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Update on the Hulme F1
6th November, 2012
The makers have redesigned the car, adding new front and rear wings, an up to date aero package and using titanium in the suspension to reduce the unsprung weight ..... more

Hulme F1 update
25th July, 2012
Continuing development work on New Zealand's Hulme F1 means a new front wing is planned for the super car ..... more

Jock Freemantle talks about Hulme Supercars' appearance at Goodwood
9th August, 2011
The trip to the UK and Goodwood Festival of Speed was very exciting, a great learning experience, and very, very rewarding; it was absolutely the right thing for us to do ..... more

Hulme F1 confirmed for production
3rd August, 2011
Hulme Supercars is named in honour of Denny Hulme, New Zealandís only Formula One World Champion and double CanAm Champion. The car is a superb high performance motor car and will be built in very limited numbers, ensuring is rarity and exclusivity ..... more

Hulme CanAm Spyder
26th June, 2011
The Hulme CanAm Spyder recently had its New Zealand launch before leaving for Britain's Goodwood Festival of Speed ..... more

An F1 on the road?
7th November, 2010
The car is named after New Zealand's ex-Formula One world champion Denny Hulme, honouring his great success in the American sports car CanAm series of the late 60s and early 70s ..... more

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