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1st QUARTER 2004

Volkswagen 360° Experience
31st March, 2004
Five Volkswagen Touaregs will drive around the world. Adventurous folks with sufficient EUROS to spend are invited to join in, although numbers are strictly limited ..... more

Renault Megane sedan
31st March, 2004
A four-door sedan version of the trendy Renault Megane joins the line-up. Prices are from $29,990 ..... more

Mercedes-Benz CLK240
29th March, 2004
A good move by Mercedes-Benz is the pending introduction of a 2.6 litre V6 in the exciting CLK cabriolet line-up ..... more

Alfa Romeo 1 and BMW 1 at Monza
29th March, 2004
A young 20 year old Brazilian wins his first ETCC race, driving an Alfa Romeo 156, at his debut event ..... more

Lexus LF-C Sports Coupe Concept Car
28th March, 2004
A new V8 powered concept car will be unveiled at the New York Motor Show next month ..... more

Indianapolis 500 Pace Car
28th March, 2004
Every American car company wants one of their cars chosen as the Pace Car for the annual Indianapolis 500. This year the winner is ..... more

Peugeot 307 Claims Fuel Economy Record!
25th March, 2004
An amazing 3.49 litres per 100k (81.16 MPG) is John Taylor's new record with a Peugeot 307 HDi Touring ..... more

BMW's new 1-series is coming this year!
24th March, 2004
A new challenger for the premium compact segment arrives late this year. Australia will get the 116i and 120i ..... more

Alfa Romeo GT and 166 with right-hand drive
24th March, 2004
Right-hand drive versions of Alfa's 2 newest cars have began arriving in England. We'll see the GT in July and the 166 in November ..... more

BMW X3 pricing is confirmed
24th March, 2004
A little cheaper than first envisaged. That's BMW's good news for X3 buyers ..... more

Smart Dealership Expansion
22nd March, 2004
Smart dealership numbers to increase from 3 dealers in 3 cities to 13 dealers in 5 cities ..... more

Mitsubishi Pajero
22nd March, 2004
Just 1,000 Mitsubishi Pajero 21st Anniversary Editions will be available in Australia ..... more

Volkswagen Caddy
19th March, 2004
A Caddy joins the Golf in VW's European range ..... more

Kia's European Expansion
19th March, 2004
Kia has formalised plans for a new plant on Slovakia ..... more

Honda Odyssey
18th March, 2004
A mid-year arrival is expected for the all-new sporty looking Odyssey ..... more

Mazda MX-5 SE
18th March, 2004
At $45,490 the turbocharged MX-5 SE is going to win friends ..... more

Mercedes-Benz E500 & E55 AMG
17th March, 2004
Two high performance wagons join the Mercedes-Benz Australian range ..... more

Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution VIII
17th March, 2004
About 100 examples of these legends will be available in Australia around mid-year! ..... more

Peugeot 206 - 4,000,000 seller
16th March, 2004
Peugeot has produced it's 4 millionth 206! ..... more

Daewoo Statesman for South Korea
16th March, 2004
Holden will export it's next Statesman & Caprice (the WL series) to South Korea for 2005 sales ..... more

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Mitsubishi Magna VR and VR-X Limited Edition sporties
15th March, 2004
Two limited edition sports versions of the Magna add additional 'character' to Mitsubishi's big car range .....

Citroen C5
12th March, 2004

The 2004 Citroen C5 just became an even better proposition .....

Chrysler Car Show, Geelong
7th March, 2004

Here's 25 pictures from the Annual Chrysler Car Show organised by Bay City Chrysler Car Club ..... more

Renault Clio Renaultsport 182
6th March, 2004

A hot hatch in the image of the classic 1965 Renault 8 Gordini is now available in Europe ..... more

Rolls Royce 100 EX
5th March, 2004

Suicide doors, ugly front-end ..... this is the Rolls Royce way of celebrating 100 years ..... more

BMW Concept M5
5th March, 2004

Although this is a 'show car', it's a preview of what is close to the next M5 ..... more

Subaru's February Sales Record
5th March, 2004

A total of 2,695 new Subaru models hit Australian roads last month ..... more

Jaguar XK
5th March, 2004

A revised XK range is coming ..... more

Saab 9-3 Sport Hatch Concept Car
4th March, 2004

Here's the direction for future Saab 9-3's ..... more

Saab 9-7X
4th March, 2004

An all-wheel drive mid-size SUV for North America ..... more

Lamborghini Murcielago
4th March, 2004

And now we see a roadster from Lamborghini ..... more

Nissan Murano
3rd March, 2004

Nissan are displaying their new cross-over wagon at the Melbourne Motor Show ..... more

Rover 75 V8
3rd March, 2004
The 75 becomes a super-power with a Ford V8 engine ..... more

Mitsubishi Magna Solara
2nd March, 2004
Mitsubishi’s Magna Solara sedan makes a return to the market in March, with plenty of features added to an already impressive list of standard features that will entice buyers with a keen eye for value ..... more

Jaguar XJ6
29th February, 2004

The Jaguar XJ6 will be back in April, for under $150,000 ..... more

Jaguar S-Type
29th February, 2004

Jaguar previews the new S-Type in Melbourne ..... more

Joss ..... an aussie supercar?
28th February, 2004

Joss, it's the aussie supercar with a 6.8 litre Australian designed and built V8 ..... more

Bentley Continental GT
28th February, 2004

Over 200 Bentley Continental GT's have been sold in Australia and 130 of these are expected to be delivered this year! ..... more

Volkswagen Polo
27th February, 2004

Volkswagen displays the new sedan version of it's small car at the Melbourne Motor Show.

Elfin returns!
27th February, 2004
Holden show the Elfin Clubman MS8 and the Elfin Streamliner MS8 at the Melbourne Motor Show ..... more

Holden Astra convertible
26th February, 2004

A limited edition Astra convertible hits the market tomorrow ..... more

Ford Fiesta hot hatch
25th February, 2004
The return of a tiny high-performing Ford is good news for Europe ..... more

Maybach sales begin
24th February, 2004

Mercedes-Benz has delivered it's first Maybach in Australia. Another two have been sold for Australian delivery.

BMW 6-series
24th February, 2004

BMW will display both the coupe and the convertible versions of the new 6-series at the Melbourne Motor Show.

Ford & Holden Concept Vehicles
23nd February, 2004

Both Ford and Holden will be displaying concept vehicles at the Melbourne Motor Show, which commences on Friday 27th February, 2004. Ford will have their F6 Typhoon sedan and Holden will have their SST one-tonner.

Daewoo Nubira wagon
23nd February, 2004

There's a new Daewoo wagon coming. This time, it's an attractive looking car ..... more

Mercedes-Benz has a new 7-speed automatic
22nd February, 2004

To improve fuel efficiency, Mercedes-Benz now fits a 7-speed automatic transmission to it's V8 powered models ..... more

New BMW 5-series wagons
22nd February, 2004

Geneva will be the debut location for BMW's 5-series Touring ..... more

Lotus Exige will be unveiled 2nd March, 2004
22nd February, 2004

The new Lotus Exige is making its world debut simultaneously in Australia and in Switzerland, when the covers are pulled off the striking Chrome Orange cars on 2nd March 2004 at, both, the Geneva and Melbourne International Motor Shows ..... more

Australia's 2004 Land Rover Freelander
19th February, 2004

The 2.0 turbo diesel 3-door and 5-door 4x4's are revised for 2004 ..... more

Mercedes-Benz SLK: the next generation
19th February, 2004

The second generation of the Mercedes-Benz SLK will debut in Geneva, next month. It will feature a choice of 4, 6, and 8 cylinder engines ..... more

Proton and MG Rover announce collaboration!
19th February, 2004
Perusahaan Otomobil Nasional Berhad (PROTON) entered into a Letter of Intent (LOI) with Phoenix Venture Holdings Limited (PVH) on 18 February 2004. PVH is a company registered in Birmingham, England. Through its subsidiaries, including MG Rover Group Limited, it is primarily involved in the business of engineering, research and development, manufacturing and selling of motor vehicles and related products, including accessories, engine, spare parts and other components. The LOI envisages PROTON and PVH working together to pursue exploratory/feasibility studies concerning potential collaborations.

Alfa's new all-wow all-wheel drive wagon!
18th February, 2004

Alfa Romeo will reveal their new 156 Crosswagon at the 2004 Geneva Motor Show. This all-wheel drive wagon is based on the 156 Sportwagon ..... more

Audi's in your face styling!
17th February, 2004

Audi's answer to the AU Falcon has arrived (in Germany), featuring "in your face" styling. The designers probably believe the new A6 front-end treatment is attractive. But does anyone else feel that way? ..... more

Vauxhall adds an all-new Tigra to it's UK line
17th February, 2004

Mid-2004 sees an all-new Vauxhall Tigra arrive in the UK ..... more

Honda announces it's price for the new Civic Hybrid
16th February, 2004

On sale from the end of February for $29,990 ..... more

BMW X3 is just months away
16th February, 2004

See it at the Melbourne Motor Show next week, see it in showrooms around July or August ..... more

Fiat announces the Trepiuno
16th February, 2004

Yet another concept car to premiere at the Geneva Motor Show next month ..... more

Next Car publishes it's first Newsletter
13th February, 2004

We published our very first newsletter today. This is one of the many initiatives which we will unveil during the year ..... see it here

The Renault Wind
13th February, 2004

The concept cars keeping appearing. This time, it's Renault's turn to advise their "Wind" will appear at next month's Geneva Motor Show ..... more

Will our utes go to America?
12th February, 2004

The industry believes the FTA between Australia and USA will benefit the aussie ute ..... more

Sales are up for Peugeot Citroen Group
12th February, 2004

An increase of 18,600 unit sales sees the Peugeot Citroen Group sell 3,286,100 vehicles, worldwide, in 2003.

Skoda Octavia is about to hit the 1 million mark!
12th February, 2004

No more jokes about Skoda, this successful Czech manufacturer, now part of the VW Group, will produced the 1,000,000th Octavia on the 17th February 2004.

Jeep Cherokee with 4 cylinders
12th February, 2004

A 2.4 litre 4-cylinder powered Cherokee is now available. It's priced at $35,490 plus the traditional add-ons.

Mini about to reveal it's Cabriolet
11th February, 2004

The long anticipated arrival of the Mini cabrio is just around the corner ..... more

MG Rover is to import two exotic cars
10th February, 2004
The Noble M12 GTO-3R and the Pagani Zonda supercars are coming to Australia with MG Rover behind the wheel ..... more

Free Trade Agreement excites General Motors
10th February, 2004

Holden is pleased and GM is excited with the Australia-USA Free Trade Agreement ..... more

Kia's surprise concept ute
10th February, 2004

Kia has revealed a concept vehicle at the Chicago Motor Show which seems road ready. If it gets the go-ahead, it would come to Australia if right-hand drive production was included in the manufacturing plans ..... more

Mazda MX Flexa Concept Car
10th February, 2004

Proving concept cars have a place in the development of future models, Mazda has announced it will reveal another concept car. It will show the MX Flexa at this year's Geneva Motor Show ..... more

Saab's 9-3 and 9-5 for 2004
9th February, 2004

Saab has revised it's two mainstream line-ups for 2004 and it's "spin department" has invented a new word ..... "aspirers"! ..... more

Audi expands it's 2004 Range
9th February, 2004

A new 1.8 litre turbo 4 with quattro for the A4 line-up, plus the V8 quattro S4 and the V8 quattro Allroad are great additions to an already stunning variety of automotive delights ..... more

A Busy Year For Larry Perkins
9th February, 2004

Although retired from driving, this stalwart continues just as busy as ever ..... more

Mazda 6 MPS Concept Car
6th February, 2004

Mazda shows it's 6 MPS Concept Car, which features 6-speed manual, AWD and turbo, at the Brisbane Motor Show ..... more

Honda's Civic Hybrid debuts in Brisbane
6th February, 2004

Honda is previewing it's Civic Hybrid today, at the Brisbane Motor Show. The Civic looks like a real car so it's likely to gain consumer confidence more readily than other such cars ..... more

The British market for 2004
6th February, 2004

The UK market is expecting 2.5 million new vehicles to hit the road in 2004. This is a similar result to last years record of 2,579,050 units. Diesel powered vehicles are expected to account for a staggering 31.0 per cent of the market.

January sales = a new record
5th February, 2004

Australian buyers take a record number of vehicles in January 2004 ..... more

Hyundai Terracan has a make-over
5th February, 2004

There's a make-over for Hyundai's big 4WD, the 7-seater Terracan, which is priced from $34,990 ..... more

Toyota Camry Solara convertible revealed
5th February, 2004

America's Camry is now available as a convertible ..... more

Hyundai Tucson debuts in USA
5th February, 2004

A new small soft-roader for the world ..... more

Kia Carnival takes 50% of the people-mover market
4th February, 2004

An excited Kia Australia team is excited with their January sales ..... more

Ford's Escape for 2004
4th February, 2004

Ford has released it's Escape line-up for 2004. Prices begin at $31,990 for the 4-cylinder XLS and progress through to $41,750 for the V6 Limited. (Prices exclude options, dealer charges and state government taxes)

Morgan heads to Sebring
4th February, 2004

Morgan Works Race Team is taking it's campaign to the USA next month, where it will compete in the 12 hour endurance race at Sebring (Florida) ..... more

Mazda 2 for 2004
4th February, 2004

A sharp pricing policy and additional safety features herald the 2 for 2004 ..... more

Alfa Romeo delivers it's 10,000th car
3rd February, 2004

Since returning to Australia, Alfa Romeo has delivered 10,000 cars ..... more

Kia is selling the Australian Open cars
3rd February, 2004

Tennis players used them for transport. Now the Kia fleet from the Australian Open is for sale ..... more

Audi's new sales record
2nd February, 2004

Worldwide, Audi sold almost 770,000 cars during 2003 ..... more

Lamborghini smashes it's sales record
2nd February, 2004

Lamborghini sells a record number of 1,305 cars during 2003 ..... more

Mazda Tribute for 2004
1st February, 2004

A light make-over and sharp pricing heralds the Tribute for 2004, which are now arriving at Mazda dealers across the nation ..... more

New Lotus 111R makes it's world debut in Australia
30th January, 2004

Australia is the first market in the world to receive a shipment of the new Lotus Elise. Yes, we're being served before the British home market! ..... more

America's Monaro making news
30th January, 2004

A "Formula Drifting" event in California, will see the Pontiac GTO makes it's track debut in America next month ..... more

The Lost and Found Department
29th January, 2004

After 36 years, a prototype Mustang convertible finds fame and fortune ..... more

GM to announce more new cars at the Chicago Motor Show
29th January, 2004

New cars in LA, new cars in Detroit and now there's 6 more new US models to be announced next week at the Chicago Motor Show ..... more

Audi Le Mans Quattro Concept Car
28th January, 2004

Audi Australia has announced another concept car is coming to the 2004 Melbourne Motor Show. Look for the race-bred Le Mans Quattro concept car ..... more

700 Mazda 3's sold already
28th January, 2004

Mazda projected approximately 1700 sales per month for it's new 3. But with 700 sold in the first week of sales, it's clear the market has accepted Mazda's new car. Mazda 6 continues to sell over 250 units per week.

2004 Mercedes-Benz M- Class arrives
27th January, 2004

Having already notched up 11,585 sales in Australia, the 2004 edition of the M-Class is here in it's upgraded form ..... more

Sydney's 2004 Motorfest
27th January, 2004

Australia Day in Sydney means Motorfest. An estimated 1,000 vehicles from the good old days provided plenty of appeal for the thousands of visitors for yesterday's show ..... more

2004 BMW X5 arrives next month!
23rd January, 2004

The 4.8is will be shown at the Melbourne Motor Show and will be available from mid-year, but the 3.0i, 3.0d and 4.4i for 2004 arrive here in February ..... more

A cheaper Honda Jazz!
23rd January, 2004

The entry level Honda Jazz GLi (1.3 litre) has been reduced by $1,000 ..... more

MG TF 80th Anniversary Edition here now!
22nd January, 2004

Celebrating it's 80th year, MG has introduced a limited edition TF. There's 2 models, around $50,000 to $53,000, to choose from. There's just 30 examples for Australia. Each is Pearl Black Metallic with a red hood ..... more

Smart Formore coming along in 2006
21st January, 2004

A new Smart will hit the market in 2006. It's an SUV, which will be known as formore (as in for more). The 'look at me' styled model range expands again ..... more

Renault expands the Clio range
19th January, 2004

Renault has slotted the sporty Clio Dynamique right into the middle of Clio range. Keenly priced at $23,490, this 1.6 litre 3-door will expand interest in Renault's range ..... more

Urban Terrorist Strikes Continue Across USA
16th January, 2004

Sport Utility Vehicle Owners of America (SUVOA) today called on Attorney General John Ashcroft and Secretary of Homeland Security Tom Ridge to step up intelligence and federal enforcement action against The Earth Liberation Front (ELF), a militant environmental group ..... more

Audi A3 2.0 direct petrol injection model
16th January, 2004

Due for local launch in April/May 2004, the all new Audi A3 boasts a clearly dynamic and compact design, signalling Audi’s intention to further develop its image of ‘the sports performance brand’ across its entire model range. It will be unveiled at the Brisbane Motor Show on 6 February 2004 ..... more

Subaru Impreza WRX Clubspec Evo 7
16th January, 2004

The Subaru Impreza WRX Clubspec Evo 7 is on sale now and builds on the reputation of this occasional series of special editions. The limited edition Impreza WRX Clubspec models have proved to be a hit whenever released and the Evo 7 version represents exceptional value. Just 300 of the Evo 7 series will be available, adding a factory-fitted leather interior, factory-fitted sunroof and dual front side airbags to the extensive specification of the standard Impreza WRX. The Impreza WRX Evo 7 will be available as a sedan only, and comes in silver, black and WR Blue. The manual sedan will sell for $44,985 (RRP) with the automatic selling for $47,485 (RRP). The additional specification is valued at more than $4500, making the Impreza WRX Evo 7 outstanding value as the additional cost over the standard Impreza WRX is just $2495.

Audi Nuvolari Concept Car
15th January, 2004

Audi has confirmed it's stunning Nuvolari concept car will be on display at the 2004 Melbourne Motor Show. The Nuvolari is named in honour of a former racing car driver ..... more

Mazda announce prices for the new 3
15th January, 2004

Prices for Mazda's new 3 are Mazda 3 Neo $21,490; Mazda 3 Maxx $25,490; Mazda 3 Maxx Sport $26,175; Mazda 3 SP23 $29,990 ..... See our previous article on the Mazda 3 here

2004 Holden Vectra
14th January, 2004

The ZC series is available now, at slightly more competitive prices ..... more

2004 Holden Barina
6th January, 2004

Some new styling features, a new engine, new prices ..... more

Mercedes-Benz Vision Grand Sports Tourer
1st January, 2004

A stunning new show car to be revealed, next week, at the 2004 Detroit Motor Show ..... more

Peugeot 407
30th December, 2003

The strength of the Peugeot 403 and 404 are legendary. The dynamic pleasures of driving the 405 and more recently, the 406 are now making way for the new 407. It'll be here in late 2004 ..... more

Audi's new design studio
28th December, 2003

A newly-opened studio will develop creative concepts for the entire Audi group (Audi, SEAT and Lamborghini), looking well ahead into the future ..... more

A new Aston Martin!
22nd December, 2003

Aston Martin is all set to give the DB9 Volante its world premiere on January 4th at the 2004 Detroit Motor Show ..... more

Kia's Export Drive!
19th December, 2003

During 2003 over 500,000 Kia vehicles have been exported from South Korea ..... more

Style or Safety?.... Young Brits Choose Style!
18th December, 2003

Britain's young drivers put style above practical concerns such as safety and cost when it comes to choosing a car, a new survey revealed on Wednesday 17/12/03. The 'Driving Ambitions' study by The GM Card shows that over half (51 per cent) of drivers aged 17-22 year old think the style, make and model of a car is the most important factor when it comes to buying a set of wheels - and one in twenty admitted that the colour of a car is their main consideration ..... more

Autodelta's 147 GTA make-over
12th December, 2003

Autodelta, the British design and tuning house are showing their newest and their most powerful model, the 147 GTA at London's MPH03 Motor Show, this weekend ..... more

Booming sales continue with a record November
4th December, 2003

A record month of vehicle sales for any November has provided total sales of 832,028 for the first eleven months of 2003. That's a big 7,716 units more than 2002’s total year's sales, which itself was a record year with 824,309 sales.

Today's announcement by the Federal Chamber of Automotive Industries (FCAI) reveal some 76,112 vehicles were sold in Australia during November 2003. This is 4,316 (six percent) more than the previous November record set in 2000.

The motor industry has predicted 900,000 total sales for the 2003 calender year. For this target to be reached, just 67,975 sales are required during December. It looks as though the industry will achieve a record year!

“All the indicators for a 900,000 market are looking very positive,“ Federal Chamber of Automotive Industries chief executive Peter Sturrock said.

Toyota claimed its eighth monthly 2003 sales victory in November and has now moved 8,553 vehicles clear of Holden, with Ford third.

Mr Sturrock said many vehicle segments were likely to achieve significant benchmarks in 2003.

Demand for locally manufactured cars was up 11.2 percent this year – ahead of the average rise for the industry.

“More than a quarter of a million (253,199) Australian made cars have been sold in the domestic market, 25,655 more than for the same period last year,“ Mr Sturrock said.

It was now likely more than 200,000 large family cars would be sold by year’s end, along with 175,000 small cars and 150,000 SUVs.

“Seventy thousand light cars have already been delivered – an all time record – indicating a major change in buying habits,“ Mr Sturrock said.

“People are preferring to buy well equipped new light cars in preference to the second hand market.”

It's good news all round for the motor industries..... and it's customers.

Kia .... a top ten performance!
3rd December, 2003

For the second month running, Kia is the tenth best selling marque in Australia, according to VFACTS November sales figures which were released today. The success is supported by the Carnival's 20% share of the people- mover market whilst Rio is the second best selling car in it's class and the Sorento is well ahead of it's sales target! Kia's light commercial vehicles sales are booming, too. Both the Pregio van and the K2700 light truck are performing well in their respective classes. With new models coming next year, it's smiles all-round at Kia Automotive Australia.

Hyundai Tucson .... new small SUV here next year
26th November, 2003

The market for smaller sport utility vehicles will expand next year with the introduction of Hyundai's new baby. Named "Tucson" (pronounced "two" "sonn") it continues the American south-west theme (not to be confused with the wild-west!), following the Santa Fe's successful and continuing career. Tucson will be produced in two-wheel drive and all-wheel drive versions and slot under the larger Santa Fe in Hyundai's range ..... more

Saab's Impreza .... it's just around the corner
20th November, 2003

The all-wheel drive Saab 9-2 will make it's world debut at the Los Angeles Motor Show in January, 2004 ..... more

Alfa Romeo GTV .... Alfa's fastest!
19th November, 2003

The fastest road-going Alfa ever, is now on sale in Australia. The GTV coupe with a 3.2 litre 24-valve V6 provides shattering performance from it's 176 kW of power. Top speed is reported to be 255 km/h. It'll do 0-100 km/h in just 6.7 seconds. The GTV 3.2 V6 24V has the same engine as the stunning 147 GTA and the superb 156 GTA, but the GTV's smaller frontal area and it's lighter weight helps it become Alfa's newest top speed leader. Price is $73,500. The GTV JTS with a 2-litre 4-cylinder motor, is also available.

Kia Cerato .... new in 2004
14th November, 2003

Kia's all-new medium-sized 4-door car will debut at the 2004 Detroit Motor Show in January 2004. It will compete against Astra, Corolla, Focus, Lancer and the like.

Lexus LS430 .... the price has dropped!
21st October, 2003

The recommended retail price is now $175,900 .... down $274 from the previous model. However, equipment levels have been enhanced. New features include a six-speed transmission with sequential function, dual front SRS knee airbags, a new headlamp system to provide improved illumination on winding roads and a rear-view camera, which is located in the rear number plate garnish. The camera is linked to the on-board satellite navigation screen. The camera operates when reverse gear is selected. Also, reverse gear selection automatically lowers the rear window sunshade, to enhance vision. Wheels are 18" alloy. And, of course, there's a rear seat massage system!

Honda Civic .... minor changes for 2004
20th October, 2003

The Civic hatch has new 15" alloy wheels and new front and rear bumper designs to distinquish it from the 03 models. The interior trim is now black, replacing the previous grey. The tail light cluster is re-styled, too. Prices are unchanged.

Mazda MX-5 .... TURBO!
19th October, 2003

Only Japan, USA and Australia will be supplied with Mazda's new turbocharged MX-5 SE. It will debut next week at the Tokyo Motor Show and arrive in Australia during the first quarter of 2004. Expect a price of around $46,000.

Nissan Maxima .... coming soon
17th October, 2003

Nissan's all-new Maxima, which is being previewed at the 2003 Sydney Motor Show, will be available in Australia by the end of the year.

Industry Predictions ..... 2003
16th October, 2003

Year to date new motor vehicles sales to 30th September 2003, has seen 676,688 vehicles hit Australian roads..... a record for this period. Thus the industry is now predicting last year's record sales of 824,309 units will be surpassed this year, with possibly the sale of as many as 900,000 units. The motor industy's peak body, the Federal Chamber of Automotive Industries (FCAI), has now revised the annual sales projection upward three times this year. A bumper year (so to speak) as sales rev higher and higher in the nation's buoyant economy.
FCAI chief executive Peter Sturrock said "There is every indication that the strength of the market will continue into 2004" ..... these are important comments, because in a continually buoyant market place, the manufacturers will broader the selection of models available.
Let the good times roll!

Sydney Motor Show ..... 2003
16th October, 2003

MG XPower ..... Lamborghini Gallardo ..... Maserati Quattroporte ..... Bentley Continental GT ..... BMW 5-series
Ford Territory ..... Toyota Kluger ..... Holden Adventra ..... Holden Crewman ..... HSV Coupe4 ..... HSV Avalanche ..... Smart roadster ..... Mazda 3 ..... Saab 9.3 convertible ..... Subaru B11S concept car ..... Mitsubishi Pajero Evolution Concept .....
these are just some of the models making their first appearance at an Australian Motor Show ..... then there's revised models..... like Alfa Romeo 156 ..... Alfa Romeo Spider ..... Alfa Romeo GTV ..... BMW M3 CSL ..... Subaru Outback ..... Lexus LS430 ..... in total, more than 60 new models (cars and motorcycles) will be on display at the Sydney Convention and Exhibition Centre, Darling Harbour, between Thursday 16th and 26th October, 2003. Approximately 300,000 people are expected to attend the show.

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