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Subaru XV for Australia in 2012 (copyright image)

Subaru XV Concept (above)

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10th August, 2011

Fuji Heavy Industries Ltd. (FHI), the maker of Subaru automobiles, today has announced that it will exhibit the all-new “Subaru XV” (in European specifications) as a world premiere at the 64th Frankfurt Motor Show next month.

The Subaru XV defines a new generation of Subaru cross-over vehicles. It is the production version of the design concept "Subaru XV Concept" displayed last April at the Shanghai Motor Show in China. (copyright image)
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The concept was favourably received globally thanks to its distinctive and trendy design which blend a cross-over-like commanding silhouette and an urban friendly image into one harmonious and elegant package.

Under the brand statement "Confidence in Motion", Subaru brand inspires confidence with customers through its commitment to "engineering excellence". With the core ideal of "engineering excellence", Subaru continues to provide customers with "Enjoyment and Peace of Mind" in its products.

Whilst the official line from Subaru Australia is that XV isn't confirmed for Australia, Next Car is aware that the new XV production model is expected in right-hand drive form in the UK in early 2012. On that basis, Next Car is anticipating an Australian release before mid-2012. Stay tuned for more details.


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