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Lexus GS F

Lexus GS F due February 2016

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27th October, 2015

The local release of Lexus' new GS F high performance V8 sedan has been confirmed for February 2016.

Lexus GS F, based on the admired GS, is powered by a 351kW 5.0-litre naturally-aspirated V8 and features dynamic handling developed on demanding race circuits, including the legendary Nürburgring in Germany.

Its elegant yet aggressive styling characterises the Lexus performance-oriented "F" brand, highlighted by an aggressive-looking front fascia with functional air inlets and outlets, low-slung wide stance, large brake callipers, carbon fibre rear spoiler and quad exhaust rear diffuser.

GS F offers enthusiasts the best of two worlds, delivering spirited performance on challenging switchbacks while being able to reach destinations in unprecedented style and comfort.

It seats five comfortably in a luxuriously-appointed cabin filled with high-tech amenities and advanced safety technologies, including the new Lexus Safety System+.

Yukihiko Yaguchi, emeritus chief engineer of GS F, said the new sedan delivered an exceptional dynamic experience but also accessible performance for all driver levels - a key trait of the F division line of vehicles.

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"As Lexus' F brand vehicles continue to evolve and grow in number, it is important that these models offer differentiated and unique driving characteristics in their segments," Mr Yaguchi said.

"The GS F is a very capable performance sedan that offers excitement behind the wheel in all facets of performance driving. It's a car that's fun to drive no matter who is driving or where it's being driven."

"The sedan embraces the virtues of sound, response and limitless power feel to support Lexus' F brand identity of a performance car."

Lexus Australia chief executive Sean Hanley said GS F represented an ideal addition to the brand's expanding line-up of F models.

"GS F will be the second F model to launch in 12 months, which firmly indicates Lexus' intention to broaden its high performance vehicle portfolio," Mr Hanley said.

"This dynamic vehicle delivers accessible performance for all drivers, an unforgettable sound from its naturally aspirated V8 engine and a range of luxury and convenience features typical of a premium Lexus sedan."

Pricing and final specification details will be announced at the time of launch.




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