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Another recall for cheap Chinese car

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by Stephen Walker

20th July, 2012

Australia's expansive new vehicle market is a temptation for Australian entrepreneurs and, as such, numerous importers have seized opportunities to import cheap Chinese-made vehicles.

However, Chinese vehicles seem to have one common feature ... poor safety considerations.

The latest problem for a Chinese brand here in Australia is for the Geely brand. Only available in Western Australia, the Geely MK sedan and hatchback are the subject of a recall that relates to occupant safety.

Australian consumers have already been exposed to poor crash worthiness of other Chinese vehicles, namely Great Wall and Chery. Geely is, simply, one more!

The Geely recall in WA indicates 421 vehicles are affected. Apparently, a severe frontal accident may cause the driverís left side seat rail mechanism may not perform as intended. This may result in serious injury to the occupant. Additionally, during a severe side impact accident, the rear door locks may not function as designed by Geely, possibly resulting in serious injury to the occupant.

Owners of relevant vehicles will be contacted by the Geely importer to arrange rectification of the faults. If not, Geely owners should contact their dealer. Others should be warned that Chinese manufactured vehicle have an excessively poor record in crash worthiness.

Importers are planning on bringing in additional Chinese brands as they endeavour to capitalise on our market's hunger for new vehicles and the resultant opportunities to make a 'buck' from buyers who budget for the cheapest of the cheap vehicles. Additional Chinese-made commercial vehicles brands will be in Australian dealerships by the end of the year.


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