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MG Club of South Australia at National Motor Museum



6th November, 2007

The MG Club of South Australia Inc has opened a display at the National Motor Museum in Birdwood, South Australia. The display is in the Museum’s ‘Club Space’ - a specially designated area in which car clubs and other organisations are given the opportunity to tell the story of their members’ vehicles.

The MG Car Club of SA Inc was formed in 1956 by Malcolm Caire, Ron Williams and Bob Brown. Membership now stands at over 900, making the MG Car Club the largest single marque club in South Australia, although membership is not limited exclusively to MG owners.

This exhibition at the National Motor Museum features a very special R-Type (RA0259) of which only ten were ever made. R-Types were designed and built in 1935 when MG was at its peak in the world of international motor sport for small capacity engines. During this period MG claimed the Australian Grand Prix, the Grand Prix de France and held all Class H (750 cc) International Speed records from the standing mile to the 24 hour record. Its 750 cc supercharged power plant was developing more horsepower per litre than any other engine. At 140 bhp the engine had outgrown the chassis technology and MG began to explore new ground in the area of independent suspension. The R-Type was the design that was to ensure the engine’s power could be brought to bear.

The 1935 R-Type (RA0259) on display has a significant history of its own - after a distinguished 15 year racing career it made its way from Ireland to Australia in 1964 before undergoing a 40 year restoration. The car debuted again in March 2004 as an invited guest for the Historic Garage at the Australian Grand Prix in Melbourne. It remains to this day a part of the Bucknell collection of pre-war MG’s and is still participating in motor sport events.

Vehicles to feature in the display include:

    1935 R-Type RA0259: While all ten examples that were built are accounted for, RA0259 is one of only three that are actually running. This is the only car of its type in Australia and is one of two of the cars in the Southern Hemisphere (the other is in New Zealand). This car is the only running version in the Southern Hemisphere.

    1964 MGB Mark 1: This car is probably one of the oldest B's that were exported to Australia. The current owner has had this car since 1982 - took 4 years, part time to restore it back to bare metal. At least 3 paint colours have preceded the current red from the original blue. The engine and gearbox are non-original.

As a treat, approximately 150 MG vehicles are expected on the grounds of the Museum from 10:30 AM, Sunday, 11th November, 2007.


What - MG Club of South Australia Inc display at the National Motor Museum , Birdwood (Adelaide), South Australia 
When - Now until Saturday 12th January, 2008, 10am – 5pm everyday
Cost - Museum entry: Adult $9 Concession $7 Child $4 Family $24

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