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Will Alvis return? (copyright image)

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3rd June, 2010

Alvis, arguably one of the most innovative British car manufacturers in the 1930s, is set to return to business in the 21st century with ownership of the brand name having been formally transferred to the company which has been providing parts, maintenance and restoration services to Alvis owners for the last 40 years, Red Triangle.

While this development is recent, there is, however, a continuous Alvis history. In 1968, when production of Alvis road cars ceased, Midlands-based Red Triangle was established by the ex-employees, with the help of the Alvis Company. Many of the original Alvis employees continued to work for Red Triangle and even today they still employ the Alvis technician who built the last 100 TF21 engines in the mid sixties.

For the last four decades, the company, which derives its Red Triangle name from the Alvis badge, has thrived and remains the safe custodian of all the original car designs, plans and documents. It is believed to be unique in the collector car world in being a company, which can provide original, replacement parts on an off-the-shelf delivery basis and also processes a complete historic record of all cars produced and customer documentation.

With the legal transfer of the Alvis car trademarks, Red Triangle has formed a new company called The Alvis Car Company Limited. Alan Stote, who has owned Red Triangle for 16 years and who has led the formation of The Alvis Car Company said: “These are exciting times for Alvis and its devotees, but our primary concern is a sustainable business model to carry this legendary name from British motoring history forward. Our philosophy will be to maintain the essence of the brand by reintroducing selected original Alvis models as newly manufactured cars and for Red Triangle to continue to expand its technical, repair and restoration support to Alvis owners across the world.”

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Alvis was a company of true automobile engineers. Everything from the concept to the finished rolling chassis was designed and engineered by Alvis, complemented by a range of eye-catching bodywork from leading coach builders of the time. The result: cars of outstanding reliability, impressive performance and stunning good looks.

Alvis key event timeline

1920 T. G. John begins manufacturing Alvis cars in Coventry with coachwork supplied by Cross & Ellis and Carbodies.

1925 A supercharged Alvis front wheel drive laps Brooklands at 104 mph.

1926 Alvis design and race the first straight eight front wheel drive Grand Prix racing car.

1928 The Alvis Company manufacture and market the world's first front wheel drive production car.

1933 Alvis design the world's first all synchromesh gear box and initiate the first British car with independent front suspension.

1939 to 1945 The Alvis Company controls 21 'shadow' factories producing aero engines for the RAF.

1952 Alec Issigonis joins Alvis to design a prototype 3,500 cc V8 engine.

1959 History is made when the first hovercraft SR.N 1 crosses the Channel powered by an Alvis Leonides engine.

1965 Alvis merges with Rover.

1967 After 47 years and manufacturing almost 22,000 motor vehicles Alvis cease car production.

1968 The ex-employees, helped by the Alvis Company, establish Red Triangle. Alvis pass everything to the new company - the complete stock of parts, nearly 22,000 car records and over 50,000 works drawings, technical data sheets and correspondence files.

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