Alfa Romeo At The 61st
Frankfurt International Motor Show


2006 Alfa Romeo Brera
2006 Alfa Romeo Brera

21st September, 2005

A stand designed on the basis of simple geometries, where alternating planes and volumes reflect a stylistic refinement that sets off the sinuous, aerodynamic design of the many cars on display. This is basically the spirit of the stand that Alfa Romeo has prepared for the Frankfurt Motor Show, a very striking display, which welcomes and appeals to visitors, where they can experience and understand the message that has always been a hallmark of Alfa Romeo: 'sportiness and elegance', the result of highly sophisticated technology and a unique heritage on the world motoring scene.

The ambassadors of this philosophy are the new generation of Alfa Romeo cars to have emerged from the Alfa 159 project, as well as other cars that are currently in production: from the Alfa GT to the Alfa Crosswagon Q4, the Alfa 166 flagship and the compact Alfa 147, all of which are powered by Euro 4 engines.

2005 Alfa Romeo 159
2005 Alfa Romeo 159

Four different Alfa 159s are on show in Frankfurt. The first is a Q4 version with four-wheel drive, equipped with the powerful new 3.2 V6 JTS 24-valve engine that delivers 191 kW (260 bhp), with Ruby Red bodywork that conveys Alfa Romeo's interpretation of 'classical sportiness'. The second saloon is also equipped with one of the three new JTS engines offered with the range: the 2.2 JTS which delivers a maximum power output of 136 kW (185 bhp) at 6500 rpm, and peak torque of 230 Nm (23.4 kgm) at 4500 rpm. And finally, there are two Alfa 159s equipped with the sparkling 147 kW (200 bhp) 2.4 JTDm: one sports the 'silver' livery that distinguishes the new generation of Alfa Romeo cars, and the other is a striking non-metallic black. All the Alfa 159s on show share the same lavish furnishings, for example, the facia, seats and panels upholstered with Frau 'pieno fiore' fine grain leather in various shades of grey, black and beige. Plus tri-zone climate control, aluminium trims, electric seats, cruise control, 7 airbags, VDC stability control with a hill holder, a map radio navigator with a telephone and voice controls, xenon headlights and 18" alloy wheels with a classic sporty design (with bore holes or spokes depending on the version).

The 159 pays tribute to the great history of Alfa Romeo saloons, because all Alfa Romeo cars are linked by a common denominator: a continuous striving for innovation combined with a glorious racing tradition. As a result, on the stand, the public can also admire a splendid Giulia TI which, as the slogan of its day underlined, was the car 'designed by the wind'. The line was revolutionary: a low nose, enclosed by four headlights, an aerodynamic bonnet, a wrapround windscreen like that of a fighter plane, and above all, a short tail. The engine was a four-cylinder 1570 cc unit, that delivered 92 bhp. The model exhibited in Frankfurt is the TI version of 1963, with the gearshift on the steering wheel and disc brakes, type-approved for six passengers. TI (Turismo Internazionale) was a name that Alfa Romeo gave in the 1970s only to cars that were particularly lavishly equipped. Today these two simple but glorious letters reappear on a special line that is available on Alfa Romeo models.

2006 Alfa Romeo Brera
2006 Alfa Romeo Brera

The new Alfa Brera coupe is also displayed. This is a fascinating car that transforms the traditional spirit of the coupé into the more exciting spirit of 'absolute sportiness'. A Q4 version is on display in Frankfurt, with a 3.2 V6 JTS 24-valve engine, a jewel of engine technology, that delivers 191 kW (260 bhp) at 6,200 rpm, and peak torque of 322 Nm (32.8 kgm) at 4,500 rpm. The new coupé, designed jointly by Giorgetto Giugiaro and the Alfa Romeo Styling Centre, is the latest outcome of the brand's great tradition that has produced beautiful cars with plenty of character, a magical balance between reason and sentiment, technical culture and design creativity.

2005 Alfa Romeo 147
2005 Alfa Romeo 147

Also on display is the Alfa 147. With its harmonious lines, this model has new exterior and interior styling, the evolution of a winning model, which is now bigger, more powerful and with a more forceful personality. There are numerous changes to the engineering and the equipment, such as the amazing 150 bhp 1.9 JTDm engine, and the most sophisticated safety devices: from VDC to ASR, ABS complete with EBD and six airbags that are standard throughout the range. Two versions are on show in Frankfurt: the first is an Alfa Romeo 147 Distinctive, which is equipped with the 150 bhp 1.9 JTDm engine, and includes VDC, 6 airbags, a radio with CD player, 16" alloy wheels, dual-zone automatic climate control and foglights as standard equipment. The car on display also features leather seats, xenon headlights, radio controls on the wooden steering wheel, 17" alloy wheels, parking sensors, the Bose Hi-Fi system and an iPod. This is a preview of the iPod Pack that Alfa will be offering on the 147 range by the end of the year. The system incorporates Apple's revolutionary MP3 player (a device that lets you determine playlists of thousands of tracks in digital audio quality) inside the car, with a special drawer in the central console that houses the iPod, either a mini version or the 40 Gb version. The tracks are managed directly by the radio or the steering wheel controls when they are fitted. There is a choice of two options: iPod wiring (installation of the connection cable, drawer with non-slip mat and assembly), or the iPod Pack which includes the wiring and the MP3 iPod player developed for Alfa Romeo and complete with a black leather case. Next to this car is another Alfa 147, a 2.0 TS delivering 110 kW (150 bhp), with a special version of the Selespeed gearbox, prepared for the Motor Show, on which advanced sportiness and elegance combine in an exclusive young, dynamic outfit with innovative materials and special colours. The car proposes: 6 airbags, VDC, foglights, dual zone automatic climate control, alloy wheels, radio with CD player, lower suspension, xenon headlights, map navigator with a telephone, and the Bose Hi-Fi system.

Alfa Romeo Crosswagon Q4
Alfa Romeo Crosswagon Q4

Alfa Romeo is presenting other important novelties at the Show, all of which embody the marque's 'cuore sportivo' and sophisticated technology. One example is the Alfa Crosswagon Q4, the model that marks Alfa Romeo's return to the world of four-wheel drive. It fits the Q4 permanent 4-wheel drive system, with three differentials and a torque splitter that favours the rear axle. The Q4 system modulates the torque split between the front and rear axles constantly, according to the grip. This feature is particularly important for a sporty driving style and the sportiness that boosts active safety. The Alfa Romeo Crosswagon Q4 on display in Frankfurt is equipped with the brilliant 1.9 JTD 16v Multijet engine (150 bhp - 110 kW) and with numerous outstanding features, particularly those that enhance safety (ABS with EBD, VDC, ASR, 6 airbags and xenon headlights) and comfort on board (dual zone climate control, Cruise control, Bose Hi-Fi system, radio with satellite navigator and electro-chromic rearview mirror with a compass). The car also features stylish 'pieno fiore' fine grain beige leather upholstery and 17" alloy wheels.

2005 Alfa Romeo GT
2005 Alfa Romeo GT

Under the spotlight of the German Motor Show we find two Alfa GTs, one equipped with the 2.0 165 bhp JTS Selespeed engine which has a top speed of 216 km/h, and accelerates from 0 to 100 km/h in 8.7 seconds; and the second equipped with a 150 bhp 1.9 JTDm, which has a top speed of 209 km/h and 0-100 km/h acceleration in 9.2 seconds. The model combines brilliant performance and a lavish array of standard equipment that includes 6 airbags, Cruise control, VDC, dual zone climate control, 17" alloy wheels, a radio with MP3 reader, a Bose Hi-Fi system, leather upholstered sport seats, a ski tunnel, leather-upholstered steering wheel with radio controls and double chrome plated exhaust terminal. Developed in collaboration with Bertone, the Alfa GT embodies original styling, lavish equipment and exciting performance, reflecting a new concept of sportiness, which embraces comfort and elegance too.

The same characteristics that the public can admire on the Alfa Romeo 166, a harmonious blend of shapes and content, and the refinement of a large, prestigious saloon. In addition to these strong points, the Alfa 166 also features extremely striking stylistic details inside and out, and attractive combinations between the fabrics and colour scheme. The car on display is equipped with the powerful 180 bhp 2.4 JTDm 20 valve Euro 4 engine, and the Distinctive specification, which includes a wide array of equipment: from VDC to leather upholstery, bi-xenon headlights and automatic climate control. Options include an opening sunroof, 18" alloy wheels, satellite navigator, rear parking sensors, steering wheel mounted radio controls, Bose Hi-Fi system, and a CD changer.

2005 Alfa Romeo 166
2005 Alfa Romeo 166

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