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2006 Volkswagen Eos

The Volkswagen Eos is now available in Germany.
It's expected in Australia in Q1 2007.

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6th May, 2006

The first convertible-coupe with integrated sliding/tilting glassroof

After more than one million VW convertibles - Beetle, Karmann Ghia, Golf and New Beetle series - the new Eos takes off to a flying start this month in Germany. The four-seater is equipped with a five piece convertible, sliding and coupe roof (CSC-roof).

The hard top folds tightly together providing a powerful design

  • A friendly panorama: The CSC-roof opens or closes completely within 25 seconds and offers technical as well as visual finesse. Firstly: the front section is held in a transpa­rent glass look and can be used as a panorama sun roof opening it either completely or tilting it upwards by 35 millimeters. Even in the closed mode the roof provides a bright, friendly and fresh atmosphere in the interior. Second­ly: thanks to the wide CSC-roof span it was possible to design a short windscreen frame. This provides a pure conver­tible feeling. Thirdly: another benefit is that the proportions are streamlined, the roof line is elongated, the rear is muscular and the overall impression is one of high quality.

  • One VW, two segments: The clientele addressed by the Eos is comparatively large because the convertible-coupe is positioned between the European A and B class market segments. Example A-class (Golf-class): the Eos recommends itself as a vehicle with the overall impression of the higher quality B-class. In addition the Eos stands out from many of its competitors in the A-segment because of the higher end performance spectrum of the engines and high-end technologies such as the automatic DSG double clutch transmission, a Dynaudio sound system and of course the new CSC-roof. Example B-class (Passat-class): Even though the Eos is a little shorter than its com­petitors it offers a comparatively spacious and in any case comfortable interior. To put it differently: this Volkswagen transcends class borders.

2006 Volkswagen Eos

New designs throughout

  • CSC-Design: When closed, the CSC-roof curves in an arc between the rear and the windscreen. This provides an outstanding coupe roof, elegant and sporty. With the roof open, it is obvious that the Eos was specifically designed as a convertible-coupe and that its bodywork design was not derived from an existing model. Due to the CSC-roof it was possible to keep the windscreen frame short and the rear compact. Consequence: clear cut proportions in the style of classic convertibles. Not even one antenna disturbs its appearance. Background: the developers built each antenna into the boot lid made of high rigidity synthetic.

  • CSC characteristics: The five-section CSC structure offers not only visual, but also practical advantages. Firstly, the pure convertible-feeling. Since the windscreen frame projects out into the interior to a far lesser degree than many similar vehicles there is nothing but the sky above the driver and front passenger. Secondly: optimal entry and exit. The reduced width of the wind screen frame makes it easier to get into the open Eos, since it is not necessary to manoeuvre around the frame. Thirdly: the integrated CSC-roof of the Eos captures light, air and a good mood. The complete opening and closing of the roof systems happens very quickly - from the first ‘click’ to the last ‘click’ it only takes around 25 seconds. Once everything is covered, the system confirms the completion of the action by sounding a signal. In addition the CSC-roof offers the general advantages of an unlimited all-year-round suitability as well as lower driving noise levels when closed. The hard shell also makes life harder for vandals and thieves.

2006 Volkswagen Eos

Very wide and powerful

  • Dimensions: The convertible-coupe is 1.79 metres wide, 4.41 metres long and 1.44 metres high. In their relationship to each other these dimensions affect the dynamics of the Eos: due to the relatively broad width in comparison with the length and height, the Eos sits powerfully on its wheels. The considerable track width (more than 1.55 metres) doesn’t just look good; it rather adds to the agility and road handling. The result is a fun driving experience, whether the top is up or down.

Five engines with a performance spectrum

  • Engines:The Eos is available in Germany with four petrol engines (performance spectrum 85 kW, 110 kW, 147 kW and 184 kW as well as a 103 kW strong TDI with standard diesel particulate filter. For engines up to 147 kW a four cylinder direct injection system is used. The 184-kW option gets its power from six cylinders; gear changes are made via the DSG double clutch transmission.

Sporty-elegant interior

  • Interior: The interior was also newly designed. While the details for function and use (e.g. lights, air conditioning; radio systems) are familiar from other models, many of the Eos elements were newly developed. These include the cockpit, door and side cover as well as the rear seats and an air conditioning automatic specifically designed for a convertible. For the first time Volkswagen optionally features electrically activated easy-entry-seats: they ‘remember’ the driver’s and front passenger’s longitudinal seating position and return to it – just by pushing a button - after the rear passengers are in or out. A lordosis support is also integrated into this electric 12-way seat adjustment system.

  • Boot: With an open roof the available space is 205 litres, when closed the volume increases to 380 litres. For the last few millimeters the lid of the boot closes via a power latching system as a standard feature. In addition there is a service hatch which is integrated into the rear seat bench.

2006 Volkswagen Eos

Comprehensive standard equipment / Eos Individual

  • Equipment: The Eos reaches the German market exclusively equipped with high quality components. The standard equipment that is always present: ESP, maximum safety head restraints in the front, front airbags and specially developed head-thorax airbags; 16" alloy rims (V6: 17"), air conditioning (Climatic/V6: Climatronic)), fog lights, power windows, leather steering wheel*, leather lever knob* and leather hand brake handle* as well as sport seats* (* = standard starting from 103 kW, customised for 85 kW). It goes without saying that a retractable roll bar system is pushed out in a maximum of 0.25 second in a critical driving situation providing extra safety. There are optional innovative features available for the Eos, such as a Dynaudio sound system with a 10 channel amplifier, 10 loud speakers and 600 Watt output or bi-xenon head lights with a dynamic curve light and a static turning light. Among other things, Volkswagen Individual also developed a particularly noble and elegant Eos with two colour leather equipment, 18" inch alloy rims and a dark chrome-radiator grille.

2006 Volkswagen Eos

All the data and descriptions included in this news item are valid for the models available for sale in Germany. Different details may apply in other countries, including Australia. The Next Car team is expecting the Eos to be released in Australia during the first quarter in 2007.

2006 Volkswagen Eos

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