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Peugeot's "Forbidden Exhibition"

Peugeot 505 cabriolet and coupe (copyright image)

Although never released by Peugeot, the 505 cabriolet
and coupe are being displayed at L'Aventure Peugeot,
in Sochaux, until 28th June, 2009.

L'Aventure Peugeot
Carrefour de l'Europe
25 600 Sochaux

L’Aventure Peugeot (Peugeot Museum of Adventure)
is the trustee of a collection comprising over 450 cars
& 300 cycles and motor cycles along with thousands
of tools and household articles which represent so
many milestones in the marque's production history.

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29th March, 2009

Peugeot have unveiled models which were never released or which were once developed but didn't 'fit' into the Peugeot range.

A car manufacturer must permanently develop new projects, that obvious ..... it is a matter of survival. Often, though, products which once seemed to correspond to a demand of the public at a certain point in time, are quickly out of date with the market and are then, simply, cancelled.

The Aventure Peugeot (the marque's museum) in France has been able to save a few prototypes from destruction once they came to the end of their development. Several were close to being developed as a 'real' car, but most of the time they seemed to be frozen in the middle of their development. Nevertheless, they are a 'witness' of an era or of a particular style.

For those for which there is no retained full scale examples, remain drawings, blueprints, photos or even better, 1/5 scale models.

Therefore, in this unique exhibition Peugeot will highlight "secrets" from 1933 to 1996, for three categories of vehicles: private cars, sports cars and those developed for particular military markets.

As for the Peugeot Brothers motor cycle products, a four-wheel bike which has a story behind it: the 'thing' was neither a motor bike nor a motor car ..... it didn't find a place in the range in 1902.

Some folks know about the Peugeot pepper and coffee grinders but who has heard of a complete set of dental crowns made of  Peuginox stainless steel, a brand name devised by Peugeot? This set was made, in the 1930s as an advertising tease.

And last but not least, Peugeot have on show the 1996 concept TULIP.

In French, tulip stands for Transport Urbain Libre Individuel et Public (self-service, public and private urban transport). Far too advanced for its time, in fact it seemed nobody was interested at the time. It may not be like that today though!

Self-Catering Holiday
Accommodation in
Denmark, WA
..... more

Vehicles and products exhibited:
- Private cars
o 402 B Diesel HL50 chassis – 1936
o 104 three volume (with a boot compartment) - 1975
o 104 estate – 1975
o 504 sport coupé - 1979
o 505 cabriolet – 1982
o 505 coupé – 1984
- Sports cars
o 305 V6 rally racing – 1981
o 305 rally road version – 1981
- Military motor vehicles
o 208A chaînrail – 1933
o Jeep 4 wheel-drive VSP – 1955
- Motor bikes
o Quadricycle – 1902
- Other products
o dental crowns
- Urban concept car
o TULIP – 1996
1/5th scale models, engine, drawings, photos
- 1/5th scale models of 203 and 303
- "802" V8 engine
- drawings of 402 and 802 bodies
- photos of "203", army Jeep and 208A prototypes


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