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Caparo with "L" plates
14th December, 2007
Owners of the Caparo T1 are required to attend a training course to ensure they develop the skills needed to drive extreme performance vehicles on the road ..... more

London's Met Police Toy With Rapid Response Concept
6th November, 2007
Getaway drivers and outside lane lovers beware! ..... more

Caparo T1 gets a new and more powerful engine
22nd March, 2007
Caparo T1, which looks and performs like a Formula One car, will be launched mid-year in England with a new and more powerful engine than previously mooted ..... more

Caparo T1 for Melbourne
7th February, 2007
A British-built sports car that looks and goes like a Formula One car for the road will be an attraction at the Melbourne Motor Show ..... more

Caparo completes build of first T1 prototype
3rd October, 2006
Caparo Vehicle Technologies, a company formed earlier this year, has completed the build of the first of two Caparo T1 prototypes ..... more

Gordon Murray joins Caparo as Advanced Concepts Director
18th August, 2006
Vehicle light-weighting expert Gordon Murray has been appointed director of advanced concepts at Caparo Vehicle Products ..... more

Caparo Prepares For Market
21st July, 2006
Caparo Vehicle Technologies has appointed Cars International, based at Canary Wharf in the heart of London, as its first dealer ..... more

Caparo T1 For London Motor Show
12th July, 2006
The Caparo T1 will join a showcase of exotic vehicles in a ‘Super Car Paddock’ feature area at the British International Motor Show in London later this month ..... more

Prince Albert unveils Caparo T1 at Monaco
4th May, 2006
Prince Albert II unveiled the exclusive Caparo T1 following the official opening of the prestigious Top Marques show held in Monaco, last month ..... more

Caparo Launches Advanced Vehicle Technology Group
23rd April, 2006
Caparo is to develop an advanced automotive technology and engineering design company to be called Caparo Vehicle Technologies ..... more

England's Freestream T1 Design Issues
12th February, 2006
As the world’s first road car to exceed 1,000bhp-per-tonne the Freestream T1 is perhaps bound to grab the headlines ..... more

Freestream T1: Britain's new sports car
7th February, 2006
Developed for road and track, the ultra lightweight British 2-seater will offer a near Formula One performance experience ..... more



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