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FPV announces supercharged V8 engine
2nd September, 2010
To be launched in early October, the new FPV GS and GT model ranges will both be powered by all-new lightweight 5.0 litre supercharged Ford V8 engines producing 315 kW and 335 kW of power respectively ..... more

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FPV Launches its F6 E
5th August, 2009
The F6 E will cater for the corner of the market - in particular executives - that want the performance and dynamics of the F6 with some added luxury appointments and subdued styling ..... more

Prodrive at Goodwood Festival of Speed
3rd July, 2009
Prodrive will be displaying and running some of the cars from its 25 years in motor sport at this weekend’s Goodwood Festival of Speed in England ..... more

FPV GT road test - FG series (copyright image)


15th March, 2009

FPV Reveals the Stylish F6 E Concept
24th February, 2009
Ford Performance Vehicles (FPV) yesterday set a new benchmark in executive styling and performance with the unveiling of an all-new concept, the F6 E ..... more

FPV Open Day Back in 2009
18th January, 2009
On Sunday 1st March at their Campbellfield headquarters, the performance powerhouse will once again open the doors to the public for a day of fun for all the family ..... more

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FPV F6 Wins NZ Car of the Year
9th December, 2008
FPV’s new F6 ran away a clear winner in the Performance Car of the Year category, as well as the headline Car of the Year award ..... more

Duke of Edinburgh visits Prodrive
1st December, 2008
HRH Prince Philip, the Duke of Edinburgh, visited Prodrive on Thursday 27th November, 2008, as part of a royal visit by himself and the Queen to Banbury (England) ..... more

New FPV Model Celebrates Performance Heritage
12th October, 2008
Ford Performance Vehicles (FPV) is celebrating its fifth year with the release of the FPV 5th Anniversary model ..... more

FPV Celebrates Five Years in Power
9th September, 2008
FPV has announced that they will build a special commemorative model which will be revealed next month ..... more

FPV Delivers High Performance Utilities
1st June, 2008
With power increases across the range, Ford Performance Vehicles (FPV) has launched its new generation of high-performance F6 and V8 work horses – the F6 Ute, Pursuit and Super Pursuit ..... more

FPV Delivers New Generation GT-P and GT
21st May, 2008
Building on the strong heritage of the GT nameplate, Ford Performance Vehicles’ new 315 kW GT-P and GT deliver the latest evolution of V8 powered vehicles that boast impressive performance and outstanding driving dynamics ..... more

FPV Reveals the Stylish GT E
20th May, 2008
Ford Performance Vehicles (FPV) has set a new benchmark in executive styling with the release of the all-new GT E, the pinnacle of the new V8 powered GT range ..... more

FPV Launches Powerful F6
18th May, 2008
With 310 kW of power, Ford Performance Vehicles’ (FPV) new turbo-charged F6 sedan is one of the best performing six-cylinder vehicles on the Australian market ..... more

FPV Reveals Power Figures for New FG Model Range
15th April, 2008
Ford Performance Vehicles (FPV) has revealed that its new F6 engine will produce 310 kW, while the new Boss V8 engine will increase its power output to 315 kW ..... more

Ford Falcon GT Cobra road test - BFII series (copyright image)

Ford Falcon GT Cobra

10th April, 2008

FPV Reveals New FG Range
17th March, 2008
Ford Performance Vehicles (FPV) has unveiled its new Falcon-based range, having recently lifted the covers off the latest evolutions of its performance GT sedan, F6 sedan and Super Pursuit Ute ..... more

Ford Falcon GT road test - BFII series (copyright image)

Ford Falcon GT

12th February, 2008

FPV Launches Powerful ‘F6X’ Sports SUV
1st February, 2008
Ford Performance Vehicles (FPV) has set a new benchmark in performance motoring with the launch of the hot sports F6X, the most powerful six-cylinder SUV in the Australian market ..... more

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V8 Vantage gets a performance advantage
1st December, 2006
Prodrive has launched a range of parts, in England, for the Aston Martin V8 Vantage, which improves the car’s performance and enhances its driving dynamics. The range includes: a performance pack for the engine; new driver-adjustable suspension; unique forged wheels; and a discreet aero package ..... more

Ford F6 Typhoon road test (copyright image)

Ford F6 Typhoon
(BF Mark II)

5th November, 2007

FPV Unleashes New F6 X
19th October, 2007
The new F6 X is the first non-Falcon based vehicle introduced by FPV, which will extend the FPV brand into new markets and offer customers a unique opportunity in Australian performance motoring ..... more

FPV Unveils The Cobra
12th October, 2007
The iconic Cobra name has returned to Australian motoring, with Ford Performance Vehicles (FPV) unveiling its new special edition GT Cobra and Cobra Ute ..... more

FPV Releases Limited Edition F6 Typhoon R-Spec
20th August, 2007
Ford Performance Vehicles (FPV) has released its new limited edition F6 Typhoon R-Spec, featuring FPV’s innovative R-Spec suspension and handling package ..... more

Ford at the 2007 Melbourne Motor Show
6th March, 2007
An expanded Ford line-up has been revealed at the 2007 Melbourne Motor Show, with the announcement of several new models, namely the Fiesta XR4, the Focus diesel, the Focus Coupe-Cabriolet, the new Mondeo in addition to numerous Falcon based 'specials' to join the Ford range later this year ..... more

Records Tumble as FPV Celebrates Its Best Year
12th January, 2007
Ford Performance Vehicles defied high petrol prices and a national trend away from large cars in 2006 to post the best sales year of its short history ..... more

FPV to Celebrate 10th Annual Open Day
5th January, 2007
Ford Performance Vehicles will celebrate the completion of the most successful year in its history at the 10th consecutive running of its famous Open Day on Sunday, 25th February, 2007 ..... more

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A New Force For FPV
26th October, 2006
“The introduction of the Force 6 and Force 8 models will set the standard for locally produced, luxury high performance cars,” said Sak Ryopponen, Managing Director for Ford Performance Vehicles ..... more

DRIF6 Confirmed for Competition
17th May, 2006
Ford Performance Vehicles has today confirmed it will support the competitive debut of its DRIF6 concept car in the opening round of the Drift Australia national championship ..... more

New Boss To Drive FPV Into The Future
14th May, 2006
Ford Performance Vehicles has confirmed the appointment of Mr Sak Ryopponen to the position of Managing Director effective, 6th June, 2006 ..... more

FPV Gets The Drift
27th February, 2006
Ford Performance Vehicles will whip up another storm with its F6 Typhoon following the unveiling of an “unofficial” concept car at yesterday’s ninth annual FPV Family Open Day ..... more

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FPV Shifts into Top Gear with New BF Range
18th October, 2005
Ford Performance Vehicles unveiled its bold new range of high-performance vehicles at Sydney's 2005 Australian International Motor Show ..... more

FPV Sets New GT Record
27th September, 2005
Ford Performance Vehicles has developed the most successful GT Falcon of all time ..... more

FPV's F6 Gets More Six Appeal
17th August, 2005
Ford Performance Vehicles has today confirmed it will widen its choice to customers with an optional six-speed automatic transmission available for the first time on the BF FPV range in October ..... more

FPV F6 Tornado Blows into Town!
2nd May, 2005
Following delays, caused by clutch problems with the F6 Typhoon, Ford Performance Vehicles plan to commence production this week of its latest high-performance machine – the turbo-charged F6 Tornado ute ..... more

Ford Performance Vehicles Go Green!
17th May, 2004
Envi is Ford's new FPV colour ...... more

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