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Volvo Museum Day

Volvo Museum in May 2008 (copyright image)

Volvo Museum in May 2008

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4th May, 2010

Time for the Volvo Museum Day – which this year celebrates an important anniversary

On Saturday 8th May, the Volvo Museum opens its doors for its traditional annual Activities Day. At the same time, there will be celebrations to mark the fact that it is 15 years since the museum was inaugurated in its spacious Arendal premises.

Over the past 15 years, the first-class collection of historic Volvo vehicles has grown steadily and currently encompasses more than 100 cars, trucks, buses and construction vehicles, as well as a large number of marine and aircraft engines, technical components, equipment, display material and more which has shaped the operations in various Volvo branded companies. The Volvo Museum is run jointly by AB Volvo and the Volvo Car Corporation, which means that all products carrying Volvo’s logotype, the iron mark, are represented in the museum’s 6,000 square metre exhibition area.

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The Volvo Museum Day and the 15th anniversary will be celebrated on Saturday 8th May, starting at 10.00 in Arendal.

“This will be a Volvo Day to remember, packed with activities for the entire family. One of the most exciting events is the parade of old and new Volvo vehicles which will start off from the museum at 10.00 in the morning and proceed to the city centre,” says Sten-Åke Lyngstam, Director of the Volvo Museum.

In addition to the museum’s own collection, there will be plenty of other vehicles to see. Many Volvo cars representing most of the classic models from the various Volvo clubs will be there, and the Commercial Vehicle Rally will finish up at the museum after lunch.


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