Australia's Cadillacs For 2007
by Stephen Walker


Cadillac SRX
Cadillac SRX

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15th March, 2006

Cadillac, the luxury car division of America's General Motors Corporation, is expanding the availability of right-hand drive models, hence putting Australia on their 'radar'.

The Cadillac CTS is currently manufactured in both left and right hand drive versions. The right hand drive models are currently sold in Japan and England. For over a year now, I've suspected this model is likely to make it to Australia. Although there is no official confirmation from GM Holden as yet, more evidence has surfaced supporting the view that Cadillac will be available in Australia from next year.

Cadillac CTS
Cadillac CTS

The CTS is approximately Holden Commodore size (just a little shorter and narrower, but a little heavier). It's a rear drive sedan, powered by GM's global V6s. The Americans can choose from the 2.8 litre version or the 3.6 litre '190'. It wouldn't be reasonable to consider the 2.8 litre V6 coming to Australia in a car this big. So it is safe to assume the '190' wil be powering any Australian version of the Cadillac CTS. Although, because the CTS has already been around for three years, there is a possibility that Holden may forego the CTS in favour of a new, as yet unknown car. It needs to be remembered that GM, along with many other manufacturers, is trying to re-invent itself with a flood of new models. Cadillac, which has visions of global expansion, will have more new models under development.

Sunshine Aston Martin 
Southport QLD

    It is purely speculative to suggest which models will be sold in Australia under the Cadillac brand name. But looking at the alternatives, for example, for Cadillac not to come to Australia, means that GM Holden has to tell 'Detroit' that it (Holden) doesn't want to play a part in the worldwide expansion plan for Cadillac. It is not feasible for this alternative to be likely! On that basis, we can all be comfortable with the notion that Cadillac, founded in 1902 by Henry Leland, will be arriving in Australia next year.

    In addition to the CTS, which, as mentioned, is already available with right-hand drive, Cadillac has two other models slated for release with right-hand drive.

And Cadillac's big news for 2006 is the pending release of the new BLS. This new model is built by Saab, in Trollhättan, Sweden. It will be released throughout Europe on the 8th April, 2006. Right-hand drive is fitted on models built for the British market.

The BLS made its debut at the 2005 Frankfurt Motor Show (IAA). You can see our report from 31st August, 2005 here.

Cadillac BLS
Cadillac BLS

The front-wheel drive BLS offers expressive design, outstanding ride and acoustic comfort. It also marks a new era in the brand’s history, with its first turbo diesel variant fitted with a maintenance-free diesel particulate filter. Like the 2.0 litre, turbo-charged, 4-cylinder (129 kW and 154 kW) and the 2.8 litre 6-cylinder with twin-scroll turbocharger petrol versions (188 kW), the 1.9 litre turbodiesel, with common-rail direct injection technology (110 kW) offers the dynamic driving performance that customers have come to expect from Cadillac.

“The BLS was developed for luxury customers, with particular attention to the demands of the European and other international markets,” said Jim Taylor, Cadillac general manager. “BLS is an important addition to our Cadillac portfolio, and it provides a critical entry with which to grow our business in key international markets. The distinctive styling will attract customers daring to be different.”

Cadillac SRX
Cadillac SRX

Due for release in 2007 is the right-hand drive version of the Cadillac SRX. The SRX was, originally, released in North America as a 2004 model. This SUV is available with rear drive or all-wheel drive. It is powered by the 3.6 litre global engine or a 4.6 litre V8. The British are gearing up for a right-hand drive version to arrive in early 2007. Specifications for right-hand drive models have not yet been announced.

But as for the timing of an Australian release, we will all have to wait and see. Likewise, the specifications will be announced much closer to launch time. The European market has a much wider selection of variants, particularly in the BLS range than I would expect in Australia. For example, in England, the BLS will be available in three trim levels (Business, Elegance and Sport Luxury).

For Cadillac to sell in Australia, dealers have to be appointed, advertising and promotional aspects need to be sorted and staff will need to be trained. There doesn't appear to be much happening at present, but next year should see some activity relating to the launch of the Cadillac brand in Australia.

Holden will be busy, because Hummer arrives in Australia next year too!

Hummer H3
Another GM product due to arrive in
Australia in 2007 is the Hummer H3

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