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75th Anniversary Of Iconic ’32 Ford


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16th May, 2006

  • An exhibit of “THE 75” Most Significant ’32 Ford Hot Rods, as selected by a panel of 'experts', will launch the 75th anniversary celebration of the 1932 Ford, a legendary car with an celebrated engine
  • Display will feature milestone cars, trace the history of hot rodding and showcase the influence these cars continue to have on the automotive industry and American culture
  • Exhibit will be the first time these cars have been gathered in one place at one time
  • Special sections of exhibit will spotlight the innovative “flathead” V8 engine and the work of Edsel Ford, design leader of the ’32 Ford

A display of the 75 most significant ’32 Ford hot rods of all time will launch next year’s 75th anniversary of the celebrated 1932 Ford, a car known for its innovative engine and bold design. The 75 cars were selected by a panel of authorities after first nominating 474 individual ’32 Ford hot rods for consideration and then conducting two rounds of balloting. The display will be part of the 58th annual Grand National Roadster Show, the nation’s oldest annual car show, held in Pomona, California, 26th-28th January, 2007.

The 1932 Ford was a watershed vehicle for Ford, the automobile industry and American culture. Combining the innovative engineering of Henry Ford, in the form of the first mass-produced V-8 engine, with the design sophistication of his son Edsel, the ’32 Ford brought a new level of performance and flair to the general public. Years after its introduction, the ’32 Ford played a major role in another revolution – the development of the hot rod. Built from cast-off cars in backyards and small garages, and assembled by young enthusiasts with remarkable ingenuity and intuitive engineering, these cars performed far beyond their original capabilities and often rivaled the performance of the best in the world. The hot rod impacted many forms of motor sports and is one of the foundations of today’s $31 billion aftermarket industry.

The Deuce 75th Anniversary exhibit will be staged in a 44,000 square foot (3,716 square metres) building on the grounds of the Los Angeles County FairPlex in Pomona, site of America's annual Grand National Roadster Show. The foyer of the exhibit will introduce visitors to the 1932 Ford and its initial importance, before they enter the main display of the 75 Most Significant ’32 Ford Hot Rods. The cars will be displayed so that the history and importance of each can be told in detail. Rare photographs of the cars, and the people behind them, are being collected along with historic film footage that will play in a specially built theatre in the exhibit building. Two additional displays will showcase the first Ford V8 engine, known as the “flathead” because of its cylinder head configuration, and the design influence of Edsel Ford, Henry Ford’s son.

“Henry Ford was an innovator. He wanted something new that would surprise everyone and sell his next generation of cars,” said Dave Szczupak, group vice president, Manufacturing, Ford Motor Company. “The basic architecture of two banks of four cylinders each, cast in a single piece with the crankcase, set the pattern for efficient and powerful V8s that is still used throughout the industry today. Edsel Ford’s body designs were so beautifully matched with his father Henry’s speedy V-8 that 1932 models have become all-time American classics.”

“The anniversary exhibit’s telling of Edsel Ford’s contributions is important. His impeccable taste was the deciding element in every Ford, Lincoln and Mercury built between the Model T and World War II,” said Freeman Thomas, design director, North American Strategic Design, Ford Motor Company. “This was a significant chapter in Ford Motor Company’s design dominance. The Deuce is the hot rod ‘gold standard’ because of Henry’s V8 and Edsel’s design. Seventy-five years later, there still is not a more youthful image in America than the hot rod. This is another testament to the genius of Edsel Ford. This legacy is a great asset and one Ford is building on today.”

Numerous events, multiple museum exhibits, several books and wide range other commemorations around the country are being planned to mark the 75th anniversary of the 1932 Ford. Ford’s list of “THE 75” Deuces and the planned display of the “75 Most Influential ’32 Ford Hot Rods” are designed to support and integrate with these other efforts. Ford will utilise the anniversary of its iconic 1932 model to celebrate the company’s heritage of engineering innovation, performance and design leadership. Ford Racing Performance Parts, Ford Powertrain and Ford Licensing are among the Ford components participating in the 75th anniversary activities.

“Gathering these cars together will be an historic event, the first time they’ve all been in one place at one time. It promises to be the most valuable collection of historic hot rods ever assembled,” said Larry Erickson, chief designer, Ford Motor Company. “Individually and collectively they’ve had a tremendous influence on the automotive and cultural landscapes. The ’32 Ford hot rod, nicknamed the “Deuce,” has played an important role in the history of Ford and numerous aspects of contemporary culture. It is also, arguably, the most recycled car in world. Other cars are sometimes restored, the ’32 Ford is recycled, again and again.

The exhibit is being designed to also tell about the people behind the cars. We’ll use rare photographs, historic film and the recollections of the people who built, drove, raced and preserved these unique and important vehicles,” said Erickson. “The next step is to locate and contact the current owners of the 75 cars so that they can begin making plans to bring them to the ’07 anniversary exhibit. We’re working to ensure that this event appropriately honours both the legacy of these 75 cars and all of those who have worked to preserve them.”

“THE 75” Most Influential ’32 Ford Hot Rods were selected by a panel of automotive authorities across a variety of fields. The panel included members from around the world, and represented all facets of the hot rodding. Its selection of the 75 Deuce Hot Rods was announced at the January, 2006 Grand National Roadster Show during its annual Hall of Fame luncheon.

“THE 75” Most Significant ’32 Ford Hot Rods are:

  • American Graffiti - 5-window
  • Phil Cool - Roadster
  • Ermie Immerso - Roadster
  • Boyce Asquith – Roadster
  • Currie Enterprises - Roadster
  • Jackman Bros. - Sport Coupe
  • Lloyd Bakan - 3-window
  • Bill Desatoff - Tudor
  • Andy Kassa - 3-window
  • Balchowsky /Vogel - Roadster
  • Bill Desatoff - Tudor
  • Andy Kassa - 3-window
  • Banker Bros. -
  • Roy Desbrow - Pick-up
  • Kendrick/Beck - Tudor
  • Jeff Beck - 3-window
  • Neal East - 5-window
  • Gary Kessler - Roadster
  • Berardini Bros. - Roadster
  • Eastwood & Barakat - Tudor
  • Jim Khougaz - Roadster
  • Bill Breece - 3-window
  • Vic Edelbrock, Sr. - Roadster
  • Bob Kolmos - Phaeton
  • Andy Brizio - Roadster
  • Ells/Hansen - Roadster
  • Jerry Kugel - Roadster
  • Roy Brizio - Roadster
  • Dan Fink - "Speedwagon"
  • Jerry Kugel - Roadster - Bonneville
  • Ray Brown - Roadster
  • Fjastad/Von Hofgaarden - Tudor
  • Dennis Kyle - Roadster
  • Brian Burnett - Roadster
  • Tommy Foster - Roadster
  • Tony La Masa - Roadster
  • Lil' John Buttera - 3-window
  • Doyle Gammell - 3-window
  • Lobeck /Coonan /Bauder /Meyer - Roadster
  • C&T Automotive /Siroonian - Roadster
  • Richard Graves - Phaeton
  • Harry Luzader - 5-window
  • Clarence "Chili" Catallo - "Little Deuce Coupe"
  • Ken Gross - Roadster
  • Dave Marquez - Roadster
  • Pete Chapouris - "Limefire" Roadster
  • Guldahl /Henderson - Roadster
  • Mike Martin - 3-window
  • Boyd Coddington - Boydster I
  • Wayne Henderson - Vicky
  • McGee/Scritchfield - Roadster
  • Li'l Coffin - Sedan
  • Herbert /Gaskin - 4-door
  • Tom McMullen - Roadster
  • Ak Miller - Roadster
  • Roger Ritzow - Roadster
  • Bruce Meyer - 3-window
  • Bob Morris - Roadster
  • Bob Ro thenberg - Roadster
  • Ed "Axle" Stewart - Roadster
  • Joe Nitti - Roadster
  • Dick Scritchfield - Phaeton
  • Don thelen - Vicky
  • Orange Crate - Sedan
  • Don Van Hoff - 5 window
  • Veda Orr - Roadster
  • John Siroonian - Phaeton
  • Walsh /Walsh /Cusack - Roadster
  • Chuck Price - Roadster
  • Doane Spencer - Roadster
  • Tony Waters - Roadster
  • Tom Prufer - 3-window
  • Fred Steele - Roadster
  • Woodard/East/Moeller - Roadster



  • Lynn Yakel - 5-window

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