Ford Celebrates 75th Anniversary of Hot Rod


17th August, 2006

  • 2007 marks the 75th anniversary of the legendary 1932 Ford, commonly called the “Deuce” and universally recognised as the quintessential American hot rod.
  • Hot Rods & Horsepower, manufacturer of the officially licensed 75th Anniversary Deuce will auction the first issued limited edition 75th Anniversary Deuce to raise funds for Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation.
  • Edsel B. Ford II, great grandson of Henry Ford and member of Ford’s Board of Directors, will autograph and drive the first 75th Anniversary Deuce before it is auctioned at the prestigious Barrett-Jackson Auction in January 2007.
  • Limited to 100 vehicles, the 75th Anniversary Deuce will be based on the Dearborn Deuce®, the only all-steel 1932 Ford Roadster replica to incorporate a modern convertible top and power side windows.

The year was 1932. The United States was reeling from the Great Depression. War loomed in Europe. Famine ravaged Russia. Yet hope and innovation were dawning. FDR was elected President and spoke the famous words, “We have nothing to fear, but fear itself.” The same year, Edsel B. Ford, son on Henry Ford, designed the 1932 Ford Coupes and Roadster, commonly called the “Deuce.”

The year 2007 marks the 75th anniversary of Ford’s breakthrough 1932 vehicles. The most popular models, the 3- and 5-window Coupes and the Roaster were destined to become hot rod icons. The 3-window Coupe was made famous by the No.1 Beach Boys song “Little Deuce Coupe”. The 1932 Roadster however, remains the most popular body style among hot rodders and is now recognised as America’s quintessential hot rod.

Ford is marking the occasion at the Woodward Dream Cruise on 19th August, where a limited edition officially licensed 75th Anniversary Deuce, autographed by Edsel B. Ford II, will be on display. The car will be auctioned off in January 2007 at the prestigious Barrett-Jackson Auction to raise money for the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation (JDRF).

The 1932 Ford

The 1932 Ford is best known for introducing the first mass-produced V8 engine. Its simple, elegant, functional and distinctive design and tuner-friendly engine formed the foundation of the hot rod movement years later. Today, the ’32 Ford Roadster is an automotive design standard as well as an American icon.

It is the only car of its era to be adopted by auto enthusiasts in each successive generation. It has appeared in many different themes and continues to be the preferred body style for building custom hot rod vehicles. Ford’s display of 75 of the most significant ‘32s at the Grand National Roadster Show on 26th-28th January, 2006 is a testament to the longevity of the design and the creativity of its owners.

The Dearborn Deuce®

The Dearborn Deuce® is the first all-steel ’32 roadster body designed to incorporate a fully-integrated and completely concealed modern convertible top with electric side windows. The body also features a deeper cockpit to increase leg room, expanded boot capacity, 3-1/2 inch longer doors for easier entry and exit, and a fully reinforced superstructure. All these design changes were accomplished without compromising the beauty and stock outer dimensions of Edsel Ford’s original design.

Hot Rods & Horsepower, LLC, the manufacturer of the Dearborn Deuce® is offering a Limited Edition, officially licensed, 75th Anniversary Deuce classic hot rod. Production will be strictly limited to 100 vehicles. Each 75th Anniversary Deuce comes with a certificate of authenticity and is numbered consecutively.

The 75th Anniversary Deuce features performance show chassis with 4-wheel independent suspension, 4-wheel disc brakes, rack and pinion steering, custom wheels, Pirelli performance tyres, custom leather interior and finished boot, optional console, air conditioning, CD player, custom instrumentation, modern halogen head lights and LED tail lights, tinted glass, wipers and choice of an automatic or 5-speed manual transmission. The car is available as a “High Boy” without mudguards or as a full-guarded car. Unlike the original that was only available in black, customers can choose from a variety of specially chosen custom colours by DuPont Hot Hues.

The Edsel B. Ford II JDRF Charity Cars

As part of the 75th Anniversary programme, Hot Rods and Horsepower teamed up with Ford to raise money for JDRF. Hot Rods & Horsepower donated the first issued 75th Anniversary Deuce (Serial no. 7532001) to be auctioned in January at the prestigious Barrett Jackson Car Auction held in Scottsdale, Arizona. This one-of-a-kind 75th Anniversary Deuce is dressed in full guards and features a custom set of donated HRE race wheels.

The auction proceeds will be donated to the JDRF. This is the second Dearborn Deuce™ Hot Rods & Horsepower has donated to the JDRF. Last year the same team raised more than $129,000 for the charity. In addition to the auction vehicle, Edsel Ford, the great grandson of Henry Ford, will autograph 10 additional 75th Anniversary Deuce hot rods to raise additional funds for the JDRF. Each of these vehicles will carry a $25,000 premium that will be donated to the nearest local chapter of the JDRF where the purchaser resides.

“Hot Rods & Horsepower is delighted to once again work with Ford Motor Company and Edsel Ford to raise money to support the invaluable work of the JDRF,” said Craig Knight, president of Hot Rods & Horsepower. “We have been blessed with strong sales and loyal customers and are grateful to have this opportunity to help find a cure for the children suffering with this terrible illness. It’s about the kids. It’s about the cure.”

Edsel Ford II with a 2006 Dearborn Deuce
Edsel Ford II with a 2006 Dearborn Deuce

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