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Morgan and Bentley debuts at Motorclassica (copyright image)

Bentley Mulsanne (copyright image)

Morgan Aero SuperSports

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11th October, 2010

Legendary British car manufacturers Morgan and Bentley will present major new model debuts at Motorclassica, the Australian International Concours d’Elegance and Classic Motor Show in Melbourne next week.

Bentley Motors will stage the Victorian show debut of its new Mulsanne and Morgan will give the Aero SuperSports its first Australian showing at the Royal Exhibition Building from 22nd to 24th October.

Both cars made international debuts at similar concours d’elegance events in Europe and the USA, and they will present their cars to the public at Motorclassica’s "Super Car Central".

Motorclassica event director Paul Mathers said the elegance, beauty and performance represented by Motorclassica made the perfect setting for the two iconic British brands to show their latest offerings.

“Bentley Motors launched the Mulsanne last year at Pebble Beach, so it’s fitting that its first public showing in Victoria should be at the nearest thing Australia has ever had to that wonderful event,” he said.

“Bentley Motors will be showing two cars which effectively ‘bookend’ its range – its biggest and most luxurious car in the Mulsanne and the hardest, fastest and most extreme car it has ever built in the form of the Continental Supersports.”

“For those who love their Bentleys, we will have almost an embarrassment of riches, with several ‘WO’ Bentleys plus beautiful classics from both Derby and Crewe.”

Morgan will have just the one car at Motorclassica – but what a car! This is the very first Aero SuperSports in Australia and the first time it has ever been seen in this country.

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Mr Mathers said the arrival of the new Morgan was an unexpected bonus for Motorclassica.

“With less than two weeks to go, the car has now arrived and cleared Customs, and we are delighted to have it as part of Super Car Central at Motorclassica,” he said.

“Underneath the sensational styling of the SuperSports lurks a serious and sophisticated race tested all-aluminium chassis and a high performance V8-engined sports car from the 101-year-old Morgan Motor Company.”

“The Aero SuperSports is the final evolution of the successful Aero range, and is a Limited Edition model with just 175 to be built.”

“Its extraordinary combination of tradition and technology makes it the perfect complement for our other super cars, including such legendary cars as the McLaren F1 and Jaguar XJ220.”

“These cars remind us that a car need not be old to be a classic – the Morgan and Bentley are brand new models, and yet they are true modern classics from the very beginning, embodying all the character that has made them two of the world’s most admired marques.”


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