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Volkswagen Scirocco R finally set for Australia (copyright image) (copyright image) (copyright image)

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The Scirocco R is finally on its way to Australia.

The Scirocco R is a performance package with a powerful engine, unique looks and exclusive features. Advantages of boosted TSI engine available in the Scirocco R are very high power and torque values.

The 2.0-litre TSI in the Scirocco R attains a maximum power of 188 kW at 6,000 rpm. Its maximum torque – a hefty 330 Newton metres – is available over an immense range of engine speed: 2,500 to 5,000 rpm. This makes for a responsive engine, which is able to summon torque in the blink of an eye at almost any speed.

The Scirocco R can be optioned with Direct Shift Gearbox (DSG) and is available with a specially tuned sport chassis and XDL (Extended Electronic Differential Lock) as standard equipment. The latter refers to a functional extension of the Electronic Differential Lock (EDL) that is integrated in the ESP system and reduces traction loss.

The Volkswagen Scirocco R is also available with Adaptive Chassis Control which comes as standard. This system continually adjusts damping of individual wheels to roadway conditions based on signals from three body sensors and displacement sensors at each wheel. During acceleration, braking and steering processes, chassis damping is stiffened in fractions of a second to optimally meet vehicle dynamic requirements. By making these automatic adjustments, Adaptive Chassis Control significantly increases comfort in driving situations whose dynamics are less challenging, resolving the conflict in goals between a stiff sporty tuning and a comfortable one. Besides the “Normal” mode, the driver can also choose the “Sport” or “Comfort” mode.

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The design features of the Scirocoo R reflects the motto “form follows function”; the front end has three large air inlets integrated with large louvres in the bumper customised for the Scirocco R, which engineers designed for optimal cooling of the brakes and engine. The rear image of this car is dominated by a large roof edge spoiler and a prominent glossy black diffuser in the lower bumper area that shows typical R-styling. One tailpipe on the left and the other on the right define the border between the black diffuser and the bumper painted in body colour. The side view is characterised by powerfully styled side skirts painted in body colour. The milled, polished wheels are as visually unique and offer a very attractive look at the large 17-inch braking system with its glossy black callipers and R-logo. Like the brake callipers, the outside mirrors of the Scirocco R are always painted a glossy black, independent of the body colour. Sporty designed 19-inch alloy wheels (“Talladega” type) with size 235/35 tyres further enhances the look of the VW Scirocco R.

The interior of the Scirocco R presents an altogether refined appearance. As is typical of all R-models, special interior accents, sport seats and numerous other dynamic features are applied.

Full specifications and pricing of the Volkswagen Scirocco R will be released at launch in early 2012.


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