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Jock Freemantle talks about Hulme Supercars appearance at Goodwood (copyright image)

Prill and Pester at the Goodwood Hill Climb (copyright image)

Radisich and van Breugel at the Goodwood Hill Climb

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9th August, 2011

After returning to New Zealand, following the Goodwood Festival of Speed, Jock Fremantle of Hulme Supercars spoke of the experience:

"The trip to the UK and Goodwood Festival of Speed was very exciting, a great learning experience, and very, very rewarding; it was absolutely the right thing for us to do."

"I got many of my prayers answered, not them all, but we were defiantly blessed with many wondrous happening: Great weather at Goodwood and no rain for 5 days: awesome drivers to drive the car up the hill, Paul Radisich and Andy Prill: Everybody who saw the car was very complimentary, even drivers/owners of other super cars: TVNZ turning up to film us and getting fantastic exposure on NZ TV: and thanks to the fabulous, very hospitable Goodwood staff we even got the opportunity to drive "Bear 1" (on its trailer) around the famous Goodwood race circuit and see the memorial to Bruce McLaren: The amazing help and support we got from everyone we came in contact with: Just amazing."

"I was going to list and thank everyone who helped us get the car ready to take to the UK and the many who helped us in the UK, but there are so many to name, they know who they are, Thank You: There is one person and one NZ company I must name: John Nicholson (Nicholson McLaren) who was an amazing host and helped enormously, I really do appreciate what he and the guys at Nicholson McLaren did for us in the UK and the guys at Resene/DuPont in NZ who prepared and repainted the car, they were outstanding, it looks fantastic, everybody said so, it is a credit to their workmanship. They have been great supporters and today they showed me the new summer uniform for all their NZ staff. It looks fabulous, thank you." (copyright image)
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He continued.

"After lengthy discussions with a number of potential customers and people who market super cars, we have decided to focus on building the "Hulme F1" (the same car taken to Goodwood in 2006) but with significant design refinements that will be incorporated based on the testing results and lessons learned from the open Can Am prototype. It will be built to the same quality level as the fabulous Pagani, and be built to comply with "Group LVV EU certification. This will enable our cars to be sold and resold in all countries that accept this certification. The ultimate car would have been a full convertible, but the extra costs required made us decide on the F1. Down the track, a proper convertible will be built."

"We collected the car from the airline on Tuesday morning 21st June and took it into the city for the London launch at Clive Sutton's on Tuesday night: A great event: Clive and his staff were fabulous hosts; he had invited lots of customers and all in all it was a great evening ... enjoyed by everyone."

"Wednesday we headed off to Goodwood with the car back on the hired trailer, towed by the hired 4x4. Thursday was a static display day, but lots and lots of Photos taken: If we could have charged a dollar a photo over the 4 days, we would not now need any more money."

We took the car to the shippers at Auckland airport on Thursday the 16th June, and had not driven it after its complete re-build, we had not had time to drive it in the UK, and so I drove it for the first time, up the Goodwood Hill on Friday morning. Tony came with me as the passenger, and even though I had walked the hill on Thursday evening, it was scary, but very exciting."

"Saturday we were very fortunate to have the double World Touring Car champion, Paul Radisich and the well known UK driver, Andy Prill drive the car, on the Sunday, Paul did both runs."

"On the Monday we returned to London, Clive Sutton had invited us back to put the car on display in his showroom until we were to take it to the shipping agents on the following Tuesday. The showroom is on "The Lords Roundabout" very close to Lords Cricket Ground, and right in the middle of "The city of Westminster". A great location."

"All in all, it was a fantastic, exciting and rewarding trip; we had lots of fun and met lots of great people."


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