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Jonathan Lahy-Neary (left), who operates "Tanks For Everything",
is shown here with Chris Goodsell (right) of "Road Ramblings". (copyright image)

Scoreboard: Tank 1, Car 0

Tanks for everything

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6th June, 2012

Road Rambling's Chris Goodsell has just returned from three weeks in New Zealand and will report on a number of motoring related activities.

This weeks itís military tanks or more accurately, on this occasion, an armoured personnel carrier (APC)!

Near the end of the holiday Chris visited the earthquake ravaged city of Christchurch. The city itself is making a remarkable recovery and the people are positive and cheerful but the devastation remains evident.

About 30 minutes out of Christchurch operates an innovative business. Its called "Tanks for Everything".

If you want to experience something different to the normal tourist attractions this is a place not to be missed. Host Jonathan Lahy-Neary provides a quick course on how to drive a tank! There is a 50 tonne Centurion, a 42 tonne T55 Russian tank, a 16 tonne FV432 APC plus numerous other ex-military vehicles on duty - and you can drive them all.

Prior to your drive Jonathan gives you a informative tour of the facility. You then dress up in camouflage army overalls, complete with an army helmet. You have got to look the part! Then it is off for a drive. If you are in a particularly aggressive mood you can choose to crush a defenceless car with the tank.

Chris drove the APC for about 15 minutes and had a fantastic time. Tanks For Everything is on the web. See their web site at (web site opens in a new window from this link) for further particulars.

Numerous fun-filled packages are available, even birthday parties for kids (big kids too). Start at something simple for budget conscious 'funsters' on 'tour days' or go for one with the works (NZ$1,695 subject to change) which includes a car which you can crush with a massive tank!

Out of ten Chris rates this fun activity as a nine. "Tanks for Everything" is a real buzz!


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