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Motorclassica readies for 22nd-24th October

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4th October, 2010

A massive Daimler limousine valued at more than $3 million and a one-of-a-kind Alfa Romeo are the first overseas entrants to arrive for Motorclassica later this month.

Freshly arrived from the USA, where they made their mark at the Pebble Beach and Quail concours d’elegance, they are the first of several cars being shipped in for the event.

Motorclassica, the Australian International Concours d’Elegance and Classic Motor Show, takes place at the Royal Exhibition Building in Carlton (Melbourne) from 22nd to 24th October.

Although the first international arrivals have a combined value of more than $5 million, their intrinsic value is even greater, as both are irreplaceable survivors from a bygone age.

The 1928 Daimler P.1.50 Double Six Royal Limousine weighs a whopping four tonnes and is one of only 12 ever built with Daimler’s massive 7.1 litre, 12 cylinder engine.

Owner Bob Lorkowski, from Wisconsin, USA, has “brought it home” for Motorclassica, as it was first sold to Sir Frederick Stewart in Sydney where it was registered NSW 1.

“It really is a huge car, which you can see in pictures where I’m standing beside it – I’m 6’4” (190 cm) and it towers over me – and everything about it is larger than life,” he said.

“It is also believed to be the only surviving example of the type, as most of these large cars in England were melted down for the war effort, whereas this one was safely in Australia.”

The 1937 Alfa Romeo Aerodynamica Spider was conceived in 1934 by Alfa Romeo chief engineer Vittorio Jano and developed in secret by Gino and Oscar Jankovits in Hungary.

Fitted with a streamlined body and a six cylinder, 2.3 litre engine, it was hidden during the war and used by the Jankovits brothers in late 1946 to escape from the post-war communist regime – when restored recently, the bullet holes were still there!

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Motorclassica event director Paul Mathers said it was hard to ignore the enormous monetary value of the cars, totaling more than $5 million, but said the even greater value was the fact that such rare and spectacular cars were in Melbourne for such an event.

“Melbourne in springtime is the perfect place to display such wonderful cars, both from local and overseas collections, and the Royal Exhibition Building is the perfect venue,” he said.

“In just a few short weeks, we will have more than 100 rare classic cars and super cars here for the Concours d’Elegance and Classic Motor Show, collector car auction and a free ‘Picnic with the Classics’ display in Argyle Square, Carlton.”

“Collectors around Australia are preparing their cars, and several more are on the water – one of them, due next week, is so rare and special that we scarcely dared dream to have it here.”

“Just last weekend, one local collector staged a dress rehearsal of bringing several of his cars out of his secret underground garage for their run to the Exhibition Building.”


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