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Yes, a brand new MG B in 2012. Original tooling used with a new Mazda engine to provide the world with the LE50, a British-built (in conjunction with British Motor Heritage) retro car that will be limited in quantity.
The LE 50 project is unrelated to the business of MG Motor UK Limited today's manufacturer of MG cars. (copyright image)

Smiths Instruments for the LE50

LE 50 ... a new MG B

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by Road Rambling's Chris Goodsell

9th July, 2012

The iconic MG B turns 50 this year. No doubt there will be celebrations around the world, particularly in the England. In the UK, the country of origin the MG B, a firm called Frontline Developments has done something very special to celebrate the MG B milestone ó itís built a 2012 version of the MG B GT. It carries the very symbolic name LE50. It's a Limited Edition with only 50 to be built.

I recently spoke to Ed Bracklic the project manager for the LE50. He is very excited about this 21st century MG B GT. The original MG B 1.8 litre motor produced 65 kw and saw the carís top speed at about 155 km/h. The LE50ís Mazda 2 litre engine produces 158 kw with a top speed of 260 km/h.

The LE50 comes with Connolly hide seats, Wilton carpets, electric windows, electronic starter and a state-of-the-art sound system.

The makers claim 0-100 km/h in 5 seconds. That is super car time. In 'saving the planet' mode the car returns a very respectable 6.7 litres per 100 km fuel consumption figure.

This brand new car is being built on the original MG B jigs. Body wise it is identical except for a few minor aerodynamic changes beneath the car to cater for a 260 km/h top speed. Smiths Instruments were commissioned to build 50 individually numbered sets of retro instruments for the LE50.

Even with Australiaís favourable exchange rate the car will set you back about $93,000 plus importing and on-road costs. But you can be almost assured this car will appreciate in value.

There are already a couple of examples bound for Australia!


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