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Ford's LPG Challenge returned to Melbourne
Ford's LPG Challenge finished at Ford's Melbourne office

27th August, 2006

Ford's LPG Challenge returned to Melbourne at 3:15pm on Friday 25th August after driving more than 13,950kms around Australia and spending only $997.55 on fuel by filling up solely on LPG.

The LPG Challenge left Melbourne on 3rd August a BF Fairmont, with the aim of proving the economical benefits of LPG fuel and its availability around the country.

"Australians are constantly worrying about fuel prices and there has been a lot of talk about a movement from large cars into smaller vehicles," said Ford Australia President Tom Gorman.

"We wanted to show Australians that you can have all the performance and package benefits of a large car while enjoying the refuelling costs of a much smaller car."

"The difference in LPG prices versus petrol around the country allowed us to complete our trip around Australia for less than $1,000. A similar trip in a petrol vehicle would have cost approximately twice that amount."

At the end of the trip, the Ford Fairmont had achieved a total average fuel consumption figure of 10.2L/100kms.

"We also wanted to prove that concerns about the ability to access LPG outside major metropolitan cities are unfounded and that it is possible to drive the whole way around mainland Australia and fill up only on LPG.

"The LPG Challenge team has now travelled a full lap of mainland Australia more than 13,950kms and has filled up only on LPG at service stations around the country. This includes areas as remote as Port Hedland in Western Australia, Kununurra and Tennant Creek in the Northern Territory and Mt Isa in Queensland," said Mr Gorman.

Ford V8 Supercar drivers, including (amongst others) Mark Winterbottom, James Courtney, Jamie Whincup, Craig Lowndes, Dale Brede and Jason Bright all had their turn behind the wheel of the Fairmont throughout the Challenge.

The drive covered more than 13,900kms in total, following a route from Melbourne to Adelaide, across to Perth, north to Broome, east to Kununurra and Darwin, south to Tennant Creek and then east again to Mt Isa and over to Townsville. From Townsville, the Challenge continued its southward journey into Rockhampton and Brisbane before heading inland to Tamworth and Dubbo before heading back to the coast and Sydney. From Sydney the Challenge stopped in Canberra, before its final leg to Albury and Melbourne.

The change was $2.45!
V8 Supercar driver Jason Bright (right) hands Ford Australia President,
Tom Gorman (left) the change from the Ford LPG $1,000 Challenge.
The change was $2.45!

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