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Worldwide Recall Issued on Ford Model Ts



30th October, 2007

Ford Model T tour in 2003

All Model Ts ever manufactured and still in existence are being recalled. The recall is, of course, voluntary and all part of the fun of the 2008 Model T Ford Centennial T Party being held at the Wayne County Fairgrounds and Exposition Centre in Richmond, Indiana, USA.

This week long event, running from 21st - 26th July, 2008, is being called the "party of the century" for the "car of the century." Over 15 million Model T cars were built between 1908 and 1927. It's estimated that only 500,000 survive. Over 1,500 of those (from as far away as Australia, England and Norway) are expected next July in east central Indiana to celebrate the Ford Model T's 100th birthday for the largest gathering of Model Ts since they left the factory.

The Centennial T Party is hosted by the Model T Ford Club of America and will take visitors back to a time when the Model T was new. Events include a Model T car show and judging; a mock "recall inspection"; driving and challenge games; a swap meet; a series of Model T road tours along the Old National Road and to historic towns; a vintage baseball game; a period clothing store and fashion show; a vintage air show with WWI and pre-1930 planes, stunt bi-planes performing on one of the nation's largest grass strip runways; a visit to the nearby Model T Ford Museum; and a giant birthday cake.

T Party attendees will witness the rare, the common and absurd. From Model T campers and tent-topped Touring Ts, to ambulances, delivery wagons and even Model T snowmobiles, the city streets and quiet, back-country roads will once again be filled with THE "car of the century."

The first production Model T Ford (1909 model) was assembled in Detroit 27th September, 1908, a time when most Americans hadn't been more than 20 miles from home. It took Henry Ford's vision and assembly-line techniques to produce a car anyone could affordable.

In 1909, the Model T sold for $825. It enabled doctors to get to patients, reduced the back-breaking work of farmers and gave people leisure time - which often meant a trip through the country in their "Tin Lizzie."

The Model T Ford Club of America (MTFCA), organised in 1965, is the world's largest Model T club with over 100 chapters in the U.S., Canada, Europe, Australia and Argentina. The MTFCA brings together people interested in the Model T Ford's history, evolution and historic place in America.

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