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Retromobile 2011 (copyright image)

1935 Mercedes-Benz 500 K Luxus roadster (copyright image)

Renault 4

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27th December, 2010

Retromobile is breaking new ground. The inclusion of motorcycles and the arrival in force of the "youngtimer" vehicles from the 1970s and 1980s, together with the diversity of items on show and the car/motorcycle automobilia auction will generate even more interest and will secure Retromobile’s reputation as the leading international exhibition in its field.

The 2011 exhibition will be held over five days in Paris, France - from Wednesday 2nd to Sunday 6th February, 2011. Over 300 exhibitors and the 100,000 or so visitors who are expected at the Porte de Versailles exhibition centre will enjoy Retromobile’s 36th birthday as it changes its format and shares the passion that drives so many.

Whether they were Simca 1307, Renault Fuego, Citroen BX GTI or Peugeot 205 rallye, these automobiles were symbols of the 70s/90s French era.

Many of us have seen them evolving from flashy trendy dream machines in dealers’ showrooms to used cars sitting on second-hand car lots to scrap-metal under demolition crane claws.

Sure, their style is somewhat out-of-fashion today. Still, they take us back to our nostalgic memories when we were younger.

Today, these modern classics are often very affordable and the pride of many young enthusiasts.

These new collectors are often born after their automobile was prime time. In addition to maintain them with passion, they usually drive them extensively.

Rétromobile honours these new collectors in 2011: they are the future caretakers of all classics and the heirs of the collecting passion.

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Retromobile highlights for 2011


Carl Benz filed a patent with the German patent office for a ‘vehicle powered by a gaz engine’ on 29th January, 1886 ..... nearly 125 years ago. Thus, the automobile had arrived and the first one was sold soon after. Mercedes-Benz will honour this memory at Retromobile.

Six automobiles coming from the factory Museum in Stuttgart will demonstrate the company's unique history on a 4,000 sq/ft stage through:

  • 1886 Benz Patent replica
  • 1910 Mercedes-Benz 37/90 PS « Bill Evans »
  • 1935 Mercedes-Benz 500 K Luxus roadster (see image above)
  • 1957 Mercedes-Benz 300 SL roadster
  • 1975 Mercedes-Benz 450 SEL 6.9
  • 2010 Mercedes-Benz F800 concept car

Mercedes-Benz will also use the Retromobile opportunity to promote its ‘Oldtimer’ activities. The 1957 300 SL and the 1910 37/90 PS will emphasise the expertise of the Stuttgart Classic Centre along with the French facility in Stains (Paris suburb) in regards to classic Mercedes-Benz restoration. Both cars are for sale.

The Club Mercedes-Benz France will also welcome all enthusiast's enquiries on the manufacturer's exhibit.

Renault 4

The Renault 4 (see image above) was launched in 1961. Its production run was over 8 million by 1992 when it ceased production. Renault will celebrate this 50th birthday by participating to Rétrombile 2011 following 5 years of absence.

  • The most successful Renault model ever.
  • The first world-car for Renault, built in 28 countries and sold in over 100.
  • The first passenger car with front-wheel drive for Renault (the first FWD vehicle for Renault was the Renault Estafette, a light truck launched in 1959).
  • One of the iconic post-war automobiles in France.
  • The most-sold French automobile worldwide ever.

Juan Manuel Fangio’s birth

The 36th Retromobile car show is celebrating the centenary of the birth of Fangio, the talented racing driver who made an impact on the history of motor sports.

Where would the history of motor racing be without this man who brought so much to the sport? Five times world champion in the 1950s, Fangio is still the man who set all the  records: the only world champion driver to have driven under the auspices of 4 different teams and won 24 out of the 51 Grand Prix he competed in.

In 1958, at the age of 47, Fangio passed on the baton. A journalist asked him what he was going to do with all his free time. "I'm going to get my driver’s licence”, Fangio answered, which he finally got in 1961!

He was born 24th June, 1911, in San José de Balcarce, Argentina, where the Juan Manuel Fangio race track and the Juan Manuel Fangio Museum of Motoring are located today. Fangio died of a heart attack 17th July, 1995, in Buenos Aires, Argentina.


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