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Mercedes-Benz enthusiasts heading to Perth

Mercedes-Benz 300 SL (copyright image)

Mercedes-Benz 300 SL displayed in Melbourne in 2009

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22nd April, 2010

The West Australian capital city of Perth will be star-struck this week-end as the 2010 National Rally of Mercedes-Benz Clubs gets underway.

This exciting event is run every two years and is hosted by one of the six authorised Australian Mercedes-Benz car clubs.

This year, the Mercedes-Benz Car Club of Western Australia hosts the biennial gathering, which will see a plethora of stunning modern and classic Mercedes-Benz vehicles come together for what will be an impressive showing of some of the country’s most valuable and admired cars. Many have undergone extensive restoration work, and all have been carefully preserved and maintained to be enjoyed for years to come.

This year’s National Rally will coincide with a very special occasion for Mercedes-Benz in Australia. The host club, the Mercedes-Benz Car Club of Western Australia, turns 50 this year. This makes it not only the oldest official Mercedes-Benz club in Australia but also the third oldest in the world.

The National Rally of Mercedes-Benz clubs gives members and enthusiasts an opportunity to collectively celebrate the passion and pride that comes with owning the oldest and one of the greatest automotive marques in the world.

The cars gathering in Perth for this weekend’s star-studded event showcase Mercedes-Benz’ time-honoured hallmarks of quality, luxury and refinement, the very factors which have made the three-pointed star famous the world over.

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A wide variety of luxury and sports models from the Mercedes stable will participate in this year’s rally. Many are instantly-recognisable models, such as the luxurious and powerful W 109-model 300 SEL 6.3, the car that started it all for AMG more than forty years ago, and the many models from the top-line SL sports car catalogue.

This year’s national rally will commence at Burswood on Friday evening, with a range of activities across the week-end.

For the managing director of Mercedes-Benz Cars in Australia, Horst von Sanden, the fascination and desire of Mercedes-Benz is universal.

“Go anywhere in the world and the name ‘Mercedes-Benz’ conjures up the same themes: style, luxury, engineering and quality. Mercedes-Benz has long history and has created some of the world’s most memorable cars and it’s absolutely wonderful to see so many of our company’s great achievements assemble in one place,” said von Sanden.


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