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1964.5 Ford Mustang debut - 17th April, 1964 (copyright image)

1965 Ford Mustang fastback at the World's Fair
in Flushing Meadows, New York (USA) April 1964

Ford Mustang confirmed for Australia

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by Stephen Walker

21st August, 2013

Ford Australia has announced that they will, once again, import the Mustang at some point in time. The current Ford Mustang is not manufactured with right-hand drive so keen Australian enthusiasts will need to wait until the next model appears, although conversion on the current models are available through independent importers.

The timetable for the introduction of the next generation Mustang isn't known as yet.

However, the first generation Mustang debuted at the World's Fair in Flushing Meadows, Queens, New York (USA) on 17th April, 1964. With the fiftieth anniversary coming up, we at Next Car anticipate the anniversary date will see an example of either a concept car that will suggest what the new car will look like or an example of a pre-production version of the new generation Mustang. It's all speculation, but we know that Ford like anniversaries so we are convinced something Mustang will occur in USA on 17th April, 2014. All we can say is watch this space!

The next generation Mustang is intended for global consumption. That suggests to me that the new model will be a little smaller, carrying less weight. This will make the car more appealing to Europeans than the current car. Plus it will have the potential to make the V8 version somewhat sportier. Further speculation on my part suggests there will be, once again, a four cylinder version to make the car appeal to a broader sector of the market. On that basis, the two-litre "EcoBoost" engine is likely to be available in North America, Asia and Europe. The 3.5-litre V6 "EcoBoost" and a small V8 will be top sellers for the intended global audience. Almost certainly, a 'performance' V8 will be available for North American and Australian customers. Naturally, the American market is likely to see a Shelby version or two, as well. (copyright image)
2007 Ford Mustang GT
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An Australian release of the new generation Ford Mustang cannot happen until 2015 or, maybe, even 2016, depending on Ford's production and marketing agenda for the new model. But before anything can happen we need to see a concept car and a pre-production model. Watch out for news at Next Car from the 2014 Detroit and New York Motor Shows where a concept car is a potential attraction. But, be assured, something will occur on 17th April, 2014 in my opinion.

More than 9 million Ford Mustangs have been manufactured over the past 49 years.

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For those who need more Mustang news, read our 29th March 2009 story on the very first Mustang which features five images of early Mustangs. Then there is our 12th April 2004 story which is an image rich brief history of the Ford Mustang.

We have a pictorial of a gathering of Melbourne Mustangs on 26th April 2012 published here.



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