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Cadillac Ciel Concept
4th September, 2011
The Ciel – pronounced “C-L,” the French translation for sky – is a four-seat convertible that opens a new chapter in Cadillac’s design and product ascent, pushing the brand’s Art & Science philosophy into a new stratum ..... more

Cadillac: Australian Release Delayed Indefinitely
26th January, 2009
GM Holden has announced that next month's introduction of the Cadillac brand into Australia had been delayed indefinitely ... more

New Cadillac Presidential Limousine
20th January, 2009
Today, as Americans prepare for the inauguration of a new president of the United States, another new Cadillac will grace Pennsylvania Avenue to lead the proceedings ... more

Cadillac Crossover Coming?
15th January, 2009
The Cadillac SRX is a mid-size luxury SUV heading to the Detroit Motor Show. And this Mexican built model may come to Australia ... more

Cadillac's Local Release Is Just Months Away
12th October, 2008
General Motors’ flagship brand, Cadillac, will be released in Australia with the acclaimed Cadillac CTS sedan early next year ... more

CTS Sport Wagon: Cadillac's Renaissance Takes A New Form
21st August, 2008
Following this special premiere at Pebble Beach (California), the CTS Sport Wagon moves to the worldwide motor show circuit later this year – and into Cadillac dealerships in mid-2009 ... more

Cadillac Provoq Fuel Cell Concept Delivers Clean, Petrol-Free Performance
17th January, 2008
Cadillac unveils a new vision for the future of luxury transportation with the innovative Provoq fuel cell concept – a hydrogen fuel cell crossover vehicle that continues GM’s commitment to displace petrol through advanced technology ... more

Cadillac Confirmed For Australia
6th December, 2007
As predicted by our Editor some years ago, General Motors’ has announced their flagship Cadillac brand will enter the Australian market in 2008 ..... more

Cadillac: Made In China
5th November, 2007
Thus, an export market Cadillac now wears what many consider to be the world's least wanted tag ...... "Made In China" ..... more

Cadillac To Introduce BLS Wagon in Europe
1st July, 2007
The Cadillac BLS Wagon will make its world premiere at the Frankfurt Motor Show (IAA), 13th to 23rd September in Frankfurt, Germany. In addition to its first offering of a station wagon, Cadillac is announcing it will offer an alternative, bio-ethanol-fuel engine for the BLS Sedan and Wagon .... more

All-New 2008 Cadillac CTS Debuts At 2007 Detroit Motor Show
16th January, 2007
Production of the luxury mid-size saloon is due to begin later this year and worldwide sales will follow late this year ..... more

All-New Cadillac CTS For 2008
21st December, 2006
The CTS is manufactured in both left and right-hand drive. Right-hand drive versions are sold in Japan and the United Kingdom ..... more

Cadillac Brand Launched in South Africa
12th October, 2006
Whilst there is still no confirmation regarding an Australian release, Cadillac opened another chapter in its global expansion yesterday by announcing the brand will be available in South Africa in early 2007 ..... more

Cadillac CTS Reaches New Milestone
18th August, 2006
Taking home a new Cadillac is a special occasion for Americans (if not the rest of the world) and this was especially true last week for the Luyber family ..... more

Woodward Dream Cruise: General Motors
17th August, 2006
Milestone GM vehicles from every era, including the future, will be on display and on the road Saturday, 19th August, at America's 2006 Woodward Dream Cruise ..... more

Australia's Cadillacs For 2007
15th March, 2006
Cadillac, the luxury car division of America's General Motors Corporation, is expanding the availability of right-hand drive models, hence putting Australia on their 'radar' ..... more

Cadillac Wins Manufacturers’ Titles
18th November, 2005
With a total of four victories, two pole positions and nine podium finishes, the CTS-V racers of Team Cadillac claimed a clean sweep of both the drivers’ and manufacturers’ championships in the SCCA SPEED World Challenge GT series ..... more

Cadillac BLS
31st August, 2005
Where does the 2006 Cadillac BLS, which is set for its world premiere at the 2005 Frankfurt Motor Show, sit in Holden's plans for the future? ..... more

Saab To Be Built In Germany, Cadillac To Be Built In Sweden!
10th March, 2005
The 1st of April is still weeks away! But in support of the theory we should never be surprised at what happens next .... along comes the story that GM will build a new Cadillac model in Sweden and a new Saab model in Germany! ..... more

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