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Mitsubishi Mirage for 2012

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Mitsubishi will debut the production version of their "Global Small" concept car at the 2011 Tokyo Motor Show (3rd December to 11th December) in Japan.

The new car will be known as "Mirage", thus reviving a model name that many Australian will recall with fondness, as an earlier popular Mitsubishi hatchback wore this nameplate. Although Mitsubishi's first use of the Mirage nameplate goes back to March 1978 (in Japan).

The new Mitsubishi Mirage’s design focuses on compactness, affordability, and high fuel efficiency in order to fit the needs of emerging markets as an affordable entry-level model as well as needs of advanced markets for fuel efficiency and low-CO2 emission. In addition, the Mirage features good manoeuvrability and easy drivability inherent to a compact car while also providing a comfortable interior space for five adults.

MMC has targeted top-of-class fuel efficiency (Japan market version) of 30 km per litre through a variety of measures including painstaking reduction in weight throughout almost every part of the car, reduction in rolling resistance and higher efficiency through detailed improvements to the engine, transmission, brakes and tyres, and an aerodynamic body that reduces air resistance and drag.

The new Mitsubishi Mirage is due to go on sale first in Thailand in March 2012.

An Australian release is anticipated much later in the year.

Mitsubishi Mirage specifications (Japan market version)

Overall length

3,710 mm

Overall width

1,665 mm

Overall height

1,490 mm




1.0L 3-cylinder MIVEC with Auto Stop & Go (AS&G)



Target fuel efficiency

30 km/L





Stay tuned to Next Car for details of Australian specifications, release date and pricing (in due course).


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