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11th November, 2011

Designed and built in Queensland, the EarthCruiser is made to travel the world with a totally independent lifestyle. The EarthCruiser design is a complete module with a powered elevating roof that contains sleeping and accommodation for two or four travellers. Heating, cooking and water heating systems are powered by diesel fuel and electricity generation by solar panels.

The EarthCruiser is mounted on a Mitsubishi Fuso Canter all-wheel-drive and is perfectly sized for transportation anywhere in the world in a standard shipping container.

Lance Gillies of EarthCruiser says the company is already exporting to the United States, Spain, Egypt and the UK.

“Many of our customers are travelling to Australia to collect their EarthCruiser personally and then enjoy a trip around our country before shipping it overseas for further adventures. It’s a totally unique concept and offers total independence and an unmatched off-road ability. By teaming the EarthCruiser with a Mitsubishi Fuso Canter it is supported globally for total peace of mind,” he added.

With its specially designed soft ride/hard road suspension kit and super-single 36 inch Michelin XZL tyres, the EarthCruiser is capable of negotiating long distance desert crossings and endless kilometres of corrugated and rough outback roads in comfort. At the end of the travelling day EarthCruiser can provide a hot shower, a cold drink from the fridge, and a comfortable bed for the night.

Vehicle Specifications

EarthCruiser is built on a FG84DC Mitsubishi Fuso Canter 4x4 cab light truck chassis. This platform is a commercially proven 4x4 truck capable of loads up to 6,000 Kg GVM, yet transformed into an EarthCruiser, the all up weight is under 4,500 kg allowing superb power to weight ratio and economical fuel consumption.

The Fuso cab brings dramatic styling, with plenty of head, leg and elbow room, easy to read instrumentation, tilt/telescopic steering wheel, adjustable seating and dash-mounted gear shifter. In its standard form it offers two comfortable seats with a third drop-down centre seat.

For touring, the seating position and the large windscreen offer panoramic views of the surrounds, and the forward control cab position provides excellent visibility over rough terrain.


Mitsubishi FUSO 4M50-3AT7 (ADR 80/2)
4 Cylinder In-line DOHC, Turbocharged & air to air Intercooler
Displacement: 4,899 cc
Power: 110 Kw @ 2,700 rpm
Torque: 471 Nm @ 1,600 rpm


Diesel with main filter and water separator. Standard 125 Lts + Optional 90 Lts

The optional fuel storage extends the travelling range from 650 kms to 1,300 kms for highway driving or in severe cross country driving from 450 kms to 900 kms.

Fuel consumption will vary according to driving style with the following as a guide only:

  • Road @ 100 km/h 18 litres/100 kms (15.5 mpg)
  • Road @ 80 km/h 16.5 litres/100 kms (17 mpg)
  • Tracks @ 20-80 km/h 17.5 litres/100 kms (16 mpg)
  • Sand Dunes/Hard 4x4 21 litres/100 kms (13.5 mpg)


A 5 speed gearbox with a two speed transfer case. A PTO outlet is available on LH Side of the transmission.

Front Axle:

Full Floating Hypoid with Constant Velocity Joints, Mechanical Locking Free Wheel Hubs, 2,600 kg capacity.

Rear Axle:

Full Floating Hypoid with Positive Locking Limited Slip Differential, 4,200 kg capacity.


EarthCruiser is delivered standard with the company's ‘Hard Road/Soft Ride’ suspension modification. Both the front and rear Semi-Elliptical Leaf Springs are each lengthened from standard by 100 mm. On the rear, the standard auxiliary secondary load carrying springs are retained to maintain the load carrying capacity of 2,600 kg over the rear axle, and to also take up any severe rear wheel articulation. Heavy duty double acting shock absorbers and greasable pins on the leaf springs replace the standard configuration.

The above combination gives EarthCruiser its renowned soft ride over hard terrain and supreme wheel articulation over rugged ground.


The Fuso Canter 4x4 is delivered from the factory with standard 32 inch tyres and dual rims at the rear. Dual tyres are useless off-road!

EarthCruiser changes the dynamics of the Canter by equipping it with five 36” Michelin XZL 255/100R16 Super Single tyres that track exactly front to rear. These military specification tubeless radial tyres are designed to perform in the harshest of terrains and offer significant off-road ability. The rims are 16" x 6.5".


The tyres are stamped with a load carrying capacity of 3,530 lbs (1,596 kg) at 65psi which is well over the maximum axle carrying capacity/tyre. They are also DOT approved. The rims carry a manufactures certificate that they are made to on road tolerances as per the Tyre & Rim Association of Australia, and that they meet the requirements of Code E3 of the Code of Practice for Heavy Vehicle Modification VSB6.

Rear Protection Bar and Tyre Carrier:

EarthCruiser’s rear protection bar includes a 3,500 kg tow bar, allowing you to comfortably tow a large boat, horse float, or significant work equipment. On the left hand side, the standard spare tyre carrier incorporates an operator easy tyre lowering device. The right hand side is available for the optional secondary spare tyre carrier, a bicycle carrier or an outboard motor mount.


  EarthCruiser Toyota Landcruiser Comparison 20' High Cube Container
Length 5,650 mm 4,950 mm 5,900 mm
Width 2,060 mm 1,970 mm 2,350 mm
Height 2,510 mm 1,905 mm 2,900 mm
2,580 mm at door
Wheel Base 2,860 mm 2,850 mm  
Wheel Track 1,752 mm 1,640 mm  
Ground Clearance 260 mm 220 mm  
Approach Angle 45 degrees 30 degrees  
Departure Angle 40 degrees 20 degrees  
Ramp over Angle 30 degrees 25 degrees  
Turning Circle 11.4 metres 11.8 metres  
Dry Weight 4,000 kg 2,700 kg  
GVM 4,500 kg 3,300 kg  


EarthCruiser is an easy vehicle to drive. The seating position, large windscreen and standard motor vehicle width makes for easy highway and off-road driving. The new 4.9 litre motor is responsive and has heaps of torque particularly as the base vehicle will hardly ever be at its maximum designed load capacity (with typical use patterns).

The larger diameter Michelin tyres have an increased rolling diameter of 13%, effectively reducing the rpm at any set speed by this amount. At 100 km/h EarthCruiser revs at 2,425 rpm, making very economical running at highway speed. With the maximum power band at 2,700 rpm and redline at around 3,000 rpm there is still significant power to pass slower traffic. The lower revs also make for quieter engine noise at cruising speed. The odometer and speedo have been re-calibrated to suit the increased tyre size.

The Fuso Canter has a very low 1st High hence even with the increased tyre size, it is still very easy to move off in 2nd High gear on flat surfaces. With the transmission in low box, the 1st Low gear a very effective crawler gear, particularly considering the low GVM and the 471 Neutons of torque available.

Camper Frame Assembly:

The EarthCruiser camper module is attached to the torsion elastic vehicle chassis using a Kinematic stress-free arrangement between camper module and chassis.

The chassis in the Canter and other serious 4x4 vehicles are designed to flex. The camper module is attached to this flexible chassis via 8 engineered designed and ADR (Australian Design Rule) approved truck strength spring mounts. This allows the full chassis movement and any tension produced is taken up within the springs. The frame upon which the camper sits is engineered to 5G’s.

Vehicle Options:

Suspension Seating: Upgrade of seating to one or two Stratos 3000 XT LTSS Suspension Seats in cloth or leather.
Bull Bar & Winch Frame: A purpose built alloy front end protection bar incorporating a winch frame suitable for a 15,000 lb Premier winch.
15,000 lb Electric Winch: Heavy duty 3 stage planetary Premier electric winch with rotating gear free-spool, and heavy duty sealed solenoids. Contains 27 metres wire rope.
Additional 90 litres Fuel and Water: Designed to extend the fuel range and water storage when travelling off–road.
Secondary Spare Tyre & Carrier: Mounts onto rear bar.
Endless Air Compressor: Endless Air compressors use proven auto air conditioner technology to provide an extremely strong, versatile, and cost effective unit designed to run off the fan belt of your engine.
Rear Locking Differential: Replaces the LSD with a no-spin differential.
Front Air Locking Differential.
LWB and Crew Cab Options: Check with EarthCruiser for availability.

Price: big bucks!


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