer, racing car driver, entrepreneur, car maker, heart transplant recipient) passed away last week. But why did he say his chilli would "shake the meanness out of the most ornery, leather-mouthed chilli-head that ever was born"? ..... more

Moorabbin Mustang Meet
26th April, 2012
Members of the Mustang Owners Club of Australia (Victoria Branch) gathered near Moorabbin airport (suburban Melbourne) on Sunday 22nd April ..... more

Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles Oldtimers
30th March, 2012
Restoring old Volkswagen "Kombis" has become a successful venture for the Hannover-based works restoration team ..... more

Atalanta brand revival
13th March, 2012
In reviving the Atalanta, modern technology has been used to enhance performance and safety while the 1930s English sports car style has been retained; as have tall, narrow tyres (for good driver 'feel' and ride comfort) ..... more

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Old Ford Mustang bodies are new again
9th November, 2011
It’s a classic car enthusiast’s dream come true: Now it is possible to build a '64½, '65 or '66 Mustang convertible from the wheels up using the all-new Ford-approved and officially licenced body shell ..... more

Motorclassica 2011
21st October, 2011
Now being conducted for the second time, Motorclassica is set to become a permanent feature amongst Australia's automotive events ..... more

Nissan to celebrate first Simpson Desert vehicle crossing in 2012
30th September, 2011
The first vehicle crossing of the Simpson Desert will be celebrated on its 50th anniversary in September 2012 with a re-enactment of the historic event featuring two of the original participants, months ahead of the local release of the new Nissan Patrol ..... more

Buried treasure - 1904 Fiat
21st August, 2011
A 1904 Fiat, which avoided the scrap yard by being buried on an American estate, is one of more than 500 pre-1905 Veteran cars taking part in the Royal Automobile Club’s London to Brighton Veteran Car Run on Sunday 6th November 2011 ..... more

London to Brighton Veteran Car Run for 2011
10th August, 2011
The 2011 Run promises to surpass all previous events with over 500 cars entered with participants from China, the USA and Australia already confirmed. In addition to the celebrations at Hyde Park, 2011 will also mark the 125th anniversary of Mercedes-Benz and its first patented motor car ..... more

11,000 street rods gather
7th August, 2011
This week-end over 11,000 street rods are expected at the 42nd Annual Street Rod Nationals Plus in Louisville, Kentucky ..... more

Melbourne's Motorclassica to be bigger in 2011
7th August, 2011
With a 40 per cent increase in applications from last years' event, Motorclassica 2011 will have a completely different look and feel to last year, whilst a number of exciting additions have been made to the programme to increase the appeal even further ..... more

Henry Ford and car racing
31st July, 2011
Henry Ford was actively involved in car racing from 1901 to 1913. His motive for entering a race in 1901, was to promote his name and reputation, as a means of attracting investors for a car manufacturing company ..... more

Citroen 2CV gathering expecting 6,000 examples
20th July, 2011
In the setting of a 60-hectare site near Salbris in Central France, four pre-war prototype 2CVs will be on show alongside the contemporary Citroën REVOLTe concept ..... more

Upgrading 'oldies' with GM Performance Parts
17th July, 2011
It's a new era for American hot-rodders, with 'new' components becoming increasing available. Additionally, reproduction bodies on a modern day 'chassis' supports this new era for the popular retro look ..... more

Goodwood Revival set for 16th-18th September
15th July, 2011
The 2011 Revival is set to build on the success of last year’s event, when a record-breaking 134,000 people attended over the week-end. As ever, the Revival offers visitors of all ages a chance to revel in the romance and glamour of motor racing as it used to be. It is the only major sporting event in the world set entirely to a period theme and, every year, spectators and competitors take a step back in time by getting into the effervescent Goodwood spirit. The majority of visitors enter into the spirit of the event, dressing in appropriate clothing from the 1940s, ’50s and ’60s ..... more

Jaguar E-Type sculpture for Goodwood
30th June, 2011
A striking iteration of the Jaguar E-type, which celebrates its 50th anniversary this year, will be the centrepiece at this week-end's Goodwood Festival of Speed in England ..... more

Sir Stirling Moss retires (again)
29th June, 2011
But, after finally hanging up his crash helmet this month, the 81-year-old Moss has admitted he’s not as fast as he used to be ..... more

Goodwood's Festival of Speed next week-end
26th June, 2011
One of the world's great motor sport events is set to take place next week-end in England ..... more

Woodward Dream Cruise for 2011
16th June, 2011
Chevrolet will be the presenting sponsor for the 2011 Woodward Dream Cruise, a grassroots event that each August draws some 1.5 million car enthusiasts to Michigan’s legendary Woodward Avenue in suburban Detroit (USA) ..... more

"125 years of the automobile" stamp
1st June, 2011
Germany's Federal Finance Ministry is issuing a special postage stamp and a special coin to celebrate the automobile’s 125th birthday ..... more

Ferrari at Pebble Beach Concours d'Elegance
15th May, 2011
Only thirty-six 250 GTOs were originally produced, as well as two 330 GTOs with larger capacity engines. All of these exclusive cars have been invited to the Concours ..... more

Bush Council Easter Rally
1st May, 2011
The Autumn weather was NSW mid-north coast perfect over the Easter weekend, mild temperatures and unlimited sunshine as around 200 cars and 1 motorcycle rolled into the Great Lakes and Manning area to participate in the NSW Bush Council's annual Easter Rally ..... more

William drives bride in dad's Aston Martin
30th April, 2011
Following the reception, the groom drove his bride in one of his father's car. The Prince of Wales' Aston Martin DB6 Volante Mk II convertible displayed an "L" plate upfront ..... more

Would You Buy A Car From This Man?
29th April, 2011
Des West sold the Holden 48/215 on the 17th June 1949 to Allan Bell and family ..... more

Jaguar E Type at the UK's Shelsley Walsh Hill Climb
17th April, 2011
A fabulous collection of Jaguars, not only E Types but all their road and racing models, right up to the present day, and in fact into the future, will feature at the unique Shelsley Walsh hill climb on 4th-5th June 2011 ..... more

Out and about in Audi's "oldies"
24th March, 2011
Audi Tradition is beginning the 2011 European historic car season with a very full programme. The heritage department of AUDI AG will have its “Museum on Wheels” on display at more than 30 events ..... more

125 years of Mercedes-Benz
30th January, 2011
Yesterday marked 125 years of automotive history, as it was on 29th January 1886 that Carl Benz received the patent for the first motor car, heralding the arrival of the automobile ..... more

Fifty years of Jaguar E-Type
25th January, 2011
The now iconic Jaguar E-Type set new standards in automotive design and performance when it was launched in 1961. Its influence is still apparent in Jaguar’s modern range: cars that offer a peerless blend of performance, comfort, cutting-edge technology and award-winning design ..... more

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Ford: more than just cars
28th December, 2010
While perfecting the Model T, one of the difficulties Henry Ford faced was procuring components of consistent quality. His solution was to control the entire manufacturing process from raw materials to final assembly ..... more

Retromobile 2011
27th December, 2010
Retromobile is breaking new ground. The inclusion of motorcycles and the arrival in force of the "youngtimer" vehicles from the 1970s and 1980s, together with the diversity of items on show and the car/motorcycle automobilia auction will generate even more interest and will secure Retromobile’s reputation as the leading international exhibition in its field ..... more

Steam Cars on the way to Australia
9th December, 2010
A couple of unique cars, visiting Australia at the time, will be participating in the rally. There will be the 1909 Stanley Steam car and the ex-Howard Hughes 1925 Doble Steam car ..... more

Motorclassica returning in 2011
1st December, 2010
Motorclassica, the Australian International Concours d’Elegance and Classic Motor Show, will return to Melbourne’s Royal Exhibition Building next year, with the event scheduled for 21st to 23rd October, 2011 ..... more

Motor Racing Legends support Le Mans
7th November, 2010
Motor Racing Legends has announced the return of the Le Mans Legend historic support race to next year’s Le Mans 24 Hours week-end. For 2011, the race will be for cars that were eligible for Le Mans from 1949 to 1965 ..... more

Skoda at London to Brighton Veteran Car Run
5th November, 2010
An example of the first Skoda model ever produced, the Voiturette A, is in the UK for the very first time this week-end to take part in the world famous London to Brighton Veteran Car Run (LBVCR) ..... more

Mercedes-Benz at London to Brighton Veteran Car Run
4th November, 2010
The first week-end in November hosts a firm fixture in the international classic car calendar: the world-famous London to Brighton Veteran Car Run in England. At the 2010 event, to be held on 7th November, "Mercedes-Benz Classic" will be entering two vehicles – a 1902 Mercedes-Simplex racing car and a 1904 Mercedes-Simplex touring car ..... more

Tucker Torpedo for Motorclassica
20th October, 2010
A rare Tucker car worth more than $1 million has arrived in Melbourne to feature at Motorclassica, the Australian International Concours d’Elegance and Classic Motor Show this weekend. The first and only Tucker Torpedo in Australia, it is one of just 50 built in the USA in 1948, powered by a rear-mounted helicopter engine ..... more

Sensational Studebaker Show
17th October, 2010
In Melbourne you know it's a good day, when the "oldies" come out to play. And that's what happened today when the Studebaker Club of Australia (Melbourne) displayed fifty cars from the garages of their members. Lots of Studebakers and a few Packards were displayed at Moorabbin Airport at the Club's annual event ..... more

Holden Efijy to headline Motorclassica
14th October, 2010
Holden’s stunning 21st century hot rod concept - EFIJY - has been chosen to headline a collection of the world’s most beautiful cars in Melbourne later this month ..... more

Morgan and Bentley debuts at Motorclassica
11th October, 2010
Bentley Motors will stage the Victorian show debut of its new Mulsanne and Morgan will give the Aero SuperSports its first Australian showing at the Royal Exhibition Building from 22nd to 24th October ..... more

Motorclassica readies for 22nd-24th October
4th October, 2010
Freshly arrived from the USA, where they made their mark at the Pebble Beach and Quail concours d’elegance, they are the first of several cars being shipped in for the event ..... more

Success for Goodwood Revival
23rd September, 2010
Over 134,000 motor sport enthusiasts and retro-fashion enthusiasts flocked to last weekend’s Goodwood Revival (17th-19th September) in England to join in the fun and celebrations at the world’s largest historic motor race meeting ..... more

Jaguar at Goodwood Revival
19th September, 2010
A group of 75 individually-numbered, iconic Jaguars from across the years made a two-day journey from Coventry to Goodwood. This exclusive celebration drive, commenced in Coventry on Friday 17th September, took in the site of the original Jaguar model launch in 1935 – and finished at the UK’s largest heritage motor festival, the Goodwood Revival on Saturday 18th ..... more

Nissan at Goodwood Revival
19th September, 2010
Also compared to its original was Nissan’s flagship super car – the GT-R – which featured alongside a 1970s racing model – the 1971 Nissan Skyline 2000 GT-R (KPGC10). Believed to be the only example of its kind in Europe, it was used as a race car and track day car in Japan until 1985 ..... more

Porsche at Goodwood Revival
19th September, 2010
The 718 W-RS Spyder, from the Porsche Museum was worked on during the event by two mechanics in a lovingly remade, classic workshop. Two workbenches will also give visitors the opportunity to see work in progress on engines from the 356 and 912 ..... more

Lamborghini at Schloss Bensberg Classics
12th September, 2010
Lamborghini is gracing one of Europe’s best classic car events – the Bensberg Classics from 10th-12th September - with an array of stunning super sports cars from across several eras ..... more

Lost Aston Martin found after 30 years
9th September, 2010
A ‘lost’ 1958 Aston Martin DB2/4 MkIII drophead, originally the property of former Aston Martin owner David Brown, which has spent the last 30 years hidden beneath a tarpaulin, sold for over £206,000 (GBP) ..... more

Sir Stirling Moss to visit Melbourne
26th August, 2010
Motor racing legend Sir Stirling Moss will be a guest judge at Motorclassica, the Australian International Concours d’Elegance & Classic Motor Show ..... more

‘The Major and the Beetle’
16th August, 2010
The unveiling of the ‘The Major and the Beetle’ exhibition in England is celebrated with a historic Volkswagen car show and a ‘meet up’ for Volkswagen enthusiasts, all dedicated to the memory of Major Ivan Hirst, REME ..... more

Earls Court returns to Goodwood again
16th August, 2010
The Earls Court Motor Show takes its inspiration from the celebrated London Motor Shows of the 1950s and 60s, with an Art Deco frontage reminiscent of the glory days of exhibitions of the past ..... more

Alfa Romeo at 60th Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance
30th July, 2010
Italian car manufacturer Alfa Romeo, which this year celebrates its Centenary, will be showcased as a featured marque at the 60th Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance in California, USA on Sunday 15th August, 2010 ..... more

Three million miles in a Volvo
20th July, 2010
With more than 2.8 million miles on his red Volvo sports car, Irv Gordon was celebrating his birthday on 15th July by affirming his goal of reaching three million miles before his 73rd birthday ..... more

Alvis is coming back!
22nd June, 2010
Britain's Alvis Car Company will be using the Goodwood Festival of Speed next month to announce details of a unique project to re-introduce a renowned 1930’s Alvis model ..... more

Big Bucks for MG B
15th June, 2010
An example of one of Britain’s most enjoyed sports cars, the MGB tourer, has claimed super car status after being sold at auction, in England, for £141,922 ..... more

Will Alvis return?
3rd June, 2010
Alvis, arguably one of the most innovative British car manufacturers in the 1930s, is set to return to business in the 21st century with ownership of the brand name having been formally transferred to the company which has been providing parts, maintenance and restoration services to Alvis owners for the last 40 years ..... more

Peugeot's 200 years
30th May, 2010
Two hundred years ago, two Peugeot brothers, Jean-Pierre and Jean-Frédéric, established the Peugeot company with the making of ‘la société Peugeot-Frères et Jacques Maillard-Salins’ ..... more

BMW 328 Touring Coupe replica wins the 2010 Mille Miglia
24th May, 2010
Seventy years after its victory in the 1940 Mille Miglia, a BMW 328 Mille Miglia Touring Coupé replica has emerged as the winner of this tradition-steeped Italian motoring event ..... more

Volvo Museum Day
4th May, 2010
On Saturday 8th May, the Volvo Museum opens its doors for its traditional annual Activities Day. At the same time, there will be celebrations to mark the fact that it is 15 years since the museum was inaugurated in its spacious Arendal premises ..... more

Alfa Romeo at Mille Miglia 2010
2nd May, 2010
The “most beautiful road race in the world” - as it was dubbed by Enzo Ferrari - will be starting off from Brescia (Italy) on 6th May where will be finishing on the 9th ..... more

History repeated: Saab for Mille Miglia
30th April, 2010
Italian hillsides are about to reverberate again to the distinctive crackle of a Saab two-stroke engine ..... more

Back to the Future – the BMW 328 Kamm Coupé
30th April, 2010
The BMW 328 Kamm Coupe, named after the German aerodynamics pioneer Wunibald Kamm, disappeared without trace back in 1953. But now – 70 years after BMW’s famous Mille Miglia victory – BMW Classic has made a copy of this legendary racing car ..... more

Forty years of Citroen GS and SM
26th April, 2010
More than 1,000 Citroens converged on the Belgian Zolder race track at the week-end (24th and 25th April) to celebrate the 40th Anniversary of two of the French car maker’s models, the Citroen SM and the Citroen GS ..... more


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Munich tours in a BMW classic
23rd April, 2010
In Europe, spring is in the air and the BMW Museum has come up with a special treat for the new classic car season: as of April, visitors to the BMW Museum can book a three-hour tour that takes in the BMW facilities as well as some Munich sights ..... more

Mercedes-Benz enthusiasts heading to Perth
22nd April, 2010
Perth will be star-struck this week-end as the 2010 National Rally of Mercedes-Benz Clubs gets underway ..... more

Historic military vehicles gather in UK
9th April, 2010
From the 29th – 31st May 2010, the UK's National Motor Museum, Beaulieu is playing host to "Trucks and Troops" ..... more

Falcon Soars in Anniversary Year
31st March, 2010
The legendary Falcon will soar again during 2010 with the release today of a commemorative logo to celebrate the 50th anniversary of Ford Falcon cars in Australia ..... more

MX-5 Clubs head to South Australia
30th March, 2010
Over 130 of the country’s most passionate Mazda MX-5 owners and their cars will gather this week-end in McLaren Vale, South Australia, to celebrate 20 years of the popular two-seat roadster and its dedicated motoring clubs ..... more

Mercedes-Benz returns to Carrera Panamericana Mexico
24th March, 2010
The original winning car from the 3rd Carrera Panamericana Mexico in November 1952 is to return to the scene of its great triumph ..... more

Porsche's "Rolling Museum" coming to Australia
24th March, 2010
Accompanying these race-winners from the “Rolling Museum” is the 1963 Porsche 356 B Carrera GS/GT – affectionately known as the “Frost Scraper” after the slope and shape of its 'nose' ..... more

Goodwood Festival of Speed for 2010
22nd March, 2010
The annual Goodwood Festival of Speed is set to be held this year from 2nd-4th July ..... more

Looking back: Carroll Shelby with Aston Martin
21st March, 2010
The United States has played a fundamental role in Aston Martin’s motor sport history, with an American automotive legend forming part of the 1959 Le Mans-winning line-up: Carroll Shelby ..... more

Sixty Years of Porsche Production in Stuttgart-Zuffenhausen
17th March, 2010
A further highlight is the first Porsche 356 Coupé built in Zuffenhausen will be shown for the first time in the Museum follow an unusual restoration process ..... more

Volkswagen Transporter: 60 years on
16th March, 2010
Production of the Volkswagen Transporter van started in March 1950 and during the 60 years since then it has become one of the most iconic and popular vans in the world ..... more

Looking back: Volvo PV36
14th March, 2010
It is not a copy of the Chrysler Airflow, despite the fact that some think it was ..... more

Looking back: Citroen SM
12th March, 2010
Citroen announced it was stopping production of the SM in the northern summer 1975, with these words: “The SM was born from speed and died with speed” ..... more

Chevrolet Suburban: 75 years on
23rd February, 2010
In the seven and a half decades since its introduction, the Chevrolet Suburban became an American icon and the industry’s longest-running model ..... more

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Adelaide's Bay to Birdwood Classic
23rd September, 2009
Over 1,750 classic cars, motorcycles and commercial vehicles manufactured from 1st January 1956 until 31st December 1977 have entered this year ..... more

Mini Celebrated its 50th Birthday Yesterday
27th August, 2009
Fifty years ago to the day, the British Motor Corporation (BMC) unveiled the result of its quest to design a new and revolutionary compact car ..... more

‘Race cars for the road’ for the Earls Court Motor Show at Goodwood Revival
13th August, 2009
The effect simulates going back the past to visualise the future, offering other-worldly futuristic new cars to see, right up to and including manufacturers’ latest products ..... more

BMW: 80 years of car production
9th August, 2009
Guests invited to BMW’s new showroom in the middle of Berlin in July 1929 were able to admire a small car bearing the model designation 3/15 PS DA 2, with the two last letters standing for “Deutsche Ausführung” ..... more

Germany Hosts Global Mazda Cosmo Sport Rally
5th August, 2009
A group of Cosmo Sport owners from around the world and enthusiasts of the rotary sports car will gather at an international Cosmo Sport rally in Germany, from 10th to 15th August 2009 ..... more

Beaulieu displays Grenville Steam Carriage
5th July, 2009
The latest exhibit to go on display at the National Motor Museum at Beaulieu (England) is the Grenville steam carriage, believed to be the oldest self-propelled passenger-carrying road vehicle still in working order ..... more

Renault at Goodwood Festival of Speed
3rd July, 2009
The two most recent Renault concept cars, offering low or no emissions, plus a pristine 1959 electric Dauphine are all set to bask in England's Sussex sunshine and delight the crowds ..... more

Prodrive at Goodwood Festival of Speed
3rd July, 2009
Prodrive will be displaying and running some of the cars from its 25 years in motor sport at this weekend’s Goodwood Festival of Speed in England ..... more

Porsche at Goodwood Festival of Speed
3rd July, 2009
This year marks the 40th anniversary of the Porsche 917, the first Porsche to win Le Mans outright, and it is therefore appropriate that the theme of England's 2009 Goodwood Festival of Speed ..... more

Alfa Romeo at Goodwood Festival of Speed
2nd July, 2009
The 1968 Alfa Carabo concept marks a revolutionary stage in super car design, with its hydropneumatic-powered 'gull-wing' doors and multi-coloured one way glass windows ..... more

Ferrari at Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance
2nd July, 2009
One of the world’s premiere classic car event, the Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance will host some of the rarest and most illustrious Ferraris ..... more

Jaguar at Goodwood Festival of Speed
1st July, 2009
The fastest Jaguar ever (225.675 mph) will make its UK debut later this week at England's famous Goodwood Festival of Speed ..... more

Melbourne's Federation Square Car Shows
25th June, 2009
Melbourne motoring enthusiasts and city visitors will have an opportunity to see a free classic car show in Federation Square on the last Sunday of each month from June through November ..... more

Vauxhall at Goodwood Festival of Speed
24th June, 2009
The high-performance version of this year’s European Car of the Year winner will be displayed in the popular Super Car Paddock throughout the event, which runs from 3rd - 5th July ..... more

Seventy-Five Years of the BMW Roadster
14th June, 2009
With the public appreciating this car, BMW decided to build the 315/1 in a small series, catering also to motor sport enthusiasts ..... more

Old Kombi: It's A Drag
14th June, 2009
As a demonstration of Volkswagen’s durability, a 56-year old Transporter van (T1) has just achieved a top speed of 102.84 mph ..... more

Audi at Donau Classic 2009
11th June, 2009
Audi Tradition is marking the centenary of the Audi brand by participating in the Donau Classic (Germany) with a dozen classic cars ..... more

All Aboard The Bedford Bus Birthday Bash
31st May, 2009
At lunchtime, the convoy of OB buses will depart Luton for a trip to Bletchley Park, site of secret British code-breaking activities during WW2 ..... more

Ford's 80 Years at Dagenham
18th May, 2009
The 475 acre complex on the Thames River, in London, England, where activities include diesel engine design and manufacture, produced 1,050,000 units in 2008 ..... more

Audi marks the 100th anniversary of the brand
18th May, 2009
A world premiere awaits the guests in Ingolstadt on 16th July: Rupert Stadler, Chairman of the AUDI AG Board of Management, will unveil a new Audi model ..... more

50 Years of Mini
10th May, 2009
Fifty years ago in England, the first Mini rolled off the production line at Cowley (now called Plant Oxford) ..... more

Former King of Italy’s Fiat for sale
10th May, 2009
A car used by the King of Italy to chauffeur Adolf Hitler, Benito Mussolini and General Franco around Rome on State visits is to be auctioned in Monaco next week ..... more

Ford Capri at Forty
8th May, 2009
Launched in January 1969 and marketed as "the car you always promised yourself", the Ford Capri was unashamedly aimed at a style-conscious generation ..... more

Aston Martin Works Service To Host Annual Bonhams Auction
8th May, 2009
Aston Martin Works Service at Newport Pagnell is a unique facility with a remarkable automotive heritage, specialising in all post-war Aston Martins and Lagondas ..... more

Retracing the Steps of a Legend: Mercedes-Benz F-CELL Roadster on the Historic Route Taken by Bertha Benz
6th May, 2009
The symbolic passing of the finish line was at the chemist’s shop in Wiesloch, where Bertha Benz stopped to refuel during the first long-distance journey taken in automobile history in 1888 ..... more

Ferrari 250 GT Coupé Pinin Farina Wins
4th May, 2009
This particular Ferrari 250 GT Coupé Pinin Farina was originally exhibited at the Brussels Motor Show in January 1956 and delivered to the Ecurie Francorchamps team that same year ..... more

Changes For Jaguar Heritage
26th April, 2009
The name change and sale is part of the restructuring of the famous collection which will see closer links with Jaguar Cars ..... more

VW-Porsche 914 Celebrates Anniversary
16th April, 2009
Back in the mid-60s Volkswagen was looking for a successor to its Type 34 sports coupe, better known as the “Karmann Ghia” ..... more

Audi at Techno Classica 2009
6th April, 2009
The absolute highlight, reconstruction of which had just been completed, was the 1935 Audi 225 Front Roadster ..... more

BMW Group Classic at Techno Classica 2009
6th April, 2009
BMW celebrated 80 years of automobile construction, while the BMW 700 looked back 50 years to the time when it set the company back on track ..... more

Ferrari at Techno Classica 2009
6th April, 2009
Ferrari celebrated the 50th anniversary of one its sports cars, the Ferrari 250 GT (SWB), at the world’s largest classic car show, Techno-Classica in Germany ..... more

Mercedes-Benz at Techno Classica 2009
5th April, 2009
The E-Class took centre stage for Mercedes-Benz at this week-end's Techno Classica, the world's biggest classic car show, held in Essen, Germany ..... more

Mercedes-Benz at the Goodwood Festival of Speed 2009
30th March, 2009
At this year’s Goodwood Festival of Speed Mercedes-Benz celebrates the 75th anniversary of the Silver Arrows ..... more

Rally Legend Erik Carlsson Celebrates 80th Birthday
30th March, 2009
An ebullient character, full of stories and anecdotes laced with a Swedish charm for understatement, Erik continues to ‘live his dream’ ..... more

Ford Mustang: In The Beginning!
29th March, 2009
On 17th April, 1964, the Ford Mustang, with its long bonnet, short boot lid and sporty features, caused a sensation when it was introduced to the public at the New York World’s Fair in Flushing Meadows, Queens, New York ..... more

Peugeot's "Forbidden Exhibition"
29th March, 2009
Although never released by Peugeot, the 505 cabriolet and coupe are being displayed at L'Aventure Peugeot, in Sochaux, until 28th June, 2009 ..... more

England's ‘Jaguar Jamboree’ Exhibition
29th March, 2009
England's National Motor Museum’s latest exhibition, ‘Jaguar Jamboree’, was unveiled on Thursday (26th March, 2009) by Lord Montagu ..... more

England's Montagu Motor Museum Golden Anniversary
27th March, 2009
When Lord Montagu opened his home, Palace House, to visitors in 1952 he placed five cars in the front hall as a tribute to his father, John Montagu ..... more

Goodwood Announces 2009 Motor Sport Event Season
22nd March, 2009
The Earl of March has announced many of the key attractions due to appear at this year’s Festival of Speed (3rd-5th July), as well as the Goodwood Revival (18th–20th September) ..... more

Daimler Starts Young Classics Pilot Project
20th March, 2009
With “Mercedes-Benz Young Classics,” Daimler AG is setting its sights on a new, promising business segment: the growing community of enthusiasts for classic cars ..... more

Road takes on Rail at Mercedes-Benz World
18th March, 2009
England's Mercedes-Benz World is to host the launch of The Flying Scotsman, a unique and special trial from London to Edinburgh by vintage motor car ..... more

100 Years of Suzuki Excellence
16th March, 2009
In its 100 year history, Suzuki has developed an outstanding reputation for manufacturing a range of cars, 4WDs, motor cycles and marine products ..... more

Past and Present Chrysler Vehicles Return to the Murray
12th March, 2009
Over 600 vehicles are expected to be on display at the 17th annual Chryslers on the Murray event which will be held this weekend (14th - 15th March, 2009) at Sumsion Gardens, Wodonga ..... more

England's Vauxhall Heritage Centre Open Day
24th February, 2009
Vauxhall will be throwing open the doors of its Heritage Centre to mark the annual ‘Drive it Day’ celebration of classic motoring on Sunday, 26th April, 2009 ..... more

Thirty Years of Mercedes-Benz G-Class
20th February, 2009
It is now 30 years since production of the Mercedes-Benz G-Class began. The Stuttgart-based car maker first unveiled this robust off-roader to the public in 1979, and since then it has delivered a total of some 200,000 units of the G-Class to customers around the world ..... more

DIY Le Mans
18th February, 2009
Each June, Motor Racing Legends – organiser of the historic support race at the Le Mans 24 Hours – also runs a Le Mans tour for members of car clubs. Uniquely, the trip includes the rare privilege of driving on the full Le Mans circuit ..... more

MG Live (UK Event)
13th February, 2009
The UK's MG Car Club, has announced MG Live!, the new name for its traditional Silverstone International meeting ..... more

Twenty Years of Mazda MX-5
11th February, 2009
On 9th February, 1989, Mazda revealed a sporty little roadster at the Chicago Motor Show. The latest version of that roadster will be released in Australia in late March 2009 ..... more

Maserati At Detroit Motor Show
20th January, 2009
Marking the 70th anniversary of Maserati's first win at the Indy 500, the 1939-1940 Boyle Special winner is on display on the Maserati exhibit at the 2009 Detroit Motor Show ..... more

Celebrating 60 Years of Bentley Racing at Silverstone
8th January, 2009
The UK's Bentley Drivers Club is celebrating its 60th year of racing at Silverstone with its first ever two-day meeting, on 8th to 9th August 2009. Everything from Vintage Bentleys to modern-day machines will take to the track in this, the 60th anniversary of the Club’s first Silverstone race meeting – honouring a continuous run of annual BDC events at the circuit, from 1949 to the present day ..... more

1949 to 1965: Eligible Years for the 2009 Le Mans Legend
8th January, 2009
The eligible years for the 2009 Le Mans Legend, the historic support race organised by Motor Racing Legends on the Saturday morning of the Le Mans 24 Hours, have been announced. This great historic event, on 13th June 2009, will be for cars built between 1949 and 1965 ..... more

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She's Still a Beauty: Celebrating Sixty Years of Holden Cars
28th November, 2008
The first 48-215 rolled off the line at Holden’s Fishermans Bend plant on 29th November 1948, at which point Prime Minister Ben Chifley famously told reporters: "She’s a beauty." ..... more

England's Classis Motor Show Continues Its Popularity
23rd November, 2008
With over 300 traders and over 1,000 cars on display, the main problem for visitors was seeing everything in one day as the show spanned five halls of cars with displays from 180 of the UK best classic motoring clubs ..... more

England's Classic Motor Show On This Week-End
16th November, 2008
A venue packed with over a 1,000 classic, vintage, veteran and retro cars spread over five halls, countless trade displays and around 170 car club stands ..... more

Centenary of Birth: Karl Abarth
16th November, 2008
The young Karl Abarth was a sports car driver, constructor and tuner. But his great achievement was to make them accessible to everyone ..... more

First exhibits on display in the new Porsche Museum
7th November, 2008
The relocation of all 80 exhibits to the new museum will be completed in the days to come ..... more

Thirty Years of the Commodores
27th October, 2008
The first Holden Commodore rolled off the line on 25th October 1978, signalling the arrival of what is now Holden’s longest standing and most successful nameplate ..... more

Dates Announced For 2009 "Goodwood"
17th October, 2008
The Earl of March, patron of the UK’s most celebrated motor sport meetings – the Goodwood Festival of Speed and Goodwood Revival – announced, overnight, the provisional 2009 dates for these popular annual events held at Goodwood, England ..... more

Maserati At Goodwood Revival
23rd September, 2008
Away from the thrilling on-track action, Maserati exhibited in the newly set-up Earls Court Motor Show, replicating the glamour of an authentic 1960s London Motor Show ..... more

Self-Catering Holiday
Accommodation in
Denmark, WA
..... more

Bay to Birdwood Run Underway Next Sunday
22nd September, 2008
Australia's largest annual historic motoring event… the famous Bay to Birdwood Run, will be held on Sunday, 28th September, 2008, in Adelaide, South Australia ..... more

VW Campers Feature At Europe's Vanfest
5th September, 2008
The winning Volkswagen vans have been chosen for the ‘Five generations of Campervan’ display at Vanfest, Europe’s largest gathering of Volkswagen vans ..... more

Alfa Romeo Wins At Pebble Beach
22nd August, 2008
A 1938 Alfa Romeo owned by Jon and Mary Shirley of Medina, Washington, USA, was named "Best of Show" at the 58th Pebble Beach Concours d'Elegance, one of the world's most famous classic and historic car events ..... more

Goodwood Revival Revives Earls Court Motor Show
31st July, 2008
Goodwood has announced the 'revival' of the classic London Motor Show, as held immediately post-WWII at Earls Court. Goodwood’s Earls Court facility will add an exciting new element to the annual Goodwood Revival meeting, the world’s most authentic historic motor race meeting ..... more

Jaguar Celebrates 60 Years Of XK At Goodwood Festival Of Speed
11th July, 2008
Jaguar will this weekend be celebrating 60 years of the iconic XK nameplate as a collection of models from the 1950s to present day take to the hill at the Goodwood Festival of Speed, in England ..... more

Ferrari At The Goodwood Festival Of Speed
11th July, 2008
Ferrari will be present at the Goodwood Festival of Speed once again this year with a diverse array of cars on display, including the UK debut of the 430 Scuderia in Fiorano Ferrari livery ..... more

Ford At Goodwood Festival Of Speed
1st July, 2008
Ford Motor Company, a major sponsor of the Goodwood Festival of Speed since its inception in 1993, will again be supporting this prestigious event to be held over the weekend of 11th-13th July, 2008 ..... more

Ferraris in Heritage Parade at Le Mans
20th June, 2008
This year, the Parade was specifically for Ferrari owners and the early morning spectators looked on in amazement as F40s and 355 Spiders, F430s and Challenge Stradales, 328 GTBs and 550 Maranellos ..... more

The Double Twelve: A New Motoring Festival For Brooklands (UK)
4th June, 2008
A Brooklands motoring festival in England, the Double Twelve, will feature appearances from some of the most iconic vehicles of the past 100 years as they go head-to-head in a unique Concours D’Elegance ..... more

Designing A 21st Century Model T
20th May, 2008
A century after the Model T put the world on wheels, Ford is challenging five universities from around the world to dream big and design a Model T concept for this century ..... more

GM Holden Celebrates 50 Years At Elizabeth
8th May, 2008
GM Holden employees and retirees were joined today by the Premier of South Australia, local VIPs and community partners as the company celebrated a half century at its Philip Highway, Elizabeth site ..... more

Vauxhall Heritage Centre Open Day – An Astra-nomical day out
8th May, 2008
The world’s biggest private collection of classic Vauxhalls is to throw its doors open to the public for one day only, and, for 2008, Vauxhall will also be celebrating 10 million Astra sales since the model first appeared in 1980 ..... more

Audi Tradition To Feature Six Historic Vehicles At The Mille Miglia
5th May, 2008
From 15th to 17th May, Audi Tradition will take six historic automobiles to Brescia (Italy) where the 1,000-mile race across half of Italy starts and finishes ..... more

Historic Racing At Brands Hatch
1st May, 2008
The HSCC Historic Festival at Brands Hatch, in England, will be held 28th-29th June, 2008 ..... more

Ford Saddled With 9 Million Mustangs
25th April, 2008
Ford Motor Company announced on Wednesday, 23rd April, 2008, that it has built its 9 millionth Mustang. The Mustang GT convertible is heading to America's midwest to be delivered to a dealership in Iowa ..... more

Vehicles at Wings & Wheels at the Moorabbin Air Museum
13th April, 2008
Each year the Museum features a fund raising display of historic cars, which are parked amongst the aircraft. The event, known as Wings & Wheels was held this weekend ..... more

Mercedes-Benz at the Goodwood Festival of Speed
11th April, 2008
At this year’s Goodwood Festival of Speed, Mercedes-Benz will be out on the track outside Goodwood House with Grand Prix cars from 1906 and 1908. The brand will also exhibit outstanding supercharged cars from the 1930s ..... more

Land Rover at the Goodwood Festival of Speed
11th April, 2008
Land Rover will be celebrating its 60th anniversary as the featured marque at England's 2008 Goodwood Festival of Speed from 11th to 13th July ..... more

Ford at the Goodwood Festival of Speed
11th April, 2008
Ford, a major sponsor of England's Goodwood Festival of Speed since its inception in 1993, will again be supporting this prestigious event 11th-13th July, 2008 ..... more

Thirty Years of the BMW M1
10th April, 2008
When the 64th Paris Motor Show opened its doors in 1978, sports car enthusiasts had only one destination – the stand of BMW Motorsport GmbH ..... more

Fiat 500 takes part in the Liege-Brescia-Liege 50 Years After Victory
10th April, 2008
Some 50 years on, a group of Fiat 500s will once again return to historic Liege in Belgium – leading a 10-day celebration of one of the greatest endurance rallies ..... more

Classic Ferraris Celebrate 40 Years Of Daytona
9th April, 2008
The second Mugello Historic Festival takes place this coming weekend (11th-13th April, 2008) at the Italian race track and the show will feature the Ferrari 365 GTB4, universally known as the Daytona, which celebrates its 40th 'birthday' in 2008 ..... more

a 2008 Lake Macquarie Heritage Afloat attendee

Vehicles at Heritage Afloat
23rd March, 2008
Not surprising, we were distracted by some nice old cars. There were not many cars on display, just a couple of dozen. Our photographic essay features some of them ..... more

“Power and Splendour – Carriages for State Occasions”
12th March, 2008
The Audi museum mobile is holding a special exhibition entitled “Power and Splendour – Carriages for State Occasions”. It consists of a cavalcade of eleven vehicles such as have never before been gathered together at one place in Germany ..... more

Hamilton and Moss confirmed for the Brooklands Motoring festival: The Double Twelve
11th March, 2008
Motor racing drivers Lewis Hamilton and Sir Stirling Moss are making driving appearances at this year’s Brooklands Motoring Festival: ‘The Double Twelve’ in England ..... more

Volvo Shows Another Hot Rod
9th March, 2008
Just a few days ago, this unique car was unveiled at the Volvo Museum in Gothenburg, Sweden. Parked side by side, the similarities between old and new are remarkable ..... more

Ford Model T Turns 100
6th March, 2008
The car that put the world on wheels, the Ford Model T, is celebrating its 100th anniversary in 2008 and Ford is planning a year-long series of celebrations to honour the pioneering vehicle ..... more

Skoda Celebrates 100 Years Of Competition
21st February, 2008
Skoda Auto indirectly celebrated 100 years since one of the most successful periods of its competition history ..... more

Goodwood For 2008
19th February, 2008
Visitors to this year’s popular Goodwood motor sport events – the Festival of Speed and Goodwood Revival ­– will be able to rest a little longer in England's picturesque West Sussex Downlands setting thanks to some enhancements made to the hospitality facilities, as well as the introduction of a new, dedicated camp site located within the grounds of the Goodwood Estate ..... more

Fifty Years of the Chevrolet Impala
27th January, 2008
An iconic nameplate of America’s automotive market for half a century, Chevrolet’s venerable Impala celebrates its golden anniversary in 2008 ..... more

1959 Cadillac coupe in Parkes NSW (copyright image)

The Elvis Festival in Parkes, NSW
25th January, 2008
See the cars of the 2008 Elvis Festival, in Parkes, NSW ..... more

VACC Hosts Historic 100 Mile Race
25th January, 2008
VACC is to sponsor the 80th anniversary of the 1928 Australian race, as part of the Phillip Island Classic (7th-9th March, 2008) ..... more

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Goodwood Announces 2008 Festival Of Speed Theme
31st December, 2007
The Earl of March has confirmed that the theme of the 2008 Goodwood Festival of Speed, is ‘Hawthorn to Hamilton – Britain’s Love Affair with World Motor Sport’ ..... more

Elfin Magic: A Spellbinding SA Success Story
26th November, 2007
The National Motor Museum has announced the opening of a new exhibition that centres on a remarkable South Australian Racing Pioneer ..... more

Ten Million VW Kombis
22nd November, 2007
A remarkable milestone has been reached as Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles has now produced in excess of 10 million examples of the iconic Transporter ..... more

Great Day for The Great Ocean Road
22nd November, 2007
For the motoring enthusiast, 40 vintage cars will re-enact the original opening tour of 1932, covering 450 kilometres from Melbourne to Portland over the four days of the tour ..... more

Amazing Specials Come out of the Wood-Work for VACC ’75 Years’ Great Ocean Road Celebration Tour
14th November, 2007
Some of Australia’s most amazing vintage cars are about to be cranked into life for the VACC ’75 Years’ Great Ocean Road Celebration Tour, which commences on 25th November, 2007 ..... more

Woodcote Trophy Heads for Monza
13th November, 2007
Motor Racing Legends has been invited by the organisers of the Coppa Intereuropa, the highly prestigious historic race meeting at Monza, to run one of the feature races at next year’s event (6th-8th June 2008) ..... more

Porsche at Los Angeles Motor Show
13th November, 2007
It was this vehicle, Ferdinand Porsche’s first major project completed at the time without layshafts and without a transmission that gave the 24-year-old automobile genius his breakthrough as a pioneer in the history of the automobile ..... more

MG Club of South Australia at National Motor Museum
6th November, 2007
The MG Club of South Australia Inc has opened a display at the National Motor Museum in Birdwood, South Australia ..... more

£3.967 million .... SOLD!
5th November, 2007
The highlight of a recent auction in London was undoubtedly a 1937 Mercedes-Benz 540K Spezial Roadster ..... more

Ford Dunton Looks Forward To Another 40 Years Engineering The Blue Oval's Lead
1st November, 2007
Ford Dunton (England), where future engines, transmissions and commercial vehicles are developed, turns 40 this year. During his visit in July to mark the anniversary, The Prince of Wales drove a prototype Ford Focus low-carbon ECOnetic model ..... more

Worldwide Recall Issued on Ford Model Ts
30th October, 2007
The recall is, of course, voluntary and all part of the fun of the 2008 Model T Ford Centennial T Party being held at the Wayne County Fairgrounds and Exposition Centre in Richmond, Indiana, USA ..... more

Volkswagen Celebrates “60 years of the Bulli”
22nd October, 2007
An official event to celebrate 60 years of Volkswagen vans held in Hanover, Germany, earlier this month (5th-7th October) attracted 71,000 visitors with an amazing selection of over 5,000 Transporter vans and campers ..... more

Holden's Lang Lang Proving Ground Passes 50 Year Milestone
16th September, 2007
GM Holden's proving ground at Lang Lang marked its 50th anniversary last weekend with a celebration day for current and former employees ..... more

Success for Coventry Festival of Motoring
13th September, 2007
Coventry's annual Festival of Motoring, staged this year on 1st and 2nd September has been hailed as yet another overwhelming success and a hugely enjoyable weekend ..... more

2007 Goodwood Revival Was A Success
11th September, 2007
Visitors and competitors at this year’s Goodwood Revival, held over this weekend, 31st August to 2nd September, have deemed the historic motor sport event the best one yet with record crowds of 116,000 soaking up the unique Revival atmosphere ..... more

VACC 'Spirit of the Twenties' Vintage Rally Coming
10th September, 2007
The VACC celebrates its 90th anniversary in 2008. However, as part of the celebrations leading into this anniversary, VACC is sponsoring the Spirit of the Twenties vintage car rally, which starts on Saturday, 22nd September, 2007 ..... more

Multi-Million Pound Grid At The Goodwood Revival
24th August, 2007
The Goodwood Revival, the world’s most authentic historic motor sport meeting, always attracts the top cars, motorcycles, drivers and riders ..... more

New Innovations Blend With Timeless Traditions At The Goodwood Revival
11th July, 2007
A number of new additional attractions to this year’s Goodwood Revival, being held at the Goodwood Motor Circuit, in England, from 31st August to 2nd September .... more

Restoring Historic Roadside Markers
3rd July, 2007
An ancient milestone has been restored and returned to its rightful place on the Great North Road (A1) in Bedfordshire, England .... more

Holden FE-FC Display For National Motor Museum
24th June, 2007
Sunday 8th July, 2007, will see the opening of a display by the FE-FC Holden Car Club of SA at the National Motor Museum in Birdwood, South Australia ..... more

Jaguar At Goodwood Festival of Speed
21st June, 2007
Jaguar’s famous motor sport heritage is to be celebrated at this year’s Goodwood Festival of Speed, in England, with an irreplaceable array of its most prestigious cars ..... more

Ford At Goodwood Festival of Speed
19th June, 2007
Ford Motor Company, a major sponsor of the Goodwood Festival of Speed since its inception in 1993, will again be supporting this prestigious event on 22nd-24th June, 2007. The Festival of Speed is Europe's premier historic motor sporting event, a combination of hill climb, rally stage, garden party and motor show, all in the grounds of Goodwood House ..... more

Bentley Brooklands Celebrates Circuit’s Centenary
17th June, 2007
This week, as the Brooklands track celebrates its centenary, the most famous of the vintage Bentley racing cars are reunited at the circuit for the first time in the company of the very latest Bentley Brooklands coupe ..... more

Stirling Moss Thrills Le Mans Crowd
17th June, 2007
A capacity Le Mans crowd was thrilled to see Sir Stirling Moss display the iconic Aston Martin DBR1 in the Legends race at Le Mans yesterday morning, for sports cars built between 1956 and 1968 ..... more

Ferrari At Goodwood Festival of Speed
17th June, 2007
This year’s Goodwood Festival of Speed, in England, will feature a homage to Ferrari’s 60th Anniversary, with a display of race and GT cars in the Stable Yard, adjacent to Goodwood House ..... more

Mazda At Goodwood Festival of Speed
17th June, 2007
Mazda will display an mix of 11 past, present and future vehicles at England's Goodwood Festival of Speed (22nd-24th June, 2007) as it celebrates the 40th anniversary of the rotary engine ..... more

50 Years Later, Tulsa to Unveil 1957 Plymouth Belvedere
15th June, 2007
On Friday, 15th June (local time), the city will unearth a 1957 Plymouth Belvedere buried in a time capsule in front of the county courthouse in downtown Tulsa 50 years ago. The vehicle will belong to the person (or heir) who in 1957 came closest to guessing the city's population in 2007 ..... more

Saab Celebrates 60 Years
8th June, 2007
Saab enthusiasts from all over the world are gathering in the Swedish town of Trollhättan this weekend, to celebrate Saab’s 60th anniversary as a car manufacturer ..... more

An insight in the Jazz Age through Motoring History
8th June, 2007
Visitors to Adelaide's National Motor Museum’s new exhibition, The Jazz Age, will learn about the decadent American lifestyle of the 1920s and early 1930s through their cars ..... more

Historical Beijing to Paris Challenge Underway
5th June, 2007
The Peking To Paris Motor Challenge, which is celebrating its centenary this year began in Beijing, China, last week. Some 130 vintage cars will follow the same trans-continental itinerary forged in 1907 by five cars from Peking (now known as Beijing) to Paris, France, covering 13,000 kilometres in five weeks ..... more

Centenary Of The Rolls-Royce Silver Ghost
31st May, 2007
The largest gathering of Rolls-Royce Silver Ghosts ever, took place on Saturday at the Rolls-Royce head office and manufacturing plant at Goodwood, West Sussex. More than 60 of the historic motor cars, built between 1907 and 1926, were displayed before they embarked on a 17-day, 2,000-mile tour ..... more

Mazda Celebrates The 40th Anniversary Of The Rotary Engine Vehicle
30th May, 2007
Today marks the 40th anniversary of Mazda's first rotary engine powered vehicle. As of April 2007, Mazda has manufactured approximately 1,970,000 rotary-engined vehicles since production first began ..... more

Jaguar D-Type Returns To Le Mans
25th May, 2007
Jaguar’s iconic D-Type sports racing car is set for an historic return to the scene of its most famous racing victory, in a celebration of the 50th anniversary of an unparalleled 1-2-3-4-6 finish at Le Mans in 1957 ..... more

Centenary of Birth: BMW's Alexander von Falkenhausen
23rd May, 2007
As a racing competitor, designer and test driver, Baron Alexander von Falkenhausen had a greater influence on the history of BMW than almost any other man ..... more

Alfa Romeo at Mille Miglia 2007
20th May, 2007
Alfa Romeo participated in the 25th Mille Miglia revival (17th-19th May), with the official "Automobilismo Storico Alfa Romeo” team of five cars which were made available by the Alfa Romeo Vintage Car Museum ..... more

Le Mans Legend 2007
13th May, 2007
This year’s Le Mans Legend, the historic support race at the Le Mans 24 Hours, will see 61 of the greatest sports-racing cars of all time lining up on the grid on the morning of Saturday 16th June ..... more

Ferrari Aims For A New World Record
13th May, 2007
British Ferrari owners are calling on their fellow Ferrari owners from around the world to help them beat the Italians at their own game and set a new world record for the “Largest Parade of Ferraris” ..... more

The 1932 Ford and Henry Ford’s Flathead V-8 engine
2nd May, 2007
To commemorate the 75th anniversary of two automotive icons, a once-in-a-lifetime celebration will take place in Dearborn, Michigan, USA, on 9th-12th August, 2007 ..... more

Ferrari Relay Passes Through Japan
23rd February, 2007
With just a week to go before it arrives in Australia, the Ferrari 60th Anniversary Relay has passed through Japan ..... more

Ferrari Parades For Sydney And Melbourne
19th February, 2007
A total of 120 classic and modern Ferraris are set to parade through Melbourne and Sydney on Saturday 3rd March (Melbourne) and Sunday 4th March (Sydney) to mark the 60th Anniversary of the Italian car maker ..... more

Le Mans classic in the Audi museum mobile
19th February, 2007
What is surely the world's toughest and most fascinating motor racing event will be held for the 75th time in 2007. Lap after lap. Around the clock. Reason enough for the Audi museum mobile in Ingolstadt to dedicate a special exhibition entitled "24 heures" ..... more

Ferrari Parades For Sydney And Melbourne
19th February, 2007
A total of 120 classic and modern Ferraris are set to parade through Melbourne and Sydney on Saturday 3rd March (Melbourne) and Sunday 4th March (Sydney) to mark the 60th Anniversary of the Italian car maker ..... more

Old Fire Appliance Rescued
2nd February, 2007
In England, the Cheshire Fire and Rescue Service have restored back to its original condition a vehicle from its historical fleet, a Dennis F7 Pump Escape Fire Appliance ..... more

Auto Union Type D racing car on the block
24th January, 2007
Perhaps the most expensive car ever to be sold in the history of the auction house Christie's is due to go under the hammer on 17th February at the international vintage car fair Rétromobile in Paris ..... more

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1.4 Million Km Wait For New Holden Diesel
5th July, 2006
The launch of Holden's new Astra turbo diesel cars lured a Queenslander out of the woodwork to upgrade his 22-year-old Holden Gemini diesel boasting a staggering 1.4 million kilometre life ..... more

LOOKING BACK - 1946 Volkswagen Beetle
1st February, 2006
Production numbers were tiny by comparison when the incredible story of Volkswagen’s success began 60 years ago ..... more

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Summer School Chevrolet Chevelle
8th November, 2005
Their (the students) goal: have it (a '70 Chevelle) ready in time to be revealed in the GM display at the 2005 SEMA show in Las Vegas ..... more

Historical Brazilian Truck's Driving Odyssey
12th October, 2005
An intrepid group of eight passionate Brazilian adventurers traveled nearly 19,312 kms (12,000 miles), crossing two continents, eleven countries and the Amazon River ..... more

LOOKING BACK - 1955 Chrysler 300 sport coupe
With the debut of Virgil Exner’s new “million dollar look” styling for 1955, Chrysler gained a bold and handsome coupe body that could give expression to the power and performance potential of its remarkable "Firepower" V-8 engine ..... more

Ford Mustang ..... 40 years of history!
12th April, 2004
Forty years ago, the Mustang came along ..... more

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