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1st December, 2010

As reported by Next Car on 21st June 2010, McLaren Automotive had a desire to appoint a dealer in Australia for their upcoming range of sports cars. Today, it has been announced that the Sydney-based dealer Trivett has been appointed as the Australian dealer for McLaren.

This positions McLaren's new high-performance sports car, the MP4-12C, for an Australian release in late 2011.

McLaren Automotive has announced that it plans to compete at the top level of the sports car market with a range of premium, high power, highly efficient, lightweight, luxurious, carbon-based cars. The first in that range of exclusive cars will be the McLaren MP4-12C, and Trivett will begin selling the 12C from late 2011.

Ian Gorsuch, McLaren Automotive's Regional Director for the Middle East, Africa and Asia Pacific, said: "I am pleased to announce the new partnership between McLaren Automotive and our representative in Australia, Trivett. They are among the best car retailers in the region - if not the best. Australia is a key market for us, and the extremely positive feedback we have received so far from potential customers is evidence of the strength of the McLaren brand there."

Gorsuch continued, "At McLaren Automotive, we believe that by combining quality and innovation, we can offer a unique product range of pure McLarens. The icing on the cake will be the highest standards of customer care, as we are well aware that a great ownership experience is as valuable as great driving enjoyment. By joining forces with Trivett, whose reputation and experience in the Australian market have proved highly attractive to us, we will ensure our customers receive the very best on both fronts."

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Greg Duncan, Executive Chairman of Trivett said, "This is, indeed, a watermark moment in the 25 year history of Trivett. We're thrilled to be appointed as McLaren's official Australian dealer. Yes, this appointment continues our association with quality, prestige marques, but it does more than that, it also brings to our company what will undoubtedly be some of the world's very best sports cars. That makes for an exciting future."

"Cars like the 12C will change the Australian motoring landscape, and with Trivett's support, the team at McLaren can expect outstanding results in this territory," Duncan concluded.

Trivett will join an initial global network of 35 partners in 2011 who will be responsible for selling an initial annual production run of up to 1,000 12Cs, ensuring exclusivity and a new driving experience for owners.

Subsequently, as McLaren Automotive moves to a full model range of high-performance, two-seat, mid-engine sports cars by the middle of the decade, the aim is to produce around 4,000 models annually from a brand new manufacturing facility, the McLaren Production Centre.


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