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Mitsubishi Triton (MK) recall

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26th August, 2011

Certain Mitsubishi's MK series Triton (dual cab) 2wd 4cyl and Triton (single cab) 2wd 4cyl, sold new from May 2003 to December 2006 are subject to a recall.

Identifying features of the relevant vehicles are in the VIN range: MK Triton (dual cab) - MMBJNK6503D010900 to MMBJNK6503D036866 and MK Triton (single cab) - MMB0NK6503D011505 to MMB0NK6506F009641.

Unit numbers in this recall are 9,500.

What are the hazards? The position of the tray relative to the tow ball mounting may not comply with the Australian Standard AS4177.1 1994 which requires a three dimensional clearance space around the tow ball mounting.

What are the defects? Some combinations of genuine accessory aluminium trays and genuine accessory tow bars fitted to the affected Triton vehicles may not comply with part of the Australian Design Rules (ADR 62/01).

All affected owners will be contacted by mail (where possible). Otherwise owners should contact a Mitsubishi dealership for advice and/or inspection/replacement of the towbar tongue, if necessary.


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